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Story Notes:
Sort of inspired by "Lassie Jerky", meaning it has a few similar elements. I'm also gonna have Ed (AKA Bigfoot) in this, so I guess a lot of similar elements. Anyways, enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Psych not mine.
"I am so excited!" Juliet practically squealed as they put the last of their camping supplies in the car.

"I don't no, Jules." Shawn said warily. "I still think humans were not meant to be in nature."

"What, so they were meant to sit on the couch, watch TV and play video games all day?"

"Glad you understand, Sweetie."

Juliet sighed. "I know it's not your thing, but just try and enjoy yourself. For me."

"Fine." Shawn agreed. "But if I get eaten by a bear, I'm blaming you."

Jules giggled slightly, and there was a moment of silence while they got in the car before she spoke again. "Look, the important thing is now that we're back together we're spending time with each other. It shouldn't matter where."

"You know what, you're right Sweetheart." Shawn said, suddenly realizing that he meant every word. "It doesn't matter if we're in the woods roughing it, playing Mario Kart, or even killing innocent fish with my dad as long as I'm with you."


They shared a quick kiss before Jules turned her eyes back to the road, smiling and silently anticipating their trip.


Once they got to the campground, all of Shawn's fears of nature were soon eliminated. He realized just how much he had missed spending time with Jules since they had broken up. Sure, they were living together again, but with her busy at work and him taking lots of private cases, they hardly even got a day to themselves. Now they had all the time in the world to be alone together as Juliet showed Shawn how to pitch a tent (something he failed at countless times), and Shawn showed her how to roast a perfectly plump hot dog.

But it all was ruined when Juliet shook Shawn awake at an hour of the morning when no sane person should have been up.

"Shawn, Shawn!"

"Mmm, too early," he muttered, worming an arm out from his sleeping bag and pulling her close. "Go back to sleep, Jules."

She quickly pushed away. "Shawn there's-"

"What's wrong, do I smell?" Shawn sniffed himself, misinterpreting his girlfriend's actions.

"No Shawn, FIRE!

"WHAT?" Shawn shouted, suddenly upright.

"There's a fire!"

They both bolted outside, staring at the wall of flames only ten meters away from their tent.

"Oh my God." Juliet breathed, obviously panicking.

"Hey Sweetie, I've got an idea." Shawn suggested.

"What's that?"


They had just started sprinting away from the campground when Juliet gasped, stopping dead in her tracks. "Phanty!"

"Phanty?" Shawn asked, but she was already running back towards the tent. Then he remembered: "Phanty" was a stuffed animal Jules had had since she was a little kid. An elephant because she liked Dumbo.

"Juliet, are you crazy?!" Shawn yelled as she dove into the tent, it's corner already being licked by the flames. The junior detective was usually a very reasonable person, but right now she seemed to have lost all of her sanity.

"Got it!" She yelled back after a few seconds, only this was soon followed by a yelp of pain. Shawn surged forward, his girlfriend bursting out of the now burning tent before he could get there. An unharmed toy elephant was in her right hand and a harmed left arm was held by her side as she ran.

"What the hell, Jules!" Shawn sprinted to catch up with her, uncharacteristically angry.

"I'm sorry!" Juliet's voice wavered slightly, making it obvious that her hurt arm was causing her a great deal of pain. "I've had Phanty since I was four years old, I couldn't just let him burn!"

"So you let yourself burn instead?"

"I didn't think the fire had reached the tent yet! Besides, I'll be fine, Shawn." She pointed to the left with her good hand, away from where the fire was. "We should go towards the stream."

Shawn knew the body of water Jules was talking about; it was only about three feet wide and knee deep, but it could be a stopping point for the flames.

Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned. There was a bit of a rock climb down to the stream, which was good; the rocks plus the water would definitely stop the fire. The problem was, the rocks plus the water also equaled slippery. One misstep of Juliet's foot sent her falling headfirst into the sharp rock in front of her, leaving Shawn to watch helplessly as his love's limp body plummeted in the water.
Chapter End Notes:
The other half of this will be up soon. In the meantime, review!

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