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Summary: Lassiter has finally found himself a new girlfriend. His life is going well, relatively speaking. Until his ex-wife suddenly reappears in his life and both women are harassed by a hardened criminal who wants nothing more than to get revenge on the Santa Barbara detective who arrested him...

Rated: E
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Buzz, Gus, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, Other, Shawn, Victoria Parker
Genres: Drama, General, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
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Challenges: Lassie Face!
Challenges: Lassie Face!
Series: Witness Protection
Chapters: 71 Completed: Yes
Word count: 54856 Read: 26081
Published: December 05, 2012 Updated: August 01, 2013
Story Notes:
Welcome, everyone! This story features my OC, Rebecca, and takes place after two of my other stories, Witness Protection and The Luck of Carlton Lassiter. You should be able to understand the story without reading the first two, but I would recommend reading the others anyway. The title comes from the song 'High Enough.' Please enjoy! Awesome banner by Dragonnan! image

Disclaimer: I do not own Psych, nor do I own any of its characters, settings, trademarks, or related material. Psych and all related materials are the property of their respective owners. The plot and original characters of this story are my intellectual property. I am not associated with Psych, its creators, or any involved parties. I am not associated with any other media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Chapter 1 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (675 words)
The beginning! Welcome and thank you to readers new and old! I hope you enjoy the show. ;-)

2. Chapter 2 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (759 words)
I hope everyone is adjusting well to the new third person POV. I wasn't sure about using it, mostly because I prefer first person and the new set-up feels a little weird, but there are parts of the story that require Lassiter's point of view in order for it to make sense, so my hands were tied!

3. Chapter 3 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (962 words)
Sorry it took so long to post this! I was working on another story. I'll try to avoid any sizable delays from here on out, but...life is crazy. :-)

4. Chapter 4 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (848 words)
Hello, everyone! More about the rock thrown through Rebecca's window, and Lassiter makes an interesting request. ;-)

5. Chapter 5 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (656 words)
Happy Becca Day, you guys! It's been six months for me and Psychfic, and (much more importantly) it's been six months for Rebecca and Lassiter!!! :-)

So! I haven't gotten that far in the story yet, but at some point you will be given a romantic interlude, because they will be celebrating their anniversary in the story. But for now, I wrote what I think is a cute little romantic chapter as a mini-gift to appease you and keep you going until we get to the good part. :-)

6. Chapter 6 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (597 words)
You all can consider this part of your Becca Day gift. :-D

...Shh, Rebecca's sleeping... ;-)

7. Chapter 7 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (645 words)
I have GOT to stop writing chapters like this, or I will... I don't know. Explode or something. ;-D Anyway. Things are probably going to start into a downward spiral from here on out, so don't get too comfortable. Also, this chapter and the previous one will probably come back to haunt them, so it's not like they're completely awkward fluff... ;-)

8. Chapter 8 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (735 words)
Lassiter is in trouble. ;-)
Sorry it took so long to post. I've been busy and had other stories to write. :-)

9. Chapter 9 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (573 words)
Hey, everyone! Back to work on YJAM! Yay! Sorry to keep you waiting. Hope you guys are enjoying the last few days of 2012.
A big awkward moment in this chapter... ;-)

10. Chapter 10 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (463 words)
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you enjoy the first post of 2013!

Lassiter awkwardness ahead! ;-)

11. Chapter 11 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (951 words)
This chapter is hopefully in character for Lassiter's ex-wife. I'm not honestly sure. I made it up as I went along!
This is also one of those chapters that will make clear the reasoning behind the recent switch to third person POV. This is a crucial component of the plot, yet it's something that Rebecca would never see.

Enjoy! :-)

12. Chapter 12 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (751 words)
I had too much fun with this one. I'll give you a cookie if you can identify the Easter egg from a previous story. ;-)
Bonus cookies if you can tell me in what key Gustav Holst wrote his Second Suite!
Also, I forgot to ask earlier, but did anyone catch the surreptitious Lion King quote in the last chapter?

13. Chapter 13 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (466 words)
Sorry for the shorter chapter. I wanted to use a jump cut to end the scene, and I utterly despise putting jump cuts right in the middle of a chapter.

Anyway. Lassiter finds a loophole.
Things should get interesting next chapter. ;-)

14. Chapter 14 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (778 words)
Rebecca visits Lassiter's house. This was surprisingly hard to write. All Becca and Lassiter wanted to do was stare awkwardly at each other! :-D

Also, I'm reading Stephen King's "On Writing." He says to use adverbs as little as possible, especially in dialogue attribution. I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but most of what I do is adverbs, especially in dialogue attribution! To experiment, I'm trying to cut back on adverb usage. Over the next few chapters, please let me know if you see a difference, for better or worse! :-)

15. Chapter 15 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (587 words)

16. Chapter 16 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (519 words)
Beware of chopsticks. ;-)
Rebecca gets revenge, in a way.

17. Chapter 17 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (964 words)
I'm officially apologizing for taking so long to update. My last update was last week; this has officially been the longest I have ever gone without posting on one of my main "Becca" stories! I am shamed, and it feels like it's been a decade. But in some ways, it's good, because this chapter had been giving me a lot of trouble, but then I came back and somehow figured out exactly what I wanted to do with it. So here you go, and sorry! :-)

18. Chapter 18 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (664 words)
Things begin to heat up.

19. Chapter 19 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (834 words)
Okay, I said things were heating up, but I changed my plans, so it only heated up by maybe two degrees.

20. Chapter 20 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (677 words)
Rebecca makes a promise. Shawn and Gus get into mischief. ;-)
No Becca-napping, though. Not yet...

21. Chapter 21 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (716 words)
A big awkward moment. :-)

22. Chapter 22 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (535 words)
Lassiter talks with Juliet. And he gets a phone call. Prepare for conflict next chapter!

23. Chapter 23 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1031 words)
Lassiter and Rebecca argue! Although as I wrote it, it felt like banter rather than arguing... Hmmm...

24. Chapter 24 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (672 words)

25. Chapter 25 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (856 words)
Sorry for not posting this yesterday! I couldn't get Psychfic to load.
Things get worse for Lassiter...

26. Chapter 26---Comic Relief, Courtesy of Shawn Spencer by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (599 words)
This chapter is a joke. Shawn hijacked the story. But there is a real clue in there, so pay attention! :-D
It works best if you imagine Shawn narrating it with sock puppets and different Shawn voices for each character. ;-D

27. Chapter 27 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (497 words)
Sorry for taking so long to post!

Lassiter and Becca prepare to face their certain doom... ;-)

28. Chapter 28 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (531 words)
Getting ready for action. Victoria will probably be coming in next chapter, so brace yourselves! :-D

29. Chapter 29 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (732 words)
This...is the beginning.

30. Chapter 30 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (875 words)
Okay, so... Victoria is really hard to write. Mostly because she only appeared in one episode and was only mentioned in a handful of others. Because I know next to nothing about her, I'm essentially creating a nd character here. So if I took a few too many artistic liberties, I apologize. :-)

31. Chapter 31 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (522 words)
Talking to Lassiter's ex-wife...

32. Chapter 32 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (613 words)
Rebecca and Parker talk. Candles are lit. I like candles. :-)

33. Chapter 33 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstar (1115 words)
Killing time with a card game. Lassiter gets his power back.

34. Chapter 34 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (658 words)
Another clue. Talking to Lucinda. Lassiter gets cuddles. :-)

35. Chapter 35 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (802 words)

36. Chapter 36 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (846 words)
Lassiter's creeped out and in a bad mood. Enter Lucinda...

37. Chapter 37 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (726 words)
Talking with Lucinda. I don't know if anyone noticed this or not, but in the season 7 premiere (mild spoiler alert), there was a plaque on the "Hall of Fame" at the shooting range that read: "Lucinda Barry Memorial Tournament---Carlton Lassiter, First Place." This chapter holds my interpretation of this event.

38. Chapter 38 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (648 words)
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Who watched The Luck of the Irish with Timothy Omundson today? I know I did! ;-D

Note: In this chapter, one of my OCs will make a disparaging remark. Don't take offense. It's just his characterization. :-)

39. Chapter 39 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (639 words)
Rebecca introduces her friend. Lassiter is not happy with her.

40. Chapter 40 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (539 words)

41. Chapter 41 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (874 words)
Some major stuff is revealed! This actually takes place sooner than I expected it to. I'd actually planned for something else to happen first, but I felt like putting this event in this place felt better in the natural flow of the story. I think I'll be able to keep the event that was cut, but we'll have to see.

42. Chapter 42 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (572 words)
Happy 42, guys! Don't panic. :-)
Sorry for the short chapter. I needed a jump cut. Enjoy, and have a great spring break!

43. Chapter 43 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (1160 words)

44. Chapter 44 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (564 words)
You'll either love this chapter or hate it. Not sure which...

45. Chapter 45 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (501 words)
If there are things that don't make sense in this chapter, they will probably be clarified by the next chapter. Unless the next chapter makes it worse. We'll see.

46. Chapter 46 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1539 words)
This chapter is waaaaayyy different from anything I've posted before. I wrote it in a midnight frenzy and I've actually been debating for a long time on whether or not to include this scene. I don't often beg for reviews or criticism, but I really want to know what you think of this chapter, for good or for bad. I'm really self-conscious about this one.

47. Chapter 47 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (542 words)
All right, guys, back to the light and fluffy! Like angel food cake. Yum! :-)

48. Chapter 48 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (416 words)
Sorry for the utterly short chapter, but I desperately needed a jump cut. I tried so hard to put the jump cut in the middle of the chapter, but I just couldn't make myself do it. I just cannot, under normal circumstances, put a jump cut in the middle of the chapter. I just can't do it. But I'll post the next chapter in the morning (I hope). :-)

49. Chapter 49 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (520 words)
Quick edit: The poem quoted in this chapter was written by E. E. Cummings. :-)

50. Chapter 50 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1319 words)

51. Chapter 51 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (661 words)

52. Chapter 52 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (994 words)

53. Chapter 53 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (501 words)

54. Chapter 54 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (530 words)

55. Chapter 55 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf star (356 words)
Again, sorry for the short chapter, but you know my feelings on jump cuts. Shawn makes a phone call in this chapter and also thinks briefly on his feelings toward Lassiter.

56. Chapter 56 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (668 words)
So now you know my evil plan. They break up, and then he gets shot. Will he survive? Will their relationship survive? Well, you'll have to wait a couple chapters to find out! Because right now Rebecca is just on her way to the hospital. :-)

57. Chapter 57 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (595 words)

58. Chapter 58 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1354 words)
And because every big dramatic death/near-death scene needs a big, dramatic, pointless yet profound conversation....

59. Chapter 59 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (940 words)

60. Chapter 60 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (800 words)

61. Chapter 61 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (784 words)
For some reason, this chapter was one of the hardest chapters ever to write. I don't usually get writer's block, but I definitely suffered a bout during this one. It drove me insane! That is all. :-D

62. Chapter 62 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1351 words)
Well, after another severe bout of writer's block, I finally just sat down to write and ended up with this! And it came out absolutely NOTHING like what I had planned. At all! It's amazing what happens sometimes, isn't it?

63. Chapter 63 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1302 words)
This denouement has been so ridiculous to write. This should be the last chapter of argument, though. Beware, for the end is near. :-)

64. Chapter 64 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (851 words)
Well, I'm not so sure about the first half of this chapter, but I had a good time writing the last half. I really hope I did Buzz justice in this chapter. Something didn't feel quite right.

Next chapter, there should be more about the elusive "grand gesture," which I've been planning for a loooong time, but didn't think to connect it with the grand gesture thing until I was inspired by BlkLunaDragon and Massie. By the way, there's a nice fat Easter egg in here for you!

To everyone else, I'm sorry that it makes absolutely no sense to you. :-D

P.S. David de Spain sends his regards. Cheerio! ;-)

65. Chapter 65 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1142 words)
The end grows very near! Mwa ha ha! And then, on to Roulette. Which will be interesting. This is the first time I've started a sequel before finishing the previous story. It's different. So many continuities to keep track of! :-D

Anyway. Lassiter tries to make a plan... He was surprisingly vocal for this chapter. Which is good. Maybe he'll keep talking through the next one so I can finish! :-)

66. Chapter 66 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (497 words)
Just a short, light-hearted chapter. I'm back again! Sorry for the long wait. Real life stuff. You know how it is. :-)

In all honesty, this should be longer, but I wanted to post something because it's been so long, and there's no telling when I'll get around to finishing the rest.

67. Chapter 67 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1394 words)
The riddle explained. :-)

68. Chapter 68 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (586 words)
Lassie Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? :-D

69. Chapter 69 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1145 words)
This chapter is probably really boring, but it includes some good information and it got my creative juices flowing again, so I kept it. :-)

70. Chapter 70 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (916 words)

71. Chapter 71 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf star (1226 words)
Really hoping this lives up to expectations... Drumroll, please!