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Story Notes:

I don't own Psych or any other character from any other shows I might decide to throw in here. I put the rating as T because I have no idea what I am going to have to write and I figure better safe than sorry.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is an entry for the Winter Winds prompt on the forums.

Juliet betrays Shawn. How will he handle it?

                A cold breeze blew off the ocean ruffling and ruining Shawn Spencer’s perfect hair. Any other day he would have complained, or even noticed, but not today. Today was about revenge. Shawn watched as his girlfriend Juliet laughed with his best friend Gus. “She chose him instead of me!” Shawn thought angrily.

                He ducked then licked his finger and tested the air. He calculated the wind speed and how much the shot would be affected. He took aim at Gus and let one fly.

                The shot hit Gus in the face and he went down instantly. A smile crossed Shawn’s features and he shouted to his teammate, “Buzz! I need a reload!”

                Buzz grabbed some snow, packed it and said, “Lock and load Sir!”

                A freak snow storm had dropped three inches of snow on Santa Barbara and Shawn was not about to let the opportunity go to waste.

                They heard Juliet shout from her police cruiser cover, “That’s not funny Shawn! You could have put his eye out!”

                “Well next time you know what team to be on Judas!” Shawn shouted back as he let another snowball fly at his traitor girlfriend.

Chapter End Notes:

I thought this would be a cute take on the winter concept.

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