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Story Notes:

Usual disclaimers:  I don't own Psych nor do I own the characters within.  I do, however, own the CIA series and am proud of that fact. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Yeah, I think I've been writing too much lately.  This first chapter is to just inform you of what has happened up to this point.  You'll notice some things (I may be a little out of the time frame, but I needed to change a couple of things to make this work)  Enjoy!

One Year Later….

Shawn walked into Lassie’s office, Gus following along behind him.  A lot had changed since last year; since Shawn had found out that his CIA partner and contact turned out to be an arms dealer and all around bad guy. 

Chief Vick went to San Francisco to be chief there.  Lassiter was named the new chief of the SBPD; his dream job.  Juliet followed Karen, becoming her head detective in the homicide division.  Shawn still wasn’t used to the emptiness of the house they had shared. 

The new head detective hadn’t arrived just yet.  She would be arriving next week.  By the look on Lassie’s face, Shawn knew he wasn’t that happy about it.  He had wanted to keep the team together, too.  But the mayor wouldn’t allow it.

Shawn’s dad had sold the house to Lassie and Marlowe and their new baby, Lily; who was born in a food truck just last week.  He didn’t want to admit it, but Shawn felt like his entire life was falling apart.

He looked over at his best friend.  At least Gus was still here.  He had no intention of moving away or getting married.  He’d even quit his other job.  Although, lately Shawn had noticed his friend had packed on a few pounds.  Those eating sprees were getting to him.

Yes, a lot had changed, even him.  Ever since Juliet moved, he’d been thinking, more and more, about possibly closing up Psych and moving up to San Francisco with Juliet.  He’d also been looking at his grandma’s ring much more than usual as of late.  He hadn’t told anyone, not even Gus, that he felt it was time.  He was ready to propose. 

Of course, he had other issues at the moment, which was why they were standing in front of Lassie’s desk, waiting for whatever they’d been called in for.

“Spencer, Guster, glad you could finally make it.  I called you about an hour ago,” Lassiter said with his exasperated tone; the one he only reserved for the two private detectives.

“Well, we hadn’t eaten yet, so when you called, Lassie, we stopped for some jerk chicken and pineapple smoothies from Jamba Juice,” Shawn said, looking over at Gus for collaboration.

Gus nodded, “Yeah, we can’t solve crimes on an empty stomach.”

Lassiter sighed, “Well, I should’ve been more specific on who I wanted.  Guster, I know you tag along with Spencer like a lost puppy, but this is really only for him.”

Shawn and Gus looked at each other then back to Lassiter.  The look in the new chief’s eyes said it all.

“No,” Shawn stated.

“What?” asked Gus.

“If it’s what I think it is, there is no damn way I’m taking it,” Shawn said firmly, his face serious.

Lassiter raised an eyebrow upon seeing the rarely appearing Serious Shawn Spencer, but continued, “It’s from the CIA.”

An standard sized envelope was being held out by Lassiter, words scrawled across the front in very familiar handwriting.  Shawn hesitated, looking at Lassiter with serious eyes.

“Tell them I left the city and you won’t ever hear from me again.  I don’t need this anymore.  I quit.  I signed the papers and everything.  I made sure of it this time.  I even have the papers to prove I no longer am an agent,” Shawn stated. 

Gus gave his best friend a nod, but curiosity got the best of him.  Without waiting for a move from either Shawn or Lassie, he grabbed the envelope and tore it open.  The words across the front had read “For Spence’s eyes only”.

Shawn gaped at his friend’s audacity, “Dude!  What part of “My eyes only” didn’t you understand?”

“What do you care?  You’re no longer an agent, remember?” Gus asked.  He looked down to read the note, but Shawn snatched it out of his hands.

“Hey, you don’t care, remember?” Gus said, snatching it back.

“I care about you, Gus!  There’s no need to read the note, now give!” Shawn demanded, grabbing the note.

“No!” Gus said, pulling on the other end.

The two bickered back and forth, pulling at the note.  Lassiter watched the two fight for a few seconds, then decided the note had enough.  It was starting to tear.

“KNOCK IT OFF!” He shouted. 

Shawn and Gus jumped at Lassie’s bass voice, dropping the letter simultaneously.  It floated slowly to the floor, landing softly between the two detectives.

“Spencer,” Lassie started, his voice returning to normal, “Pick up the letter.  It was dropped off over an hour ago by an agent.  They said it was a matter of national security.”

“Lassie, they always say that.  Everything in the CIA is a matter of national security,” Shawn said, picking up the paper. 

Looking down, Shawn reluctantly began to read the letter.  After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence between him, Gus and Lassie, Shawn looked up and shook his head.

“I don’t believe this,” he said, more to himself than his audience.

“What?” Gus asked.

Shawn sat down in one of the chairs across from Lassiter, sighing and running his hand over his face.  This wasn’t happening.  Of all the things that were already falling apart, this was something he never expected, but was sure it wasn’t good. 

“Spencer, what does it say?” Lassie asked, snapping Shawn out of his nightmarish daydream.

“I’m being called back to Washington, D.C.,” Shawn replied quietly.

“Why?” Gus responded.

Shawn looked up at his best friend and shook his head, “I can’t tell  you that, Gus.  Top secret.  I’m surprised they even left the note with you, Lassie.”

“We didn’t,” came a voice from behind.  Gus and Shawn turned to find Agent Clara Sanders standing there, her brown hair now cropped short and her eyes shining behind her glasses.

“Clara, you’re behind this?” Shawn asked, holding up the note for a split second.  He dropped it before Gus could read it.

“Afraid so, Spence.  Well, actually, the head of the CIA is,” she answered.

“The President?” Gus asked in astonishment.

Clara nodded, “The one and only.”

Shawn sat back down in the chair, shaking his head.  This was just too much for him.  The letter; the official letter, indicated that he was to be reinstated effective immediately.  The word that hit him: Mandatory.  He couldn’t say no; no matter what the cost.

Clara looked at him with a sadness, “I know this is a lot to take in, Spence, but you know the rules.  Plus, you know you have to do this alone.  No help from anyone.  Not us and not them,” she said, pointing to Lassie and Gus.

“Why are we out of the loop?  We were given clearance last year by Spencer himself,” Lassie said.

“That was temporary and essential to the case at hand.  Your clearance level has been dissolved.  Sorry, Lassiter,” Clara stated.

“Chief Lassiter to you, Agent Sanders,” he said, giving her his best dirty look.

“Right.  I’m sorry, but you can’t be part of this at this time.  Spence, come with me.  We need to leave for D.C. immediately,” Clara said, motioning toward the door.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, Clara,” Shawn replied, not moving out of his seat.

“Don’t make me pull rank on you, Agent Spencer,” she warned.

“Please.  I was in longer than you were.  I have more seniority, remember?”

Sighing, Clara shook her head, “Fine, but you’ve got five minutes tops.  After that, I’m dragging you out of here kicking and screaming if I have to.  Clear?”

“As crystal,” Shawn said, smiling.

Clara rolled her eyes and walked out the door, closing it behind her.  Shawn turned toward Lassie and handed him the letter.

“This is totally against protocol, but you need to read this, let Gus read it, then burn it,” he said.

“What’s going on, Shawn?” Gus asked.

“Not sure yet, Buddy.  If I’m being reinstated and it’s mandatory, then there’s serious trouble.  If you two are not supposed to know, then it’s even bigger trouble.  I can’t warn Jules or even Chief Vick.  You’ll have to do that, Lassiter,” Shawn said.

He looked up and nodded, “By the looks of this letter, I’ll do it now.”

“No, not until I’m gone.  If you call now they’ll intercept the call and you won’t get through.  Nothing will happen right now.  Wait until tomorrow,” Shawn said, holding down the receiver that Lassie was about to pick up.

Clara came back in at that moment, a scowl on her flawless face, “Shawn, you did realize that we bugged the office, right?  We just heard everything out in the car.  Lassiter and Mr. Guster, I have no choice but to place you two under arrest until such time as Agent Spencer is escorted from the premises and has left the State of California.”

“Wait!  They don’t need to be arrested.  They won’t do anything.  I can promise you that these two will uphold the laws and stay quiet.  Right, guys?” Shawn asked, covertly winking in Gus’ direction.

Gus picked up on it instantly, “Yes!  Of course.  No need to put us under arrest.  We don’t even know what’s going on.  Honestly!  Right, Chief?”

Lassiter gave Gus a funny look, but then realized what the two were up to.  Play the CIA for fools now, then get to the bottom of this unorthodox reinstatement after Shawn was gone.   He stood up.

“By the power vested in my by the City of Santa Barbara and the SBPD, I solemnly swear we will not take action unless deemed necessary,” he worded carefully.

“That will not happen, Chief.  It won’t be necessary to involve civilians in a National matter.  Come on, Shawn.  Let’s go.”

Clara grabbed Shawn by the arm and began to drag him out.  Gus and Lassie heard him ask if they could stop for a Jamba Juice on the way to the airport.

Gus turned to Lassie, gave a nod and walked out the door without a word.  Lassiter looked down at the letter, re-read it, then stuffed it in his desk.  He could already tell this was going to be a long week, at least.

Chapter End Notes:

Hmm...what will happen?  Find out when the next chapter is uploaded!  Until then, later!

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