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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is between Sydney and Sydney's Secret. I'm probably going to come back to their Australia trip a lot during this. But here's the first one!
Shawn had to admit, Australia was pretty cool. Add in the fact that they had a giant pineapple; Shawn still didn’t believe it, a giant pineapple. Why had he taken so long to get here!

They’d taken a flight from Sydney to Sunset Coast and planned to spend a few days up here before heading back to wrap up their trip.

“Gus, do you realize what we are about to do?” Shawn turned to where Gus had his head buried in a guidebook.

“We are about to go to one of the largest pineapples in the world that sits in the middle of a plantation that was started in 1970.”

“The pineapple stands at about 16 meters, which equals about 52 feet.” Sydney threw in from where she stood waiting on Lassie to rent a van.

“It was closed for a time in 2010 and reopened in 2011 under new ownership.”

Shawn watched as Jules grabbed the guidebook. “Ooo it says here that there are markets with, what looks to be, a little bit of everything.”

“Just what we need, more shopping.” Shawn groaned thinking about the amount he’d already sat through.

“Be careful Shawn or you might soak in a little culture.” His Dad came up with Lassie and Marlowe.

“I got us an 8 passenger van so it’s going to be a tight squeeze.” Lassie held up a set of keys.”

Shawn followed him as he headed to the lot taking Jules hand and feeling the ring that had recently graced her finger. They settled into a van and Lassiter put their hotel’s address into the GPS.

“If we hurry, we can make it down to the beach for the sunset.” Jules chimed in from where she’d settled in next to Shawn.

“You and sunsets.” Shawn smiled.

“Oh you love them too.”

“I love one in particular.”

“If you two start this you’ll be walking to the hotel.” Shawn looked up to see Lassie glaring at him in the rearview mirror.

“Why are you driving on the wrong side of the road?” Shawn noticed how Lassie was driving.

“Here it’s the right side.” Sydney said from where she sat in the back seat with his Dad and Gus.

The ride passed quickly, the sunset was pretty and all but Shawn couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

“The Pineapple!”

“The Market!”

People were chiming in on what they wanted to do first as they caught the shuttle from where they’d had to park to the plantation.

Shawn could barely contain his excitement as the pineapple came into view. The shuttle came to a stop and he impatiently waited as everyone took their sweet time getting off.

“Jules, Marlowe, and I are going to the market.” Sydney nodded to where what had to be the largest flea market Shawn had ever seen waited.

“I’m going with them.” Lassie followed the group.

“That leaves you and me, buddy. Coming Pops?” Shawn eyed his Dad as he nodded to the giant pineapple.

His dad looked torn for a second before joining Shawn and Gus.

“Let’s go!” Gus took off and stalled by a food stall. Shawn waited as he picked up something and took the food offered and then all but dragged Gus over.

He held in a groan as he saw the line for the observation deck. Getting in it, Gus pulled the guidebook out again and Shawn braced himself for more than he needed to know trivia.


“Check this out!” Sydney turned to see Jules holding up some jewelry.

“That’s gorgeous.” She came over to examine it closely.

“Ah, you like the opal.” The sales person came over.

Sydney looked at the colors swirling on the charm of the necklace. Glancing at the table she saw that there were rings, earrings, and bracelets in the stone as well.

“Something tells me my wallet is going to regret this trip.” Sydney eyed several pieces on the table.


The sun was setting on another day as Shawn took Jules up to the observation deck of the pineapple. The sun set as they enjoyed each other’s company.

He heard Sydney talking excitedly a few feet away, showing his dad some of the stuff she’d gotten at the market. Sounded like everyone was having a great time.

As far as Shawn was concerned, it was the perfect end to a perfect day.
Chapter End Notes:
All of the facts about the Giant Pineapple are from their website. Well, minus converting meters to feet.

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