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Summary: Basically what the title says: pages from Juliet's diary. Scattered, because the probably won't be in order by date, more like in order of what I feel like writing. Will probably be a mixture of Juliet's thoughts about scenes that actually happened in Psych, and scenes that I make up. Yes this will be mostly Shules. (What else?) So ya. R&R.
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Published: November 13, 2014 Updated: January 18, 2016

1. Meeting Shawn by me_ [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (295 words)
This is Juliet's Diary entry after first meeting Shawn in The Spellingg Bee. Psych not mine.

2. Finally a Couple by me_ [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (197 words)
This is Juliet's diary entry after she and Shawn finally got together. The lack of punctuation and the run-on sentence is to convey that she's really excited and is talking/writing really fast. Psych not mine.

3. Derby Diary by me_ [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf star (351 words)
This chapter was inspired by the fact that I watched the episode Talk Derby To Me yesterday. I kind of wondered what would have happened if those girls had sacked Jules. But I wanted it to be Shules, so this chapter was born. Psych not mine.

4. Wanna be a Cop by me_ [Reviews - 1] (131 words)
This is very short, my apologies. It's also not Shules, so double apologies for people like me who love Shawn and Juliet, and barely ever read anything else. I promise the next one will be Shules galore. This is sent when Jules is in high school, and Ewan has just left for the army. Psych not mine.

5. It Hurts by me_ [Reviews - 1] (146 words)
This one is set after season 4 episode 6 were Abigail comes to the police station. Psych not mine.

6. Periods Suck by me_ [Reviews - 1] (325 words)
I hope this is long enough for people. Shawn appears in this again, but it's more them having a conversation through her diary. Psych not mine.

7. Thanksgiving List by me_ [Reviews - 3] (186 words)
Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry for the shortness of this chapter. Set in season seven, after Shawn and Jules get back together. (oops spoiler) Psych not mine.

8. Not Fine by me_ [Reviews - 1] (119 words)
Okay, I know, this is soooooooooo short. I'll make it up to you, I promise. This is set after Juliet gets kidnapped by Yin. Psych not mine.

9. True Love by me_ [Reviews - 0] (242 words)
Sort of a sequel to my last chapter, but not really. Some of Juliet's thoughts after 'Yang 3 in 2D'. Psych not mine.

10. Derby Diary Part 2 by me_ [Reviews - 2] (260 words)
This is a sequel to my chapter "Derby Diary" (hence the chapter title, "Derby Diary Part 2"). It's set the morning after that chapter, where Shawn takes Juliet's diary again while she's asleep. Psych not mine.

11. Starfish Spencer by me_ [Reviews - 1] (353 words)
A pregnant Juliet is staying home due to morning sickness. Set after the finale in SF. Psych not mine.

12. Juliet Takes a Bite in the Hand by me_ [Reviews - 1] (292 words)
This one is based off a prompt I saw on the Psychfic Community Forum that just made me die of laughter. Is it okay that I stole the idea? Whatever. Psych not mine.

13. Middle School Jules by me_ [Reviews - 1] (122 words)
Middle school Jules dealing with middle school troubles. Psych not mine.

14. Periods Suck Part 2 by me_ [Reviews - 0] (394 words)
Here is the sequel to my period chapter! I know already did a Shawn watches Juliet sleep thing, but they're just so fun to write. Psych not mine.

15. Fluttering and Falling by me_ [Reviews - 0] (510 words)
Wow, it's been so long since I've written one of these, and even longer since I've done one that pertains to an actual episode. But I finally did!

Psych not mine.