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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own psych or any of it's characters!
Author's Chapter Notes:
I decided to start a theme where I made the chapter titles songs that may somehow reflect the chapter. Keep note that these are not song fics though.
"Shawn, I thought we were going to the mountains!" Gus complained as they walked through the SBPD. Gus slumped his backpack over his shoulder in a huff.

"We are, buddy. I left my phone on Juliet's desk though so I need to grab that."

"Alright, fine. But no chatting up. I need to smell the fresh scent of pine that isn't those lame car air fresheners."

Shawn waved a hand at his best friend and walked over to the blonde detective's desk. Surprisingly enough, she was nowhere to be found.

"Hey Lassie?" Shawn yelled over to the lanky head detective.

Lassiter groaned and looked over at Shawn and Gus. "What do you idiots want? We don't have any cases for you!"

"Where's Jules?" Shawn asked.

"She's off today!" He snapped back.

As if on cue, Juliet walked past Shawn and Gus in a t-shirt and jeans, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was carrying a sweatshirt.

"Hey boys." She said.

"Jules! No wonder this place seemed doom and gloomy. You weren't here!" Shawn flashed her a bright smile.

She smiled. "Yeah I'm just here to get my check."

"Um I think I left my phone at your desk." He said, putting his hands in his pockets.

She nodded. "Yes! Yes, you did! Here you go!" She opened her desk and handed him the iPhone.

"Abigail called a lot." She shrugged as though it were no big deal.

Shawn clicked the home screen button and it showed 7 missed calls and 24 new messages.

There was an awkward moment before Gus cleared his throat. "Shawn and I really should get going. We've got a huge camping trip!"

She nodded. "Yes! I've got to go too! You guys have fun."

Shawn nodded slowly and was about to turn to go before the chief came storming from her office with Henry.

"Dad what are you doing here?" Shawn asked.

"We've got orders to get down to the morgue now. Come on, go!" Henry shoved Shawn forward.

"Awe hell no! We've got a trip!" Gus protested.

"Yeah and I'm off today-" Juliet began.

"O'Hara, this involves you too." Chief said, taking her by the shoulders and guiding her to the morgue. "Carlton! You too!"

"What's this all about?"

"There's a breakthrough in the cold case of the murder of an old colleague of mine, Edward Vines" Henry said as they all walked down the steps of the morgue.

"And how does this involve the rest of us?" Shawn asked.

"That break was based on the psychic revelation you had in my office, Mr. Spencer." Chief Vick said. "You didn't mean to, but you managed to convince the FBI that he was killed in the first place."

"Okay?" Shawn questioned. "How did I do that?"

"Within your antics, the FBI found a point. That point being that there was a witness that nobody considered!" Henry said.

"Who?" Gus asked.

"Edward Vines." Woody broke through and led them to the skeleton of the former detective.

"Rest in peace." Henry said quietly.

"More like pieces." Lassiter grumbled as he looked at scattered bones to the side of the body.

"Carlton!" Juliet scolded and turned back to the chief. "No offense, Chief, I would love to help. But I really do have a huge agenda of things I need to do since I-"

"I'm sorry, O'Hara, but we don't have much of a choice. You helped too."

"How did she help?" Lassiter whined.

"Detective O'Hara technically found the field he was buried in." Henry said.

""The abandoned farm?" Juliet questioned.

"Yes. You found that the last place he was actually seen was a farm where he bought some corn." Chief added.

"Eye witness testimony followed by an old receipt checks that statement. That's how real police work is done, Shawn." Henry smiled at Juliet, who nodded.

"So I guess I'm down here also for my brilliant work." Lassiter smiled.

"Actually you're here, because they had a complaint that you discharged your weapon at an old lady." Chief said.

Everyone looked at him and shook their heads.

"What? I didn't fire! And she was provoking me by disobeying protocol."

"You asked her to step out of your way, right?" She asked.

"Of course! And then she didn't so I had no choice."

"Carlton, I told you she was mid-movement! It just took her a while to get out of your way!" Juliet snapped.

"Well she was disrupting the process of investigation."

"Look, we didn't even get put on this case!" Gus said. "Shawn just had a psychic episode!"

"I'm sorry but you two are going to have to miss that trip." Chief said.

"Maaaaan." He whined.

"So what's the deal with this guy?" Shawn asked, not too disappointed about missing the camping trip. Camping wasn't as fun as crime solving.

Woody pointed to the scraps of bones on the side. "It appears he was crushed to death in some sort of fashion. Probably by something you swing with, like a hammer or a bat. Maybe even a light saber."

Lassiter scoffed. "These breakages look new."

"Someone wanted to re-kill him?" Shawn asked. "Or cover up a job done before."

Juliet nodded. "It looks someone knew we were back on the case."

"Any suspects back in 30 BC?" Shawn asked his Dad.

"Nope! Everyone loved Eddy! He was one of the favorites."

"Apparently he was the favorite on someone's hit list." Gus said.

"Gus is right, Dad. There needs to be more than just "everyone loved him". This wasn't an accident."

"Like that football case." Gus added.

"Man I still don't fully understand that one!"

"Me neither!"

"Focus!" Chief scolded. "Woody, is there anything else you can add?"

"I not much for addition, Chief, unless it's me plus you equals us." He winked.

She winced. "With the case."

"Right." Woody cleared his throat. "Besides the breaking of these bones, it seems he was shot. See this hole through his head."

"And I thought he had a third eye. Just like me." Shawn smiled.

"Shawn!" Henry scowled. "Don't be an idiot."

"That's a broad request."

"It's an order."

"Deja vu much? I'm going back to Gus and I's first grade orientation."

"Awe gosh darn it!" Woody shrieked. "I forgot the gloves. As much as squeezing dead bodies is enjoyable, I think this old guy would prefer that I use protection... As most men are."

"Ew." Juliet said in the silence that came with the wrinkling noses of the others.

"I'll be back my dears." He scampered up the steps and went to open the door.

However, no matter how hard the coroner pulled or pushed, the door wouldn't budge.

"Can someone get this? My hands are still slippery from lube."

Lassiter scowled and walked up to join him and pull. When he tried his hardest, it also wouldn't move.

The other eventually tried in a group effort to pull the door open.

"1,2,3 PULL!" Henry shouted in order as they all willed the door to open.

But it didn't.

"What is wrong with this thing?" Lassiter complained. "This better not be one of your kinky tricks, Woody."

"We're going to die in here." Gus sank to the floor, clutching his bald head and bringing his head to his chest. "I am going to die in here with you people."

Shawn sighed and pulled out his phone. "Let's call someone!"

When he tried to unlock his phone, the bar that usually swished across was jammed and wouldn't even move. He tried resetting his phone and even that wouldn't work. The bar was stuck.

"My phone isn't working."

"Mine either." Gus said.

"Us either." Lassiter said in regards to he and Juliet.

"I left mine in the truck." Henry muttered.

"Mine's in my office." Chief said.

"I dropped mine in a fish bowl." Woody smiled. "Goldie Han didn't like it."

"Awesome fish name." Shawn mused.

"Oh no, it was Goldie Han's fish."


"Hello? Do any of you care how we're going to get out of here? This is like the Swiss family Robinson!" Gus shrieked.

"Except we aren't in a tree house, ship wrecked, or a family." Shawn said. "And man someone will notice we're gone in no time."

"And if not?"

"Our family lines will die!" Woody cried. "The Strode's cannot go!"

"Trust me, that name is going to die if we get out of here or not." Lassiter said.

"Yeah, you're probably right. In fact, this is the longest I've been around women in a long time." He winked at the chief and Juliet, who grimaced.

"Help better get here soon." Juliet muttered.

Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it(:

"Help" by The Beatles

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