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Just a little thing about Gus and, more specifically, his friendship with Shawn.

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Published: March 05, 2014 Updated: March 05, 2014
Story Notes:
This has been sitting around in my Google Drive for a couple of years, I wrote it (I think) a while before even starting YWHOAOU and all that jazz. It was the result of wondering why Gus' character even existed on Psych and what he actually brought to the relationship and their business. At the time, it was written as I thought about it with very little editing. I've done a small amount today to correct some errors and tenses (etc) but it is largely untouched from when I originally wrote it. I should note that some things I don't completely agree with anymore (for example, the implication that they are not close friends with anyone else, which isn't necessarily true anymore and requires distinction but for the sake of time I'm not going into it in the story. And Shawn's ability to remember everything, that should be clarified as well, but whatever).

Ultimately, I decided to post this because after rereading it the other day, I just felt like putting it out there rather than having it shoved in some metaphorical drawer never to see the light of day. So, here it is, in all of it's imperfect glory. Maybe later I'll spruce it up with a title banner.


(As for a disclaimer, scroll down to the verrrrry bottom of the page. Ktnxbai)

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No inspiration music for this, but I was listening to "Song for Viola" by Peter Bradley Adams while editing and posting.