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Author's Chapter Notes:
Takes place the day after Extradition II so spoilers for that episode!!!

Shawn woke up to the sound of his best friend talking in his sleep. Early morning sun rays streamed through their hotel room (paid for by a certain AWESOME convicted criminal). His arm stretched across the double bed to the opposite side, taking note of how something now cold could have felt so warm just yesterday. A wide grin spread across his face as he thought of who had been laying there. Juliet didn't have much time though since her flight left in an hour. He rolled on his side and thought about the memory blissfully.

Shawn told Gus to go fetch them a movie across town. Turns out, there was only one movie store in the area that rented out "St. Elmo's Fire" and it was a long way out. Plus Shawn was well aware that was going to be difficult since he had the car. Shawn told Gus he had no idea where the car was, which he felt somewhat guilty for until he realized that this was the price Gussy had to pay for his friend's happiness.

"Shawn, you cannot just-" Juliet tried reasoning with him. Unfortunately for Gus, Juliet's barriers were not particularly strong right now. Of course Shawn was well aware of this and took it to his advantage. His defenses were pretty weak too, but he wasn't even trying to use them.

After the deed was done, Juliet leaped out of bed and hastily pulled on pieces of clothing. Shawn just stared at her. He couldn't tell her now since he was on cloud nine from the previous events, but she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She topped everyone. She caught his stare and when he thought for a moment she was going to comment on it, she looked around.

"Where's my right shoe?"

"Is that it on the ceiling fan?" he asked as his eyes drifted upwards.

Juliet's eyes followed and they widened. 

He chuckled. "You've got quite an arm, detective."

Long story short, Juliet got her shoe down, kissed Shawn goodbye and was well on her way back to the states. They still needed to talk since there wasn't any of that going on. Gus still didn't suspect a thing.

A loud snort came across the room and Shawn sat up and rolled his eyes at the sleeping man who was currently kissing a pillow. Shawn wished he was kissing his... Juliet? She was his girlfriend right? They didn't get to talk about it, but actions speak louder than words, right? Shawn wasn't secure enough to let himself be at ease until he knew for sure. 

He climbed out of bed at took his phone off the charger. He walked out into the hallway and then just roamed the halls. He dialed Juliet's number and didn't care that it was 7 am. He wanted answers!

His heart fluttered at her voice. "Hey Shawn!" She sounded so happy to talk to him.

"Hey, Jules!" He couldn't help but sound equally as excited.

"Is there any particular reason you're awake before 11?" she asked with a smirk that he was picturing on her beautiful face.

"Gus sounds like the chainsaw in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in his sleep."

He heard her adorable laugh on the line. "Riiight. I couldn't sleep either."

Shawn swallowed hard. "I miss you..." he conceded. "I know that sounds corny since I saw you yesterday, but I just do."

"I miss you too." she said wistfully. "When are you coming home?"

"As soon as my girlfriend wants me to be home." he stated boldly. 

There was a short pause, and then a satisfied Juliet finally responded. "You're referring to me right?"

"Can I be?"

"Is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?"

"I've never been known to do things in the traditional sense." he said.

"That's true. I usually do things traditionally. And that doesn't mean hooking up. But I guess since it's you, it's okay."

"Is that your way of saying you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Yes." he loved how up front it was. He grinned widely.

"I'll be home in a few hours." he said.


"I have a date tonight with a pretty blonde junior detective."

"Good luck with that. I've got a date with a witty psychic-man child."

"Sounds sexy. I'll see you then."

"Yes you will." said Juliet.

Shawn grinned as they both hung up. He wasn't just with anyone, he was with Juliet O'Hara.


Chapter End Notes:
Fluffy? Yes.

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