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Author's Chapter Notes:
Shawn and Juliet prepares to leave for a dinner party. Told from the first person: Shawn and Juliet.
Shawn: I stand quietly in hallway, waiting for Jules to finish getting ready. I let her take a few extra minutes, not minding if we make it late to the dinner party. I’m just happy we’re finally going to enjoy a simple night of conversation and good food. I’m lost in my thoughts until Jules breaks through the silence.

“You like?” She says to me directly. Jules is wearing a stunning little black dress and effortlessly walking around in silver tipped heels holding a small clutch purse. At this point, I’m speechless. At a loss for words, but incredibly turned on by her appearance. Of course, I feel a little under dressed for the occasion, wearing a simple suit and tie. I gawk at her for several minutes and then close in to touch her fine blond hair. Jules smiles as result. I feel shy with the attention.

“Would you like the short response or a long one?” I let out a light hearted laugh.

“I prefer short, and sweet,” she speaks softly and walks toward me. Her heels hit the wooden floor and make a knocking noise. She kisses my cheek. Breathing heavily, I grab her and give into a full kiss right on her lips. There is a little lipstick on my cheek. But I don’t care.

“Wow, you always know how to surprise me, Jules.”

“I can’t compare to you, Shawn. I never knew you could pull off a suit and tie. You’re a t-shirt and jeans guy to me normally.”

“Well, Gus is my better half. He loves wearing suits. I just can’t compete with that boy.”

“I agree. We are both on the same page. You are no Burton Guster.”

“I would have to be a bit darker to match his aura, Jules. At least you didn’t refer to Lassie in our conversation. I am not that dry.”

“Shawn…” Juliet laughs at me.

Walking hand in hand down the driveway of our house, I open the passenger side and she sits right in as I close the door. I smile at my new car, which I finally purchased last week. I saved up enough money to buy one, and traded in my motorcycle.

I ease back into the driver’s side of my car. About to back out of the driveway, Jules looks in my direction and blindsides me with a question.

“Shawn, what is this relationship?” I immediately put the car back into park from reverse. I feel hot now, the question I did not suspect at the moment.

“Is this really the time to discuss?” I hear a bit of annoyance in my tone towards Jules. But she practically boxed me in with the question.

“We’ve been dating for what, for months now? And are now living together under the same roof? I mean, we have to be going somewhere in this relationship. We broke up for a few weeks, but just got back together. I just want to know, where are we going in this relationship? What exactly is this relationship?”

By now, I feel awkward. I am not sure what to say or how to say it without hurting her feelings.

“Jules, I am not sure I follow. “ Jules rolls her eyes, expecting me to figure it out.

“Never mind, just drive. We are already late to the dinner party.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t like when this kind of stuff hangs over my head. I was looking forward to the occasion.”

“If you haven’t figured out what I mean, just…forget it. Don’t worry about it. No need for stress. We can talk about it later.”

I am still not sure why Jules asked the question, but I have a feeling that the conversation is far from over.

Juliet: Shawn is driving a little faster than normal on the road. I think I struck a nerve. I shouldn’t even bring up the question. But I have been thinking about our relationship for a while now. Ever since my partner, Carlton Lassiter, got married a month or so ago, I have been doing an about face in our relationship. Yes, it ended with me and Shawn breaking up over the lie. But we reconciled and are now back together. Surely, Shawn would have done some soul searching in regards to our relationship. I am not stupid. I see how Shawn looks at me. He wants to ask me something. But hasn’t. Which confuses me, because I am not sure what our relationship is anymore.

The game changer was last week, where I came across a surprising find at our house. While Shawn was out with Gus to the ice cream shop, I stayed behind to clean up the place. Sorting out laundry, I noticed a small black box in Shawn’s dresser drawer. I opened it, knowing full well I shouldn’t have been snooping, and out pops a beautiful diamond ring. An engagement ring! I am taken back and realized Shawn planned to propose at some point.

I contemplate now to bring up the subject again and tell Shawn that I know about the ring. But given his reaction earlier, I hate to put him on the spot. He drives a little faster down the dark road, now I have the sworn duty as a police officer to tell him to slow down.

“Shawn, you are going way too fast. Take it down a few miles,” my voice quivers.

“Please don’t tell me how to drive.” Shawn snaps at me. He is obviously angry.

“Look, I know you are angry—“

“You damn well know I’m angry at you. You put me on the spot with that vague question. If you have something to say, say it right now. Don’t leave me hanging!” Shawn yells. He realizes he lost his cool, and then immediately calms down. He mutters a few words under his breath.

“Shawn, I understand.” I am feeling guilty for blindsiding him.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you Jules. It’s just that…we just got back together. And now, you’re questioning our relationship again.”

“I’m not breaking up with you Shawn. I just want you to know, that I am serious about our relationship. I want to make sure you feel the same way.”

“I do.”

“Well, that settles it. You know I love you.”

“I love you too, Jules.” Shawn is smiling now. He feels more at ease with me.

We drive on and saying nothing more. I feel better now too, with the tension dissipating and hoping the rest of the evening goes smooth.

Chapter End Notes:
I'm going to space out this story with an update once a week. Let me know what you think!

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