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Story Notes:
There is a little Shules. Some spoilers for season 8 but not a lot.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This one is long there wont be very many chapters though.
FLASHBACK: March 29 2010 "And that is how you killed all four of your victims". Shawn Spencer finished wrapping up a case of murders at different junkyards. "Patrick Grante your under arrest". Carlton Lassiter said putting cuffs on him. Before he took Patrick away he whispered something to Shawn. "Your gonna be sorry you did that." "Yeah well your going to jail. Lassie face take him away." The smart mouth fake psychic said. "Man that guy gave me the creeps". Shawns best friend Gus said. "Yeah let's go get some Nachos". ................................................ February 12 2014. "Man your such an idiot". Gus said walking through the police station door. "Man I can not be blamed for not knowing the guy had a gun!" He defended himself "He shot two people of course he had a gun." "Well no one got hurt." "Yeah that's because Jules and Lassie came in and saved our asses again." "Speaking of which where are they." Before they could answer the chief came from her office calling them in. "We have found a body stabbed twice in the chest. Name Andrew Hatston. He worked as a plumber. His wife is waiting for questioning in the other room." "Great chief me and Gus will get on that". Shawn said walking towards the door wanting to get on the case. "Not so fast there's more." "Aw man". He was hoping for an easy case. "There was a note addressed to you Mr. Spencer." "Really? What did it say?"< "I told you your gonna be sorry you did that." She read. Shawns eyes went wide with shock. That was four years ago. Why was he coming up again now. He didn't think the guy would actually come back. Maybe he was overreacting. He decided it wouldn't hurt to give them the information. After all the only one who knew about the threat was Gus. "Um I'm sensing that this murder has something to do with Patrick Grante from 2010." "Spencer he's been in jail for four years I highly doubt his killing people from in there." Lassiter stepped in. "The spirits are pretty sure Lassie". Shawn said knowing Lassiter would check it out.despite him saying Shawn isnt psychic over and over again he didnt know for sure. Juliet on the other hand looked at him weirdly. She knew he wasn't psychic and she wanted to know why he would bring up Patrick Grante after all these years. After everone left she pulled him aside. "Shawn remember how your not allowed to lie to me anymore." She said. "Yes. You made a big deal about it." He said confused. She sighed annoyed. "Why are you bringing up Patrick Grante." "Jules does this really matter I just remember something he said now let's go." "Fine Shawn I just don't want to waste police time." "Don't worry Jules I doubt its a waste of time". He said then gave her a quick kiss before joining Gus. ................................................ "I'm telling you this is just a waste of our time." Lassiter yawned as they walked into the jail. "Carlton let's just get through this and then we can go do real police work." Juliet said. "O'Hara this guy has been in jail four years. There is no way in hell he did it no matter what your boyfriend says." He tried to explain to her. "Carlton just talk to him unless you want me too." "Fine". He walked into the room. ............ "Patrick Grante". He asked walking in.
"Detective Lassiter. Your the cop that arrested me." The prisoner said calmly.

"Yes I am". Lassiter said proudly.

"Yes but you weren't the one to solve the case were you? No that was the work of your loud obnoxious childish psychic."

Lassiter looked at the ground a little offended by that remark. "Well....". He started but couldn't seem to finish. The thought of Spencer being better than him made him feel like he had been shot multiple times.

"That's what I thought". Patrick finished with a smug smile. "Anyways your here about the body. I'd love to help really would but I don't take kindly to cops. Not even the pretty blonde one in the other room".

"Your going to help us you son of a bitch." Lassie said through gritted teeth.

"Really I would love too but I'm only talking to that psychic of yours and his goofy partner. I know they have been put on the case.".

"Why would you want to talk to those clowns." Lassie asked confused.

"The psychic is interesting. He's the only one of all of you that I have yet to figure out." Patrick laughed.

"What do you mean figure out?"

"I already told you the psychic. But you have seemed to make me a little angry so keep the goofy partner outside the door." He said.

"Fine but you will have to wait for them to get here." Lassie said motioning to Juliet to call them.

"Why do you want to talk to Spencer."

"I need to figure him out for my plan to work". Patrick stated admitting just enough to keep Lassiter guessing.

"Why do you need to figure him out."

"Shouldn't you go. I've made my demands and I'm not sharing anything with you. This is between me and the psychic. Your already mixed up in this enough as it is don't jeoprodize your family too." Patrick said knowing that would scare Lassie.

Lassiters mind went wild thinking about Marlowe and his unborn son.

"Leave them out of this." He shot back.

"Like I said my only intentions are of talking with the psychic."

Lassiter left the room just as Shawn walked in alone.

"Shawn Spencer long time no see. I thought for sure you would visit me."

"Why would I ever visit you." Shawn asked surprised.

"Well its not nice to put a man behind bars then not visit."

"Really I do that to pretty much everyone. Man I always forget jail courtesy." Shawn joked.

"Wow your the one who was able to catch me? Can you even tie your own shoes."

"Well usually but sometimes I just can't get the bunny through the hole. I hate when that happens." A loud knock on the door from Lassie made Shawn remember why he was here.

"Right". Shawn gave Lassie a thumbs up making him roll his eyes.

"Oh good now we are going into the interrogation.." Patrick said still surprised at how dumb the psychic was.

"Okay let's start with were you involved with the murder of Andrew......". He started when Patrick interupted.

"Of course I was but you know that or else you would not be here."

"That is true. Next is how did you do it."

"Oh Shawn your not expecting an answer from me is that how these interrogations work but ill tell you anything except for one thing."

"Great answer the question." Shawn said a little confused.

"I hired my men. Sent them after a target and they know what to do."

"The target was Andrew?" Shawn asked.

"No Shawn." Patrick said thinking that would faze him but it didn't.

"Why are killers obsessed with me". Shawn asked referring to the Yin Yang killer.

"Wow you keep surprising me by the minute that usually scares away everyone." Patrick said.

"Yeah well I'm not scared of anything".

"Of course you are everyone is don't be ashamed."

"Back to the case at hand who are the guys."

"I'm sorry Shawn that is something I can't tell you." Patrick said.

"Alright what's your plan then."

"Well Shawn Spencer its all about you now. But I can't give away the ending all I can tell you is you won't have me around to tell you much more information." Patrick said.

Shawn got up and left the room.

"Is he planning suicide". Juliet asked thinking about his words.

"Maybe. I say you and Lassie watch him for a little bit." Shawn said pulling Gus aside.

"Man he's not planning suicide". Shawn said to Gus.

"What? You just told Jules he was. She's gonna get mad at you for lying." Gus rambled.

"No I said maybe and we can't tell the cops everything. Do you want to know what he's doing or not?"

"I'm not sure".

"He's gonna break out of jail."

"How that's impossible he will have top security on his jail cell."

"Let's figure that out back at the psych office. We are working to close to the actual cops". Shawn said disgusted with himself.

At the psych office Shawn and Gus thought of ways he could break out with the cops around.

"Man what is he gonna do?" Gus asked annoyed.

"I don't know man I'm not actually psychic." Shawn joked

"Man this guy is dangerous and obsessed with you can't you think of something?"

"Well he told Lassie he doesn't like cops so he would want to kill as many of them as he could." Shawn said and then thought for a moment.

"What"? Gus asked knowing Shawns look.

"He wants to kill some cops and get out of jail. He's gonna use tear gas in the police station and kill all cops in his way of getting out." Shawn said worried.

"Oh no"

"We need to get to Jules and Lassie."

"How long are we gonna be here". Lassie complained.

Ring ring

Juliet answered her phone. "Shawn? What? Oh my god! Really. This is not the time for jokes." Then she hung up.

"Carlton we need to get out of here now get as many officers as possible."

"She looked at the vents which looked alright a minute ago but looked different now".

Many officers made it out but most of them had felt the effects of the tear gas and were in pain. Juliet and Lassiter were no different even though they had less of it than others. Some officers unfortunate enough not to get out lost their lives. Some still lived. One thing for sure Patrick was gone.

"Ugh I can't believe even with a warning he still got out." Juliet said

"O'Hara there was nothing to do we didn't know about the tear gas until it started." Lassiter explained.

"Jules are you alright?!" Shawn came running in.

"What yeah but he escaped what are we gonna do." She asked crying.

"Don't worry how many cops died?" Shawn asked worriedly.

"They counted seven cops in all." Lassie answered looking at his crying partner.

"Don't worry Jules we will find him". Shawn said.


Shawn and Gus went back to the psych office to think since they thought better without police present.

"Man he killed eight cops". Gus exclaimed.

"He's not done man he's got some sort of obsession with me which I completely understand but I just don't go that way."

"Really man I'm pretty he sure he wants to kill you."

"Man you don't know that."

"Shawn look I think he left you a letter on your desk."

"Great man why don't you open it."

"No way its always the black guy to open it nu uh". Gus said shaking his head.

"Fine". He opened the letter and read it out loud.

Dear Shawn,
Honestly I did not expect you to figure out my plan. You really are as smart as I thought you were. Yet I do think you act like a child but somewhere there is a brain in there. Now as you know I wanted to kill many more police man than I did but there is time later. You can't save them all the time. I think I know a way to get you but if I tell you you would change it. Haha but don't fear I hate writing letters I want to talk to you over the phone midnight tonight. NO OTHERS. Not even Burton. Anyone who listens other than you will DIE. There is a phone under your desk. Talk soon, Patrick Grante.


"Relax". Gus said.

"Gus he is escaped and he has his mind set to torture me ".

"Yeah but.... man I can't think of anything your screwed."

"Thanks buddy" he said sarcastically.

11:58 pm Shawn got out of bed hoping Juliet wouldn't hear him.

"Where are you going"

He tried to think quickly. "Um bathroom might take a while". He said this knowing Patrick was not going to just get to the point.


He ran to the bathroom and picked up the phone he called the only number oon it. After three rings a man answered.

"Hello". A deep voice said.

"I need to speak with Patrick now".

"Who is this" the voice demanded.

"Shawn Spencer."

"Hahahaha he knew you would call. Hey Patrick get over here."

"Shawn how nice of you to call. I was getting scared you wouldn't." Patrick stated

"Look why did you want me to call."

"To tell you I've been studying you."

"Your worst case ever was Yin. He tried to kill you. I understand that except his reason was a little different then mine."

"Your small potatoes compared to Yin." Shawn said turning it into a joke.

"I also learned you turn events into jokes to calm yourself down. Anyways this game is far from over just wait until tomorrow which is the start of event number one. You are to call me tomorrow at midnight or someone dies understand."
"Yes". And the phone went dead.

He walked back into his room and layed back next to Juliet thinking about what Patrick was talking about.
The next morning

Lassiter woke up next to his 9 month pregnant wife Marlowe. He looked at the time 8:00. He got up and got ready for work. He walked outside.

"Bye Marlowe". He called getting into his car. But before he got to drive away the car blew up and he blacked out.

At the police station.

"So what did he say last night." Gus asked. Him and Shawn were sitting at Juliets desk while she talked to the chief.

"Man nothing really. Just something about Event number one. I'm calling him again tonight".

"Why would you do that."

"Shut up Jules is coming."

"So we don't have anything on Patrick's whereabouts yet do you guys know anything." Juliet said just as her phone rang. She answered it. Then she hung up. "We need to get to the hospital NOW." She said.

At the hospital.

"Oh my god is he okay." Juliet said coming up to Marlowe.

"I don't know they said there was a lot of blood loss and they are having trouble with some internal bleeding." She answered.

Shawn and Gus turned around to talk about the case.

"Oh my god he blew up Lassie!" Shawn exclaimed.

"Lassie is gonna be so mad when he wakes up." Gus stated.

"Yeah make sure we are far away when he wakes up."

"Okay so last night did Patrick tell you anything about this."

"Not this specifically but I'm pretty sure this is just event number one."

"Awww man he actually said number one".

"Yes but we need to get to the crime scene man there are always clues there."

At the crime scene.

"Hey Buzz how ya doing?" Shawn said walking over.

"It was a bomb on his seat. What if he dies." Mcnabb answered.

Shawns face got serious thinking of the poor head detective in the hospital hanging on to his life. Gus noticed this.

"Okay Buzz we are gonna go investigate now". Gus said breaking the conversation

"Alright this guy is insane. He's playing with bombs now." Shawn said.

"Yeah seems like he doesn't have a weapon of choice."

"Gus let's look around."

After a half hour of snooping they found nothing.

"Man there is nothing here." Shawn complained.

"I know this guy is good."

"Wait man where do you think he got this bomb?" Shawn asked thinking.

"How am I supposed to know he probably made it".

"No then he wouldn't have enough people in on the crime. Besides I know I've seen that bomb before." Shawn answered.

"Okay so who gave him the bomb." Gus asked still confused.

"Man I don't know. Do I look like Im going around buying bombs? but I do know someone who might know who sold him this type of bomb." Shawn said with a mysterious voice.

At the Psych office.

"Despereaux man long time no see." Shawn said loudly.

"Shawn why would he know who the guy is." Gus asked cautiously.

"Because he's the most amazing criminal this world has seen."


"I'm right here". Despereaux said annoyed.

"Right Pierre is it". Shawn asked.

"You know my name." He said even more annoyed.

"Yes okay do you know where we could find this type of bomb?" Shawn asked.

"Why. What are you planning on blowing up." Pierre asked now amused.

"You know its for a case ". Gus chimed in.

"I don't know the guy who sells these." He answered smartly.

"Man". Shawn said

"I told you". Gus answered.

"Wait. But I do know that he does business in a warehouse on Chestnut street at the end." Pierre said through the chaos.

"Hear that Gus let's go".

"Wait. You do realize they will kill you if you if they know who you are." Pierre warned."

At the warehouse.

"So how are we gonna do this." Gus asked.

"I don't know I was hoping you would have a plan".


"Fine just don't make eye contact we are here to buy a deadly bomb. And we are criminals." Shawn explained.

They went inside.

"Hey man that must be the guy we talk to." Shawn said.

"Man what do we ask him."

"Gus just follow my lead." Shawn said walking up to him.

"Shawn no". Gus said following.

"Hello. I am Shawn and this is my partner Scruffy T. You can call him Scruff." The guy snarled. "Okay um we were wondering where you keep the good bombs." Shawn said hopefully.

"Right follow me." The man answered.
They walked down stairs.

"I'm sorry but I believe its common courtesy for you to tell us your name." Shawn said.

"Kevin". He snarled.

"Great now Kevin we are here to buy a bomb that matches the description of one our boss bought earlier."

"Oh yeah do you happen to know the name of the bomb".

"Nope we are just the middle men."

"Well I can't help you."

"Wait it blows up when pressure is on it. Especially when a poor irish man sits on it." Shawn explained.

"Hey I'm irish" Kevin said angrily.

"Really you don't look irish. Scottish maybe?."

"Anyways I know the bomb your talking about here it is."the guy said holding it up.

"Wait we need to make sure our bosses were the ones who bought it before." Gus said.

"Can you tell us what the last guys who bought it looked like". Shawn asked him and Gus both were moving towards the door knowing they would have to run to avoid purchasing a bomb.

"One dark brown hair and brown eyes about 5'10. The other was a ginger around 6'6 really tall."

"Yep that's them". Shawn and Gus answered in unison. They both bolted out the door. Before jumping in the Blueberry they heard a gunshot. It didn't stop them and they drove away.
Back at the hospital.

"Ahem. Family of Carlton Lassiter." A doctor said

"Yes that's me I'm Marlowe Lassiter Is he gonna be okay??"

"He's stable for now you can probably see him in about an ho ur."

"Thank you!" Marlowe said hugging Juliet.

Shawn and Gus walked in seconds later.

"Hey Jules. Hey Marlowe." Shawn said casually.

"Where have you been while Carlton has been in there bleeding out Shawn." Juliet said angrily.

"I've been investigating the the person that put the bomb on Lassie's car."

"Really what did you find out?" She asked interested.
He told Juliet what they found out and stayed at the hospital with them for the rest of the day since Gus had to go to his Real job.

They went home around 9:00 and fell asleep. Shawn woke up at 12:30 realizing he forgot to call.

He ran to the bathroom. After two rings Patrick picked up.

"Shawn I was afraid you wouldn't call. Iwould have had to kill someone what a shame that would be."

"Shut up you asshole. You tried to kill Lassie."

"Oh no if I tried to kill him he would be dead by now."

"Then what was the bomb for."

"Don't worry there is time for people to die later".

"Oh yeah what was the point on hurting Lassie."

"My first step in getting to you."

"I will catch you".

"Man figuring out the bomb thing was genius I didn't think you would get that."

"I did and I will get you too."

"Yes well Event number two takes place at some point next week call me midnight after that. Goodbye Shawn!."

"Wait Dammit".
He walked out of the bathroom and went to his bedroom.

"Shawn what's going on". Juliet asked sitting up in the bed.

"Nothing Jules just had to go".

"Shawn I'm a detective and your a bad liar."

"Fine Jules but you can't follow me or listen to my conversations in the bathroom."


"Patrick Grante and I have been having conversations at midnight and he has been giving me clues."

"Why didn't you tell me this last night".

"Because I knew you would follow and he said whoever else listens dies Jules."

"We need to tell the chief about this".

The next three days were sad ones Shawn got no new leads and Lassie still hadn't woken up. Even worse Marlowe had had the baby while Carlton was in a coma and he wasn't there to be with her. Marlowe was angry at that. On the fourth day though he woke up. Juliet was sitting in the room with him since Marlowe was with her new little boy.

"Carlton your awake!" Juliet nearly screamed.

"Yeah what happened."

"Oh a bomb blew up on you. But your fine know just a concussion."

"Who did this I'm gonna put a bullet through their skull."

"Patrick Grante."

"Where's Marlowe?"

"I'm sorry Carlton the baby was born while you were in a coma."

"You mean she was alone". Carlton asked as he started crying.

"Carlton its okay they are both okay."

"Where are they".

"Ill go see if I can find her".

"Hey Lassie face your awake." Shawn said walking in.

"Shawn you told me he was dead". Gus yelled.

"No I'm pretty sure I said coma".

"No you didn't."

"Guster I'm alive. And spencer your an idiot."

"Wow Lassie I come to visit you and this is how you treat me."

"Wait I thought we were here for the chicken in the cafeteria." Gus cut in.

"Shhh Lassie doesn't need to know that."

"Amazing how you two clowns can joke when I've been in the hospital for five days. Now get out."

"Wait Lassie where is Jules?"

"Looking for Marlowe."

Shawn and Gus went down to the cafeteria.

"Carlton I found them." Juliet said walking in with Marlowe and their new son.

"Marlowe." Is all he could say he felt so bad he wasn't thre for her when she neded him.

Juliet left the room.

"Are you alright" she asked

"Yes can I see him?"

"His name is Ryan". She said handing him the baby.

"I can't believe I wasn't there."

"Carlton do you ever think that maybe your job is a little to um I don't now dangerous."

"Maybe a little but I'm fine."

"Look I'm just saying maybe its time you should find a safer job."

"Marlowe I love my job" he said hurt that she wanted him to quit now while he was on a case. He wanted to gut the son of a bitch that tried to kill him.

"Carlton you almost died i need you." Marlowe said almost in tears.

"Marlowe I need to get him. Now I need to check out of this prison I have a case to solve."

"Did you even listen to me?"

"Of course but if I let Spencer solve the case alone nothing will get done right even with O'Hara on this".

"Alright I will go see if they will allow you to be released".

As she left Shawn and Gus walked in.

"well if it isnt tweedle dee and tweedle dumb."

"Um Lassie am I tweedle dee or tweedle dumb?" Shawn asked

"Spencer what are you doing back here I thought you two went to go stuff your faces with the crap in the cafeteria."

"We did but Gus got nauseous after eating under cooked chicken."

"Wheres O'Hara". He asked with an annoyed voice.

"I dont know. Hey its Lassie number 2". Shawn said pointing to the baby in Lassie's arms.

"Shawn I think im gonna". Gus started but he puked all over Lassie and the baby he was holding.

"GUSTER". Lassie screeched and Juliet ran into the room.

"Carlton what happened to you". She asked.

"Ask your boyfriend and his boyfriend". Lassie answered. Shawn and Gus exchanged confused glances.

"Shawn what did you do to Carlton."

"It wasnt me and Gus is not my boyfriend". He said indignantly.

"It was not my fault either it is the hospital food and you would be lucky to have me as your boyfriend." Gus shot back.

"Guys!". Juliet called

"Yes Jules."

"I dont care anymore we need to talk about the case we havent gotten a lead in days."

"Dont worry O'Hara Im back on the case so you wont have to deal with these ideiots anymore." Lassiter assured her.

"Wait Carlton are you sure you have barely been awake for two hours."

"O'Hara I am going to solve this case."


The next day all four of them were sitting in the police station trying to get a lead.

"Spencer shouldnt you be able to have something psychicly?" Lassiter asked annoyed by waiting at the station so long.

"Man we have known eachother eight years you should know how it works by know."Spencer shot back.

"We have been here for six hours and got nothing." Gus complained.

"Shawn is there anything you can tell us." Juliet asked referring to the phone call he made to Patrick Grante.

"Wait.Im getting that they are planning on striking at some point this week im not getting an exact date but definetely this week but sadly there is nothing more I can give you." Shawn said hoping that would shut them up.

"Great Spencer." Lassie started.

"Shawn I need to talk to you." Henry Spencer said walking in.

"What I was in the middle of attempting to solve a case." Shawn complained.

"oh yeah. I've been following that case. Patrick Grante. Shawn he is a dangerous man."

"Dad why are you following my cases its kind of weird."

"Shawn everyone at the station is talking about it. He killed seven cops."

"Okay what are you doing down at the station your not a detective anymore."

"Shawn seriously be careful I saw what he did to Lassiter. Is he going after people that worked on the case?"

"I'm not sure. If he is he has a creepy way of telling me."

"what do you mean telling you. are you telling me you have conversations with this psychopath."

"Yes but little itty bitty ones".


"Look I have to go but dont worry dad I will be fine." Shawn said running out the door.


The next day was the same as before but the day after something changed. Shawn and Juliet woke up in the morning and did what the usually did Juliet called Lassiter and Shawn called Gus.

"Hey Carlton".

"Hey O'Hara any new leads".

"No me and Shawn just talked it over again and nothing."

"Alright I'm on my way to the station now:. He said sounding kind of sad.

"Carlton be careful getting in your car and is something wrong?"

"Its me and Marlowe have been fighting"

"Oh no about what".

"My job".

"Oh alright well I'll see you at the station partner bye."

Shawn and Gus' conversation.

"Gus you can not work your other job today."

"Shawn I am on my way to the doctors house NOW."

"Come on man we have a huge case."

"Yes but I have another job Shawn."

"Fine how many".

"I have two but I..... OH SHIT.". Gus yelled. The last thing over the phone Shawn heard was loud banging.


Shawn ran outside driving his Norton to see what happened. He got there just in time to see a big truck hit together with a small blue Echo. Then he saw them lifting Gus into the ambulance. He jumped in with him.

"Gus buddy can you hear me". He asked as the ambulance pulled away.

"mmmhh Shawn". Gus mumbled in pain.

"Gus your gonna be fine." Shawn said looking down at a piece of a pipe in Gus' leg

They got to the hospital and they pulled Gus automatically into surgery. Before Shawn could catch himself he started to cry. He heard Lassie and Jules coming so he ran to the bathroom so they wouldnt see him cry. After a few minutes he heard someone come in.

"Shawn its okay if your upset." He heard Juliets voice.

"Jules what are you doing in here?"

"I figured you would rather me come in more than Lassiter."

"Jules this is event number two".

"Shawn its okay to cry in front of Lassiter."

"Jules I have to call him again tonight. He has gone way to far now!" Shawn said. He pulled himself together and walked out of the bathroom.

"Shawn wait Im going to tell the chief".

"Jules why?"

"Burton Guster"? A doctor asked.

"Yep". Shawn answered.

"How is he". Juliet asked.

"He is not doing very well by morning we will know if he will make it". The doctor said.

Shawn turned to run away again but was grabbed by his father.

"Shawn i am not gonna let you run away from this." Henry said

"I'm not running away I'm going to catch the bitch that did this to Gus." Shawn answered struggling to keep himself from breaking down.

"Shawn even if you do catch this guy which you will if Gus dies you and I both know you wont be sticking around Santa Barbara. Because when something bad hits you go running."

"Dad this is Gus He is the main reason I came back to Santa Barbara. The only person that has always been in my life. The only one that I have never kept secrets from. I will not run I promise you that".

After saying that Shawn walked away knowing if he talked any longer he would be on the floor crying his eyes out to the point of dehydration.

It was now ten at night and everyone had left but Shawn who wasnt leaving for the world. He sat in the room with Gus looking at all of his cuts. All of a sudden the Chief 3 officers, Lassie and Juliet walked in.

"What are you doing here". Shawn asked immediately.

"We are tracking the phone call you are gonna make in 2 hours." The chief answerd.

"No chief someone dies if anyone else listens." Shawn argued.

"Mr. Spencer this man killed 7 officers there is no way i am passing off the chance to nail his ass."

"But" Shawn tried to argue but realized it wouldnt work this time.

Two hours later Shawn made the call.

"Shawn Spencer I thought you were smarter than this. But I guess you can blame the chief for the body you will find in the morning. My rules were clear no one else listens maybe tomorrow when you call me at midnight you will listen better. Good bye Shawn We can talk about Event 3 tomorrow." Then the line went dead.

"I told YOU". He screamed at everyone in the room.

"Mr. Spencer."

"No all of you get out of here now we are going to have a body tomorrow! and its all your fault"

Everyone started to leave.

"Wait Jules I want you to stay". He said hoping she wasnt mad about his outburst. He didnt want to be alone. Juliet stayed in the room.

"Shawn I understand if your mad at me too." She said with her eyes watering.

"Jules Im not mad at you, You only did your job by telling the chief." He said hugging her. At first though he was mad at her but he wasnt anymore after he thought it over. Once he did all of his anger went towards the chief.

"Shawn you should really go home."

"Jules I cant leave Gus alone. But if you want to go you can."

"Im not gonna leave you here alone Shawn."

They both slept on the recliner chair in Gus' room that night. In the morning they woke up to Lassiter making a noise standing in front of them.

"Carlton what are you doing here." Juliet asked.

He looked down at the floor not making eye contact with either of them."uhm O'Hara there has been a body".He said. Juliet looked at Shawn.

"Alright lets go". She said slowly.

"Actually I'm gonna stay here with Gus." Shawn said.

"Alright". Lassie said thankfully.

An hour later Shawn heard that Gus was gonna be fine but would need crutches for a little while. At hearing this Shawn was smiling. TO make his day better Gus woke up for like fifteen minutes before falling back to sleep but Shawn didnt blame him for that.

A few hours later Juliet walked in she looked like a mess her face was red and wet. Her hair in a messy bun. Shawn noticed and walked out.

"Jules you okay".

"No Shawn I need to tell you....." She didnt finish because she started crying. Shawn immediately hugged her.

"Spencer there is something you need to know about the victim." Lassiter said seeing his partner fail to tell hiim.


"Her name was Madeline Spencer."

Shawn let go of Juliet and stormed out of the hospital. He raced down to the police station and marched down to the coroners office.

"Woody I need to see the body."

"Okay which one I have quite a feeeww."

"Madeline Spencer"

"Sorry Shawn Im under strict orders to not show you that one body."

"Woody what will it take for you to show me the body?"

"Bring me cheese everyday for a month"


"All right here she is. stabbed many times pretty much everywhere. My opinion the second one killed her but this is weird after the stabbed her they seemed to have skinned parts of her body."

Shawn fainted. A few minutes later Juliet and Lassiter walked in.

"Woody you werent supposed to show him the body". Lassiter growled. While Juliet tried to wake up Shawn.

Woody put the body away so he doesnt faint again". Juliet yelled.

Shawn woke up an hour later In his house.

"Jules?" he called wondering if he was alone.

"Shawn your awake." Juliet came wandering in.

"Jules did he actually kill my mom." He asked voice quivering.

"Yes". She answered softly letting a tear fall from her eye.

They hugged eachother and cried for a little over an hour until they both fell asleep. At 11:30 they were awoken from their sleep by a knock on the door. They answered it to see Lassiter.

"I was afraid you guys would miss the phone call so I came by to tell Spencer not to mess it up."

"Dont worry Lassifrass I got this but you and Jules cant listen."

"We wont", they promised.

"Okay". He said walking into the bathroom.

"Shawn did you get my message about how important it is that no one else listens." Patrick said on the other line.

"Of course I did you sick bastard. But you did make a few mistakes in your plan to kill Gus and my mom." Shawn said.

"Oh yes is Burton dead yet."

"No the doctor said he would be fine."

"Hmm those idiots I told them to take the kill shot.'

'Yeah well I guess it backfired. Now im closer to getting you."

"Well your mom is dead isnt she. No bringing her back." Patrick said angrily.

"No there isnt but when we track the truck to its owner which Im sure you stole it maybe he can give us some information."

"Really I doubt he can give you much." He said proudly.

"Even so I also know you have an inside man working on the police force. It wont take long to catch him now will it."

"You wont know which one he is." He said unsure.

"I already do. Goodbye." Shawn said calmly.


Shawn, Juliet, and Lassie ran to the hospital to see a man in a police uniform sneaking around in Gus' room.

"SBPD freeze". Lassiter yelled standing in front of the man.

"Put the weapon down". Juliet said.

Shawn just stood there since he didnt have a weapon and a killer isnt going to listen to what he says. The man put the gun down.


In the interrogation rooom.

"Officer Dobson what the hell? Your an officer of the force. You helped a man bomb me." Lassiter said shocked.

"I want to talk to Shawn. He needs to know the truth. I didnt want to hurt him."

"Why does everyone want to talk to Spencer."

"Hes the only one here who actually knows my first name."

"Fine Spencer get in here."

Shawn walked in and Lassie walked out.

"Shawn Im sorry." He said.

Shawn was surprised then angry."What do you mean your sorry? You killed my mom. You almost killed my best friend. and you bombed Lassie".

"Hey im the only reason Gus is alive. Patrick wanted to kill him.".


"Alright let me tell you the story then I will answer any questions you have. I was at Patrick's prison cell when he talked to me. He said that he knew I was under appreciated at the station and that he could change that. At first I refused then I saw the bastard Lassiter so I then said I would help. I was at first fine with blowing up his car but when he said we should kill Gus I couldnt say yes. So I rigged the truck to try and make the impact less for him but it didnt work so well and Gus still got badly hurt. When they went to kill your mother I said NO I didnt want to hurt you. But I coukdnt stop them."

"How many people are in the group?" Shawn asked

" Five now since I'm not in it anymore."

"No your not your going to jail for life."


Shawn left and went to the hospital to be with Gus since the doctor said he would wake up soon.

"Gus buddy how ya doing." He asked rushing in

"Shawn I was hit with a truck how do you think?"

"Well your already complaining thats a good sign."

"Shawn when am I allowed out of this god awful place"?

"I dont know. I will ask the doctor."

"Gus guess what you can leave tomorrow."

"Goood now where are my drugs."


that night Shawn made the phone call.

"Shawn you caught a member of my grroup. Im surprised. You found him I was sure you trusted him."

"Cut the crap. Event number 3 when is it. Who is it???"

"Tomorrow Shawn. Tomorrow." the line went dead.


The next day Shawn was on edge. He wanted to be around everyone at all times watching them all. He watched Gus like a hawk. When he wasnt watching Gus he was watching Juliet and Lassiter, When they got sick of him he would be watch ing Henry. He was at the hospital with Gus.

"Shawn he probably just wants to scare you with this Event 3 business." Gus said looking at Shawn squirming.

"Gus he almost killed you and Lassie. Hes gonna try more I know it."

Just then the doctor came in with the release forms for Gus. Shawn and Gus walked out and Gus was using the crutches the doctor gave him.

"Man I need to get the Cranberry since the Blueberry is in the shop." Gus complained.

"Wait how are we gonna get you home".

"Man I forgot you dont have a car."

"Dont worry I'll call Jules she can give us a ride."

twenty minutes later Juliet and Lassiter pulled up in Lassiter's car.

"Lassie face". Shawn exclaimed.

"Spencer we dont have time for this theres been a body found by an old warehouse."

Shawn and Gus jumped in the car.


Shawn looked around something was wrong if this was Event number 3 then why didnt he know the person they found dead. Something was missing.

"Gus this doesnt seem right".

"I know this place gives me the creeps."

"No i mean this doesnt match Patricks MO.

"Maybe this wasnt Patrick." Gus suggested.

"May......". Shawn stopped mid sentenced noticing the gun up in the trees that was pointed directly at Juliet. Before much thinking could be done he jumped in front of her. The bullet went right into his arm. he screamed in pain but didnt pass out.

"Shawn what was that". Juliet asked shocked at what had just happened.

"Jules he was gonna shoot you in the heart," Shawn answered through the pain.

"Okay Shawn Carlton has already called an ambulance."

"Okay good cuz I would rather not stand here and have my arm gushing blood forever."

Eventually he blacked out from losing to much blood because he didnt know what happened next.


He awoke in a hospital bed with Juliet and Gus in the room with him.

"Hey Shawn." Gus said

"Buddy did I solve the case yet?" Shawn asked excitedly

"NO you idiot you got shot." Gus answered.

"But you did save my life". Juliet cut in.

"Alright then how much time did I lose."

"You were out for about 4 hours." Gus answered.

"Great lets get out of here before I suffocate". Shawn said making a face.


They went back to Shawn and Juliets house.

For the rest of the day Shawn and Gus watched the Mentalist and ate candy forgetting somewhat about the case they had for a day to recover. Juliet and Lassiter did not do that the were working their asses off trying to come up with a lead but all dead ends. They were shocked when Shawn told them to track the gun with the bullet. How did they not think if that.

By nine o'clock Gus went to Henry's house where he was staying a while or atleast until Patrick was put in Jail.
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