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Author's Chapter Notes:
So as explained in the summery, I'm basically timing myself for five minutes to write about the prompt. Just thought I'd try that out. So yeah... read on.
77: Test

Juliet's hands shook as she held the life changing plastic stick between her fingers. She had been sick for the past few days, and it had crossed her mind, 'what if this wasn't just a normal stomach bug?' Juliet closed her eyes as she looked down. Were she and Shawn even ready for a baby? Jules knew that someday she wanted to start a family with him, but was now the right time? Juliet opened her eyes. A little negative stared back at her. No baby. She sighed with relief. No baby. Someday baby. But not today baby. For now she could just focus on being sick. Not baby sick. Just sick.
Chapter End Notes:
Should I continue these?

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