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Author's Chapter Notes:
sorry for taking long. i mean how hard is writing 100, right??!
"But how can you be sure there's a god Gus?! All it is is stories passed down. There's no proof!" 18-year-old Shawn exclaimed.

"I don't know Shawn! I just do! It's just something in your gut! Why DON'T you believe? Why do you need proof? You've never questioned before!" Gus shot back.

"BECAUSE GUS! What kind of GOD would allow a kid to have such a horrible father and split up a family? What GOD would allow my mom to leave?!" Shawn shouted.

"So that is what this is about..."

"Yes! OK! Yes! But seriously Gus, how could this happen?!"
Chapter End Notes:
PS i dont mean to offend ANYONE in any way.

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