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Author's Chapter Notes:
Word Count: 200 words

Sometimes you just need Shawn and Gus getting tacos.
“Uh, no. I’m never doing anything blindly with you again. I learned that at the Mexican border, twice.”


Gus had to admit that even in the midst of preparing for finals and hoping that he did well enough to get into some good colleges, his primary concern was for Shawn. Since he’d stolen the car and his own father had arrested him, it seemed as if Shawn had officially checked out.

Which was the only reason he was sneaking out of his house at 6 a.m. for what Shawn had described as a “senior skip day.”

Getting in the car, Gus promptly fell asleep. When he awoke, they were in front of a taco place that he didn’t recognize.

“Where are we?”

“Garcia Gonzalez, Mexico.”

Gus sat straight up and looked around. “Shawn, tell me we aren’t in Mexico.”

“Haven’t you ever wanted to celebrate taco Tuesday in Mexico?” Shawn’s excitement was catchy.

And Gus figured he should enjoy the day. Because if and when his parents found out about their little adventure he probably wasn’t going to be allowed to leave his house until graduation.

Besides, how often did someone get a taco from Mexico. It sounded great.
Chapter End Notes:
My first challenge! :)

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