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This is just an introduction to the case
"Shawn why are we at the police station? Chief didnt call us in on any cases." Gus complained as his best friend dragged him in the front door.

"But Gus the chief called the FBI in on a case which means its a BIG case."

"Okay but she didnt call us."

"No I say we go bug Lassie then look at the files on his desk and I have a psychic vision. Now lets go."

They waalked into the station and started to go for Lassie's desk to be stopped by Juliet.

"Shawn dont annoy him today we have a big case." She said walking back to her own desk.

"Jules I'm not gonna annoy him. Lassie loves me." Shawn said with a smile on his face continuing to walk to the head detectives desk."Lassie what's up".

"Spencer get out of here we have a lot of work to do and we can't have you and Guster jumping around here like five year olds." Lassiter answered.

"Excuse me but I think we act like very mature eight year olds." Shawn defended.

"Spencer what do you WANT."

"I don't know but I must have been drawn here by the spirits." Shawn said raising his voice.

"Of course you have." Lassiter said sarcastically.

Shawn looked over Lassiters desk a few times and acted like a nut.

"I'm sensing victims a lot of them". He yelled across the station.

"SPENCER." Lassie tried to get him to shut up.

"But not all of them are in Santa Barbara. NO they are all over California.Strangled to death." Shawn said pretending to choke.

He was about to say more but Lassiter dragged him into another room.

"Spencer how do you know about this case?" He asked angrily.

"Lassie I'm psychic that's how." The fake psychic answered with a finger to his head.

"That case is top secret and you just told the entire department."

"Oh that's why the FBI is here." Shawn said trying to sound surprised.

"Of course thats why the FBI is here. I should have known you wouldnt leave it alone now I have to tell the chief."


Lassie walked into the chief's office.

"Um Chief."

"Yes Detective". The chief answered.

"Spencer just told pretty much the whole department about the case we are trying to keep on the DL."


"I told him not to tell anyone else but he pretty much knows everything".

"Bring him in here."

Lassiter ran out the door hoping the psychic was going to get into really big trouble.

"Hey Spencer". He yelled to Shawn who was sitting at Juliet's desk now.

"What Lassie face."

"Chief wants to see you. Hopefully sh can shoot you."

"Can Gus come?"

"I don't want to come." Gus cut in.



Shawn walked in.


"Mr.Spencer I hope you know that you could have quite possibly ruined the secrecy of the case."

"I know Chief but..."

"I'm not done. Since we can use all the help we can get I'm bringing you in as well".

"Really chief thats great."

"But you have to stay out of the way of the FBI." She warned.

"Ooooh when do I get to meet them."

"Mr.Spencer you are to act like an adult around them."

"Alright chief".

They walked out and went to another room where th FBI was ssetting up. Gus, Lassie, and Juliet followed behind.

"Chief have you lost your mind." Lassiter asked.

She opened the door.

"Hello I'd like to introduce you to our Psychic Detective. We've just put him on the case as a consultant."

"Yes. I am Shawn Spencer and this is my partner Goober Schnoober Loober." Shawn said.

A serious looking man looked at them.

"I am Aaron Hotchner. These are Agents Jareau, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi,and Dr. Reid. We have out technical annalist Penelope Garcia back in Quantico."

"Helloooo". Gus said holding out a hand to Prentiss.

"A Psychic Detective?" Morgan asked sounding doubtful

"Yes I am. I am very good at sensing things about people." Shawn answered and Lassie snorted.

Aaron Hotchner pulled the chief aside to talk to her.

"Karen this is a serious case we can't have anyone messing with it."

"I understand but he is a great Consultant and I didn't tell him either he psychicly found it out." The chief defended.

He just turned and walked away.

Gus looked at Shawn.

"Man these FBI agents seem legit. What if they find out your secret."

"Man I told you no one can find out unless I tell them. Besides these FBI agents are easy to figure out."



Shawn and Gus found out the details of the case that they were working on: 26 victims. Each shot once in the head. 3 victims in Beverly hills, 7 in Adelanto, 4 in Ceres, 9 in Farmersville, and 2 in San Francisco. So far there was one in Santa Barbara which means that he wasn't done yet.

"Alright man now we are against the FBI now so this case is a big deal."

"Shawn you can not turn this into a game there are 26 victims and there is no telling how long this guy will stay in Santa Barbara." Gus replied.

"Come on man let's get started." Shawn said.

Shawn and Gus were going to where the victim Jake Dorwin was murdered.

"Gus look at this did the cops find the bullet." Shawn asked.

"No Shawn did you even read the report? They didn't find the bullet at any of the crime scenes."

"Well why not."

"I don't know maybe he takes them." Gus said confused.

"Gus why would he take the bullets." Shawn said looking around.

"Shawn what are you doing the cops looked for the bullet your not gonna find the bullet that the cops couldn't find."

"No the cops looked for the bullet but only around here." Shawn stated.

"So he did take the bullet?"

"No Gus he hid the bullet. underground. Buried it. He wasn't going to carry a bloody bullet around. So he buried very well to."

"How do you know this?"

"Well Gus There is a bullet right here."

"Let's go see the FBI so I can have a psychic vision." Shawn said as he reburied the bullet.


At the station. Shawn and Gus walked in and walked into the chief office.

"Chief I'm sensing something round,Shiny, Ripping through murderous."

"What is this???" Agent Jareau asked.

"Oh it hurts its going through his head." Shawn said waiting for someone to guess.

"For godsakes a bullet?" Lassiter said

"Yes its its dark the bullet its dark and cold."

"Mr.Spencer can you please tell us what you know about the bullet without making this big scene." Agent Morgan asked.

"I'm Sorry but thats not how my visions work."

"It's still there under the ground." He finished.

He looked around the room at the FBI agents most of them looked annoyed except for Dr.Reid. He decided he would prove to them he was psychic.


They drove to the scene and found the bullet

"Good work Mr. Spencer". The Chief said.

"How did you find it?" Agent Morgan asked.

"I told you that I'm psychic". Shawn answered looking at Morgan to see if he could prove it.

"I don't believe in psychics." Morgan answered.

"Whoa I'm getting a vision about you."

"This is a waste of time." Morgan was getting annoyed.

"You have a lot of property in different states. You also have a strange relationship with you technical annalist."

Morgan looked at him weirdly. Then just walked away.


"Gus i'm telling you I got that Morgan guy to believe i'm psychic." Shawn said.

"Alright so there are still 6 others."

"No Dr.Reid already believes." Shawn tried.

"Shawn we still have to solve this case."
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