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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well it's almost Christmas, (only a few months to go!) so here is the first chapter of my early Christmas fic. (Or a very belated one from last year.) I don't remember the exact age of Juliet's nephews, who are introduced in season two, but I assume they are probably in they're teens/preteens by late season five. So yeah. Merry early Christmas.
Juliet was beyond excited as she went to pick up her nephews from the airport. It had been over a year since she had last seen Isaac, Finn and Drake, and she always enjoyed spending time with the boys. Plus, this would be her first Christmas with Shawn as a couple, and she knew he would be better with kids than Lassiter was. Gawd, that had been a disaster. Shawn would be spending the week at Juliet's place, only partly because he had just been evicted from his apartment (again). Unfortunately he wouldn't be home tonight until after six. Something about having to work a private case with a guy who may or may not think he's a vampire. Juliet didn't even want to know. She just hoped Shawn was being careful; a tragic death would put quite a damper in the Christmas cheer.

Auntie Julie and the boys had a lot of catching up to do as they drove home from the airport. Isaac, Finn and Drake talked over each other about life in Miami, and Juliet took the opportunity to tell the boys more about Shawn. (Not that she hadn't already told her family a lot about him over the years.) The boys were entering their teenage years, and Juliet hoped they had a better time than she had. All the drama and hormones had been a nightmare. Getting kicked out of cheerleader camp hadn't helped. (Though cheerleader camp probably wasn't a factor with her nephews.)

As Juliet opened the door to her apartment, she gasped at the sight inside. The whole place was head to toe in Christmas decorations, and Juliet was pretty they were not there when she left. There was a fake Christmas tree in one corner, a blow up Santa in another, and everything was covered in tinsel and fake snow. Juliet also noticed an unusually large number of mistletoe leaves hung from the ceiling. She was pretty sure she knew who was behind this amazing display.

"Did you do this?" Isaac asked

Juliet shook her head, awestruck.

"Look there's a note!" Finn pointed to a piece of paper hanging from a string in the doorway. "What does it say?"

"Dear Jules," Juliet read aloud, "Gus wouldn't let me decorate the Psych office this year, (something about it distracting the working space) and it seemed so sad that all of these decorations had no use. I tried to put them on Lassies desk, but apparently he's not really in a holiday mood. So tada! I wish I could have seen your face when you walked through the door, I'm sure it was hot." Hmm, maybe Auntie Julie should have skipped reading that part to her nephews. "I'll rent 'Home Alone' on the way here, because what better way to bring on the Christmas cheer than a John Hughes Christmas movie? Big fat kisses, Shawn." Awwww, Juliet's heart warmed. Shawn had really gone all out for her.

"Big fat kisses?" Drake asked

"Don't judge." Juliet muttered, but was smiling. This was going to be a great Christmas.
Chapter End Notes:
Reviews would be a lovely early Christmas present. You could review saying that you hate my story, It's better than nothing. Bye for now. :)

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