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Author's Chapter Notes:
A/N: Hehe so this is nothing really. I had to do this assignment in Comp I where you use certain words to make a short story or something. This is basically just a drabble. It doesn't really make that much sense.

One day I was walking around near the beach and decided to take a seat on a bench near the shore, as my legs had grown tired. Not a minute had passed when I saw a man walking my way from out of the corner of my eye.

"Well hello there good looking." he said, charisma dripping from his voice.

"Uhm… hi… may I help you?" I asked.

"Perhaps." he extended his hand. "Shawn Spencer, head psychic detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department."

"Well that's avant-garde…" I exclaimed.

"Yup, I'm completely bonny field." he said.

"You mean bone fide?" I ask, confused.

"Uh yeah, sure. I've heard it both ways."

"Sure you have."

"Anyway. Have you seen anything unusual around here recently?" Shawn asks questioningly.

"I wouldn't know. I've just been taking a capricious walk today. I wouldn't really be able to tell you whether there are any anomalies around here. Plus even if there was anything unusual I'm not exactly a fastidious person, I don't notice things easily." I explain.

"That's a shame. Well, back to solving crime!" he said, jumping up, and looking into the distanced and yelling, "Gus, wait up for me! I want a pineapple smoothie too!" before jogging away.

Well he's definitely not your epitome of a person, I thought. That conversation was pretty useless. At least he didn't try to show any bravado. I feel like he would be the type of person to do so.

Chapter End Notes:
A/N: See? Makes no sense. Oh well, it's something to read. And to see my bad sense of implementing new vocab words into things.

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