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Author's Chapter Notes:
I could of taken this one any way I wanted, honestly
Shawn and Gus looked on in horror. Blood was EVERYWHERE.

On the floor, on all the walls, even on the ceiling somehow.

The two nine-year-olds couldn't believe their own eyes, looking back and forth from the frozen scene to each other.

"SHAWN! GUS! What did I tell you about watching blasted movie! It's NOT for you too!" Henry yelled, causing the boys to jump, spilling their mutual bowl of popcorn.

"Aww come on Dad! It's the 10th anniversary of Carrie! Everyone else at school is watching it!" Shawn protested.

"I don't care, now get up, and go do something productive."
Chapter End Notes:
And so I went with comedy/mystery (kinda). AND HEY LOOK i did math on this one to actually get correct numbers and stuff. Cassie came out in 1976, and the psych wiki says Shawn was born in 77. So i assumed they'd be about 9.

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