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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is Juliet's Diary entry after first meeting Shawn in The Spellingg Bee. Psych not mine.
Dear Diary,

Today was the first time I pulled my gun. My new partner, Carlton Lassiter, had me stationed at a diner to wait for the perp to come in. I was so nervous I didn't notice that someone had already ordered a drink where I sat down. Then a man came in and told me I'd stolen his seat. I asked if he wanted me to move, but he sat down and started talking to me. Normally I would have been happy to have a friendly conversation, he seemed like a nice guy, (maybe a little quirky and overconfident) but I had already messed up enough as a detective by not noticing the drink on the table. I couldn't have anyone distracting me when the perp walked in. I told him I couldn't talk, so he started a "one-way conversation". I had to admit, It was a little bit funny, even though his imitation of me sounded like I was in 8th grade. (Something I pointed out to him.) Then he did the most amazing thing. He imitated me saying things about my life that he couldn't possibly have known about. That I was new in town, that I had two cats, things about my family, that I was a cop, it was incredible.

After we arrested the perp, Detective Lassiter told me that that had been Shawn Spencer, a psychic who worked with the department sometimes. Psychic, that explained the whole knowing information about me thing. Carlton described him as "an asshole who made a joke out of perfectly good police work", but Shawn seemed like an okay guy to me. At least he was friendly, unlike Lassiter. I'll probably see more of him around the station. I hope so.

-Juliet O'Hara, 2006
Chapter End Notes:
I don't know if that was really interesting or not, since it was basically a recount of that scene in Psych. So review and tell me what you think.

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