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Story Notes:
I in no way own psych or it's characters! That is Usa and Steve Franks department.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry these won't be uploaded in the order they were originally on here... I'm just going down the list of how they're saved.
When you work so many hours a week on what seems to be an unsolvable case, you start to lose track of every day routines that you should be keeping up with, but you don't.

Lassiter forgot to change his tie all the time. He'd come in a different suit, but the same tie. That red tie never had more use than it did that week. No one seemed to notice either. There were bigger issues at hand.

Gus stopped tucking his shirt in that week. The normally tightly-tucked man was far too consumed with running for his life every hour or so to actually take the time to tightly tuck his shirt in. Even the over compulsive man himself didn't take much notice in it.

Juliet didn't do her hair. Usually the blonde detective took time out of her morning to sport a different hairstyle every day, but that week she'd been too busy worrying over the various murder victims popping up, so she simply threw her hair in a messy bun every day. It was going to get messed up anyway in part to all the running around.

And Shawn didn't shave. He was always stubbly and left a bit of a chin strap going on, but this was different. It was weird, because even though they'd all been working so closely together practically 24/7, none of the others even noticed a dark beard had sprouted from his face. He didn't even notice

It was Juliet that noticed.

The case was finally put to a close exactly a week after it opened, sending a rush of relief through the team. Exhaustion was finally catching up with them and all the work was finally taking its toll. The SBPD was like a revved up engine that had increased in speed and kept going out of control until it finally ran out of gas.

Juliet sat at her desk, feeling as though it was the first time she had a moment to sit down all week. She almost looked forward to doing calm, quiet paperwork, but at the same time it pained her to relive the dark things she'd seen. This murderer took it to the next level of cruel and unusual. She shook herself out of that brief moment of culture shock and went on with her work.

Shawn forgot his paycheck and came walking through, uncharacteristically silent, the department set on collecting his pay and leaving. Even the pseudo-psychic had his limits and seemed completely worn out. His hair was ruffled from frustratingly running his hands through it, searching for clues in his head, and his mannerisms represented that of someone with no intention of interacting with society.

However, he did walk over to the blonde detective. He wanted to make sure she was okay after the whole ordeal. Post-traumatic stress wasn't uncommon for police officers and that along with sleep deprivation wouldn't make a very productive person.

He leaned on her desk and crossed his arms. "Hey, Jules." He said quietly.

She looked up from her daze. The light in Shawn's eyes remained despite everything, which gave her hope.

"Hey! I thought you'd be home sleeping."

"I forgot my check. You should be home sleeping too, you know." He was worried about her. In fact, she'd risked he'd life multiple times in the past week and he never thought he'd been more scared in his life.

She shrugged though. "I need to get this done."

"You mean get closure?" He asked. "Because if you need anything at all. Anything-"

"I'm okay, Shawn." She said softly. A small smile tickled her lips.

Shawn nodded. "Okay, good. I'm just making sure, because we need you here."

She looked at him in a different light in that moment. She realized that something was very different about him. He looked older, like in the past week he'd grown up immensely. They all certainly got closer during the entire investigation, tightening the friendship between everyone. She felt something was more mature about him though. She wasn't sure why.

Then it struck her.

"You have a beard." She said, out loud.

Shawn raised his eyebrows and felt his face. "Huh. I guess I do. I didn't notice this week. What with everything going on and what not. Do I look like Shipwreck from GI Joe now?"

She laughed a tired laugh. "Oh, yeah... Definitely."

"Either or, I have to go shave this carpet off." He said. "Ladies don't dig beards."

She cleared her throat. "Um... I think it depends..."

He quirked an eyebrow at her. "What are you saying, chicks like beards?"

"Well, I can't speak for all women, but I think under certain circumstances-"

"Oh. My. God. You totally find me hot with a beard!" Shawn exclaimed.

It amazed Juliet how he could bounce from being serious after a murderous rampage to acting like a 2 year old again. Either way, she felt her face growing warm.

"I never said that!"

He grinned. "You didn't have to! Your eyes said it for you."

"Shutup! I do not find you "hot" with a beard."

"Mhmm..." He said. "You want to get lost in my beard. You want to take a swim in lake beard."

She laughed at that. "Okay, sure."

He shrugged. "So you like the rugged, mountain man, tough guy look, eh?"

She sighed. "I'm just saying it kind of makes you look more grown up. It kind of symbolizes everything we've all been through this week."

Shawn was silent for a moment and scratched his beard. "You like mature."

"When I was growing up I always wanted a man that would fit the mold I'd made for the perfect guy. Tall, athletic, mature, brave, funny, compassionate, honest, faithful. The idea of a man being a man is very attractive."

Shawn smiled. "Serious question: do you like the beard?"

She paused and thought to how Shawn looked before and after the beard. If she was being honest with herself, he was cute either way. She would never tell him that, though.

"Either way is good." She decided on.

He nodded. "Good choice. I figure I can test this look out for a bit, you know, see how it runs in the romance department, and if all else fails, I shave it off. I'm going to eventually shave it off anyway, but you know."

She didn't like the idea of him swooning other women with his new look. She knew it would work is what bothered her. It worked on her, after all. She just wanted to tell him that he couldn't do that and that it wasn't fair to her. He wasn't hers though.

Which was the way it was.

And the way it should be, right?

They were friends, really close friends. Sometimes they touched or danced really close to that crucial division-point line, but they were nonetheless nothing more than friends. That was how she liked it... Sometimes.

The thing that was the funniest,was Shawn didn't mean he'd be using the beard to get other women. He wanted to see if it would really work on her.

Because he didn't think things were as they should be.

They weren't! They were great friends that could laugh and talk about almost anything. In a sense they both understood each other on what Shawn believed was an emotional level. There was definitely attraction there. He knew he was very attracted to her, and he also firmly believed she felt it too. He hoped she did at least.

"Get some rest, detective. Don't let the 9-5 shift get you down in the dumps. If you don't, I'll know." He pointed to his temple and grinned at her.

She smiled. "I'll try my best."

And so he walked out. Juliet watched him go. She couldn't help but smile when she thought of the way he looked with that beard.

It was totally hot on him.

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