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Author's Chapter Notes:
So this is my first Psych story, though I've had some experience with writing about other TV shows. This is the prologue so it's kind of short, but the other chapters are longer. The idea for this came to me while watching 'An Evening with Mr. Yang', because they said that the officers that took the Mr. Yang case before Shawn ended up with serious issues, so I thought - what if something like that happened to Shawn too? The lyrics are from a song 'As you turn away' by Lady Antebellum and that is the song that I was listening to while I was writing this, because I find that listening to music that relates to the story helps me write.

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Nothing more to say
Nothing left to break
I keep reaching out for you
Hoping you might stay

Nothing more to give
Nothing left to take
I keep reaching out for you
Reaching out for you
As you turn away

Chapter 1: A Very Long Day

It had been a very long day for Shawn Spencer. The usually so optimistic and energetic to the point where it almost seemed like the man just wasn't capable of taking anything seriously fake psychic was on the edge of having a break down and everyone could clearly see that. The Mr. Yang case started out like any other – a joke there and there, sarcastic remarks and bantering with Gus, Shawn wasn't frightened by the mysterious murderer, even his father’s worry didn't set him off, because let’s face it – Shawn Spencer was never someone to think ahead or back down. The visit from his mother had him worried, but he quickly brushed any concern from her away and insisted he could do it. What really got to him was Mr. Yang’s victim – a waitress that served him and Gus some food. That was when Shawn realized this case was different from the others, but what was he supposed to do? Back down? Leave the poor waitress to die? So he decided to solve this case the only way he knew – through humor, and he was close, so close, even when the deranged criminal broke into his office – his personal space, even when Shawn realized that he was merrily being played, he didn't give up, he decided to play that twisted game by his own rules. However as the horrifying realization came to him that his mother has been taken and he sat down tightly clutching her purse in his hands, ignoring the worried glances form his friends, Shawn finally realized just how much in over his head he was. He felt defeated, he felt like it was his fault, like for the first time since he started Psych he would fail. He sat there trying to come up with something, anything, that he might have missed and came up with a big fat nothing. It had been a very long day. A very, very long day. Even Gus’s attempts to lighten up the mood couldn't help him anymore. But he didn't give up, he kept on going. He followed the clues and found his mom with that bomb. Now, sitting next to the crazy woman that is literally holding his mother’s life in her hands, Shawn finds himself at a loss for words, for something that would save his mom, that would make everything okay again.

“I’m sorry Shawn, this just has to end this way.” The woman says in her weird, almost sweat tone of voice that just screams ‘crazy’. Before Shawn has any time to react she presses a red button on the remote she’s holding. Shawn’s eyes go wide and he darts them to his mom, who’s still sitting frozen in her car seat. The car goes up in flames and Shawn thinks he can actually see the force of the explosion throw his mom back into the car seat and the flames quickly cover her whole body from his view, but to him it feels like hours before he can’t see her anymore. Shawn hears screaming, but he’s not sure if it’s his own, because in that moment his whole world stops, suddenly he doesn't care that he’s still sitting in a car with a crazy lunatic, or if the SBPD ever somehow figure out he’s not really a psychic, or if that store across the street from his home has any pineapples left. He doesn't acknowledge Lassiter and an another officer opening the driver’s door, pulling his mother’s murderer out of the car and handcuffing her, he doesn't acknowledge his father crying by the wall, or Gus still standing there looking at the burning car with a shocked expression, or even Juliet calling his name, trying to get his attention. It’s not that he doesn't see any of it, it’s that he doesn't care enough to pay any attention to it. Yes, Shawn Spencer had a very long day, a day that started with a case that didn't seem any different from all of the others that he so easily solved in the past, and this day changed his life.
Chapter End Notes:
I already finished writing this story, there are 5 chapters, so there won't be any long waiting for new chapters. I'm new to this site so please tell me if any of the categories are wrong and please review :)

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