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They were two brothers who had decided to go into business together.  Private detectives.  One brother was a casual fellow with a taste for tequila, senoritas, and rolling the dice on fate.  The other ironed his tie, treated every lady like his own mother, and apologized for his older sibling.  Frequently.

When Rick and AJ Simon roll into Santa Barbara for vacation, they bring trouble along for the ride!


Crossover with the 80s series Simon & Simon

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Published: September 22, 2012 Updated: May 31, 2015
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1. Big Trouble in Santa Barbara by dragonnan [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (4311 words)

Dammit, I've already confessed to this addiction!  I simply cannot help myself.  I'll get help, I promise.  It may require shock therapy and maybe medication but I will somehow get control of my "new story" urge.  At the very least I can only reiterate that I AM still working on my other stories and will continue to update them as well no matter what it takes!



Some notes.  Since this IS a crossover, I feel it's necessary to drop a bit of information here.

Whether or not you are familiar with Simon & Simon, there will be a few changes from the original series.  Not changes to the characters persay...  The series was produced and aired in the early 80s.  For the purposes of this story, the world of Simon & Simon will now be set in the present.  Some history, by virtue of this time change, will obviously need to change.  The biggest change is with Rick's military service.  Now, instead of serving two terms in Vietnam, he is a veteran of Desert Storm.  To a lesser degree, AJ's protest of the war would also be affected as, unlike Vietnam, Desert Storm was a far shorter war with a vastly different outcome.  Outside of that history, there are also the practical changes.  The brothers now carry cell phones and their detective agency has a website.  Most of their friends and family remain the same.  Their personalities will be as true as I can possibly write them.  However I welcome critique as I've not been able to rewatch every episode of S&S as not all are available online.

If you've NEVER watched S&S, there will, of course, be times you may feel a little lost wondering who the hell these guys are.  I hope, though, that you'll still give it a chance.  I'm deeply excited about this story and I really want to share it with you all!!

Deep thanks to all the usual suspects!!

Please enjoy!


2. How to Make Friends and Influence Psychics by dragonnan [Reviews - 2] (3297 words)

More!! I managed to make writing!!  Thank you for putting up with my slowness!!



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4. Have You Hugged Your Psychic Detective Today? by dragonnan [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2507 words)

So occasionally I do things - like update!


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