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Story Notes:
Wrote this for something else. The prompt was Bigfoot Vesus... and yeah this is what I came up with.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I think this is one of two chapters for this. I had to stay under 3000 words for the prompt. I do not own any of the characters, wish I did, but sadly do not. Enjoy and I hope to see some reviews :)
“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this trip Shawn!” Shawn Spencer had to laugh at the look on his best friends face. Camping was not Gus’ idea of a good time.

“Come on buddy! It’ll be fun, fresh air, campfires, all the pineapple we could eat.” To prove his point, Shawn pulled a full pineapple out of his bag.

“Why are we here? You hate camping!”

Shawn shrugged. “True, but this isn’t just a camping trip.”

“Please tell me you aren’t on that bigfoot kick again.”

“He’s out there, and we’re going to prove it.” Shawn pulled a folder out of his pack. “Two days ago, a group of college kids were hiking up here and made a report to the police that they saw a large creature they claim to be Bigfoot.”

“How did you find out about that?”

“I may or may not have been bringing Jules lunch and may or may not have listened to her taking said college kids statements.”

Shawn handed the report, which he may or may not have made a copy of when Jules wasn’t looking, to Gus and started cutting up the pineapple. For a minute, nothing could be heard except the crackle of the fire.

Gus seemed absorbed in the report and Shawn had to admit that this was nice. But at the same time, the sooner they find Bigfoot the sooner they get back to Santa Barbara.

“So if this Bigfoot really does exist.”

“He so does!”

That comment earned him a glare from Gus. “If he exists, how are we going to find him.”

Shawn ruffled through his bag. “We use standard Bigfoot hunting supplies. Video cameras, shovels for hole traps, nets for traps, and beef jerky.”

“Beef jerky?”

Shawn held up the bag of jerky before quickly pushing it to the bottom of the bag. He finished cutting up the pineapple and handed a piece to Gus.

“Everyone knows that Bigfoot can’t resist beef jerky.”

“I’m never going camping with you again.”

“That’s what you said last time.” Shawn laughed as he pulled out the ingredients for smores. “Smores?”

“You know that’s right.” Gus quickly grabbed the marshmallows.


In Shawn’s opinion, the sun couldn’t come up soon enough. It was freezing and Gus snored, loudly. He did more tossing and turning than sleeping and was relieved to see the sun come up. The sooner they got going the better.

“Rise and shine buddy! It’s time to find Bigfoot.”

“Go away Shawn.” Gus swatted the empty air and turned over in his sleeping bag.

“The sooner you wake up the sooner this is over.” Shawn unzipped the tent and stepped out to restart the fire. Breakfast sounded real good right about now.

With the smell of bacon sizzling, Gus was out of the tent in a flash. “Thank you for joining the land of the living buddy.”

“Suck it Shawn, that was the worst night’s sleep I’ve gotten in years.”

“At least you slept. Between the cold and your snoring I didn’t sleep a wink.”

“I don’t snore!”

Shawn threw some bacon on Gus’ waiting plate. “Try telling that to my scarred eardrums.”


A few hours later, Shawn was ready to give up. What was he thinking, coming out here in the middle of nowhere to search for Bigfoot. But when they found him, he could see the headline now.

Psychic Senses Bigfoot

Ok, the title was a work in progress. He’d work on that later. Hopefully they’d let him do something with his hair before the press took pictures.

“Shawn? What was that?” Gus’s worried tone snapped him out of his daydream.

“What was what?” A twig snapped a few yards away. “That?”


“It was probably a squirrel, so as long as Lassie isn’t nearby we’re safe.”

“That sounded heavier than a squirrel.” Gus turned the camera on.

“Let’s circle around and check our traps.” Shawn listened but didn’t hear anything else.

The traps were empty so after a stop at their campsite to eat, they went back to Bigfoot hunting. It was quiet for a while until Shawn noticed a print on the ground, partially hidden by leaves. “What’s this?”

Gus squatted on the ground and Shawn joined him, uncovering the track. It was…. It was… it was big. Could they have found a bigfoot track? Shawn heard a clicking noise and looked over to see Gus ditching the video camera for a regular one.

“He must be close, this looks fresh.” Shawn jumped up searching the ground for more tracks and found some a few feet away. “Gus, we found him!”

Gus hurried after him and they followed the tracks until they disappeared. Standing in the clearing, Shawn tried to figure out the next move.

Before he had any good ideas, he saw something facing them a few feet away. “Gus, suspicious looking figure at 4 o’clock.”

“Is that?”

“Get the camera and don’t make any sudden movements.” Shawn started to make his way slowly towards the figure. It turned and Shawn could see its dark brown eyes staring right at him.

Was he really looking at? Could it be? Shawn heard a stick crack and out of the corner saw Gus freeze. The figure turned, let out a roar, and charged after them.

“Gus, don’t let go of that camera!” Shawn took off across the clearing.

“Shawn, I’m going to kill you!” He heard Gus’s footsteps behind him.

Shawn ran and didn’t stop until he tripped over something. Gus was right behind him and ended up on the ground beside him.

“Was that…” Gus was out of breath.

“I don’t know.” Shawn sat up and saw what tripped them. “But Gus?”


“We’ve got bigger problems.” Shawn pointed at the body laying a few feet away, looking like it had been mangled by an animal.
Chapter End Notes:
That's the first little bit. Hope you enjoyed! Oh and if you haven't heard about Psychos Want 16, please sign this petition and spread the word! http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/psychoswant16
Until next time! :)

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