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Story Notes:

I'm deathly afraid of bedbugs, I know that this isn't 100 words, I keep finding myself editing it. I just love the idea of Gus freaking out over them, and Shawn's attitude!


"I don't know if this is a a bedbug, bite," said Shawn as he scratched the bite on his arm conveniently leaving out the details that he had spent the last day fishing at a swamp with his father, while wearing a t-shirt. He jumped on Gus’s bed. "I snagged this great coat when I picked Jules up from the airport," he said as he put the coat over him like a blanket. "The guy said he might have seen something on the plane, and decided to leave his jacket before he met his wife with a change of clothing at the laundromat. He tossed a whole suitcase full of stuff into the trash, which I loaded into your car. I couldn't resist free stuff, and he probably collected some great goodies when staying at youth hostels in Europe."


"Shawn, that is infested," said Gus as he tried to get Shawn off the bed. "I just got a brand new bed, and new drawers. Do you know how much all that costs? If I get bedbugs, I'll have to stay home for two weeks. If I stay home for two weeks I lose my job, and on top of that I'll have to buy new furniture and a whole new wardrobe. I won't be able to go to anyone's house or the Psych office. I'll be an outcast , " said Gus as he paced back and forth.


Shawn shrugged, "You can get new stuff, just be careful about Bob's furniture, they are known to take infested things away without covering them in plastic, and put them in the same truck as furniture to be delivered."

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