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Story Notes:
The way this story is going to work is its going to be a series of one-shots each relating to its own item. Now and then I may have 2 parters but I'll let you know if that happens. Also keep in mind, they won't be in order and I'll try to give you heads up letting you know where it falls in the series.

That being said, this is going to be an interactive story. I want your suggestions as to what is on Sydney's Bucket List.

And of course I can't forget this, I don't own Psych or the characters.
Author's Chapter Notes:
A new start! Enjoy!
Sydney couldn’t shake the butterflies in her stomach, it was weird, she didn’t get nervous, ever. But here she was thousands of miles from the only place she’d called home walking up the steps of yet another police station.

Funny, even though she’d quit the CIA she had a gut feeling that her time around police stations wasn’t anywhere near done.

She walked past the officers at the front door who were bringing a group of people in. What was it with people fighting on Black Friday? Inside, she found an officer at the front desk. A quick nametag check gave Sydney a name, Officer Allen.

Sydney waited for her to get off the phone before speaking to her. “I have an appointment with Detective Lassiter.”

“What’s your name?”

“Sydney Collins.” She watched as Officer Allen found her name and dug out a visitor’s badge. Giving Sydney a second to clip it on she started to get up to take her in when the group from out front came pouring in.

Instead she waved down a tall officer. “Buzz, Miss Collins has an appointment with Lassiter, can you take her to his desk?”

Buzz nodded. “Right this way Miss Collins.”

“You can call me Sydney, Buzz was it?”

“Buzz McNabb.”

“How long have you worked here?”

“Nine years.”

“So you’ve worked with Detective Lassiter for awhile then?”

“He’s been here for forever.” Buzz led her into the bullpen and Sydney allowed herself to enjoy the buzz that was a police station. No matter where you went, it felt the same.

“So you know a lot of the people who come in and out of the station.”

Buzz paused at an empty desk. “Yeah, I probably do. He’s not here, wonder where he is?”

“Do you know Shawn Spencer?” Sydney wondered about the reputation he had around here.


“Yeah, I was doing some research on Detective Lassiter and saw his name come up on a lot of cases the last few years.”

“Yeah, his gift is something else.”

“His gift?”

“Yeah, the articles must have talked about it, he’s psychic.”


“Yeah, once he comes on a case it’s guaranteed to get solved.”

“What’s he like? Mysterious, quiet.”

“Quite the opposite, I don’t know if he knows what the word quiet means.”

Sydney laughed. “Oh really.”

Buzz nodded. “Yeah, he’s a great guy.”


Both turned to see a tall guy with greying black hair come up the stairs. “McNabb, get me a coffee! And who are you?” He turned to Sydney.

She fought the urge to snap at him, wouldn’t be the first time she’d done it to a head detective. Shoot she would have him blubbering in two minutes if she felt like it.

But that was the old her…

“Sydney Collins, I called last week about an interview?”

He brightened considerably. “Head Detective Carlton Lassiter, I thought we could do this in the conference room. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

She turned to Buzz. “If its not a problem, 2 creams and 5 sugars.”

Buzz walked away and Sydney followed Detective Lassiter into the conference room. “Who’s this interview for?”

“My master’s thesis actually.” Not a complete lie, eventually she’d finish earning that degree.

Sydney started asking a few questions and realized he was looking at her oddly. “Is there a problem?”

“Aren’t you going to write any of this down, or record it or something?”

Sydney laughed. “It’s all up here. I don’t forget anything I hear.”

“Like tonal memory.”

She nodded. “I guess you could say that.”

A commotion sounded outside, and she heard Lassiter sigh. “What is it detective?”

“A thorn in my side…”

“The psychic?”

He seemed surprised. “Yes, he’s been here all day, I think this is his biggest payday of the year.”

“Black Friday?”

“Mall fights.”


Detective Lassiter let out another sigh as the door opened. “Lassieface! I hear this young lady may be in need of our services.”

Sydney hoped no one could see how her butterflies had kicked into overdrive. She turned towards the door and came face to face with Shawn Spencer.
Chapter End Notes:
I have a few more up my sleeve and I can't wait to see what you guys suggest! Please review and see you next time!

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