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Story Notes:
I'm back!

I know, it's been forever since I posted anything. It's been crazy with school, work (3 jobs) and attempting to have a little bit of a life. But I'm going to try and update this every so often and I'm actually working on Sydney's Guide to Hostage Situations so I can start posting on that again.

I posted the challenge, Wibbly Wobbly Delicious Flavor so this is my answer to my challenge. Never written for Doctor Who before so I'm a little nervous.

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and Psych to USA Network. Sadly I own neither but do enjoy writing Psych. The Doctor and Donna are between The Wasp and the Unicorn and Silence in the Library and Shawn and the gang are about two years after Sydney moved to Santa Barbara.

Author's Chapter Notes:
First Chapter!!

Always fun to start a new story. Not sure at all where this is going so bear with me. That being said, not sure when the two shows are going to officially collide. I'm almost feeling a Partners in Crime situation coming.

But enough from me! Read!
“Oi! Spaceman!”

The Doctor hit his head on the TARDIS console, letting out a couple words that he felt the TARDIS wouldn’t translate for the waiting Donna Noble. “What is it, Donna?”

“You said come find you in an hour.”

Rubbing the back of his head, he untangled himself from the wires he’d been working on before coming out into the control room. “Has it really been an hour?”

“Where are we going?

The Doctor couldn’t help but smile that the expectant look on his companions face. Granted, when he’d first started with Donna, he wasn’t sure how this could go. But now, a few months into their time together, he couldn’t imagine not having her here.

She wasn’t Rose…

He shook his head, shoving all thoughts of his pink and yellow human out. She was gone, and tried as he might, she was never coming back.


He looked up to see Donna looking at him, the expectant look having been replaced with one of concern. “You okay?”

He felt a smile grow on his face as he darted to the far side of the console. “I’m always okay! Now, where shall we go today? There’s this planet, two solar systems away from Earth called Lumiere.”

“I’ve heard that word before.”

“French for light on Earth” The Doctor adjusted the coordinates. “Well anyways, there are two species on Lumiere, the Glimmers and the Shimmers.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I have better things to do then make up this stuff.” The Doctor rolled his eyes at the look of shock on his companions face. You’d think she wouldn’t be surprised anymore. “Anyways, the two races spent a thousand years at war over each other over a patch of land the size of Buckingham Palace.”
“That small?”

He shrugged. “Something to do with a sacred temple that once stood there. But the war ended.”

“You didn’t have anything to do with that.”

“Well, maybe, not really, there was that… but that’s not the point!” He flipped a switch. “To celebrate the end of the war, a fantastic light display was put on. They were known for it back before the war. The sun they orbit around can be manipulated so they can have 24 hour days, eternal nights, and take parts of it for a light display that makes the Northern lights look like a candle. The display to end the war was a collection of both civilizations’ achievements in the filed. Each year they duplicate it.”

“We’re going to see the display.” Donna held on to one of the coral struts as the TARDIS began to shake.

“Yup!” The Doctor pulled a lever. “Alons-y!”


The lights were on in the Psych office as Sydney pulled her car into her spot. No doubt, her Dad and Gus were either in a movie marathon or playing some video game that was usually reserved for kids that were at least 20 years younger.

Not that she complained. As long as they didn’t beat her high score.
That caused her to laugh. Oh, her dad’s face when she’d beaten his high score.

She wasn’t sure whose was more priceless, his or Gus’.

Taking the clip out of her hair, she let it fall down onto her shoulders out of the tight bun it seemed to stay in for the last few days. Semi-satisfied that she looked a little less like a CIA agent, she got out of the car, leaving her luggage in the back seat.

Quick hello and then home for a long, hot bath.

Peeking in the window, she saw that it was a movie night, and that Jules had joined them. Letting herself in, she stood in the doorway until Gus looked up.
“Sydney! When did you get back?”

“About ten minutes ago.”

She didn’t get much else out before her dad was over wrapping her in a hug. “Everything go okay?”

His question was so quiet, she knew she was the only one who heard it. “Yeah, nothing I can’t handle.”

He held her close for another minute and she let him. She was finally almost used to actually having a dad in her life and she had to admit it wasn’t half bad.

“So what cases did you solve without me?”

Her dad settled back onto the couch next to Jules as Sydney perched onto his desk. “The usual, a robbery, a cheating case.”

“That I told you not to take.” Gus didn’t look away from the screen.

“You now we needed the money.”

“Dad, you know I can help with that, right?”

He gave her a look. “It wasn’t a big deal, just involved me on a six hour stake out.“

“Anything current?”

All three looked at each other before shaking their heads. “It’s been a quiet week.”

“That won’t last long.” Sydney stood up as she let out a yawn. “Y’all enjoy your movie. I’m headed to Gramps for a long hot bath and my own bed.”

“So the chances of seeing you before noon tomorrow are…”

“Slim to none. Night guys.”

Sydney headed out the door as a chorus of “goodnights” followed her out. You know, there really was something in the statement, “there’s no place like home.”

She stopped cold just outside the Psych office, and for a minute just watched the waves as they crashed on the beach.

Was this really home?

For a long time, even after she moved her, she couldn’t quite think of this as home.

A smile spread on her face as she made her way to her car, putting the top down as she started it up, backed it out of the space, and headed for the road.
Chapter End Notes:
That's it for now! Hoping I got the Doctor okay. He's my favorite and I want to do him justice.

Til next time...

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