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Juliet is late.
He tries not to let it worry him. He really does.
But she's never late.

She promised she'd be there.
She wouldn't abandon him... Right?
Not today.
Not on this important night.

They've come so far. Put so much work and preparation into this.
It's not the time to get cold feet.
Actually there is no way to get cold feet.
It is hot and humid, the room packed to capacity.
His clothes, picked out by Gus exclusively for this special day, cling to his body.
The deodorant commercial lied.

And then she is next to him, finally.
A bit out of breath.
Cheeks flushed.
She'd been held up at the station.
And no, of course there is no way she'd miss this.
This is their night.

Gus is looking at him with pride in his eyes.
And there should be, they would never have gotten to this point if it wasn't for him.
They are his masterpiece.
Every detail is perfect.

The Master of Ceremony makes his announcement.
The audience hums with anticipation.
The music starts playing.
And once again the MC's voice booms over the speakers:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 80's Dance Off begin!"

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