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The unexplained may be in the past, but hey, it still happened. These are some shorts about aspects of the show that never really got elaborated on. The point of view changes by chapter.

Current: The O'Hara legacy gets a little shaky.

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Published: April 15, 2014 Updated: May 21, 2014
Story Notes:

So psych is over, and that means no more episode tags for me. To make up for it, this series is hopefully something I'm planning to continue for a long time, amidst all the other fics I'm (hopefully) going to be posting.

These won't just be pre-season, but they will be entirely off-screen things that were referenced or just needed some more elaboration. And you all should know by now how much I love elaboration.

I don't own psych, really. It's all USA's.

1. Karen I by Pianissimo [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1095 words)

2. Hank by Pianissimo [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1198 words)
this round: hank. references to high noon-ish are scattered throughout.

3. Gus I by Pianissimo [Reviews - 0] (1226 words)
fair warning: i switch to past tense in this. a few of these are written like that and i don't know why i did that, but hopefully it won't be too jarring of a change. it just depends on how i feel when i'm writing these (because frankly i'm getting a little rusty with past tense and this was a good exercise). 

4. Juliet I by Pianissimo [Reviews - 0] (1746 words)