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A young Shawn, troubled by his parents' divorce, finds solace in his beautiful girlfriend. He loves her. He trusts her.

But something just isn't right.

Written for Dragonnan's "Gaslighting Shawn" challenge.

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Published: October 24, 2015 Updated: October 21, 2017
Story Notes:
Ahh, my beautiful Psychfic friends, who know me so well. You know that I can't say no to an intriguing idea (even when I'm behind on literally everything: college work, bass practice, reviewing stories here on PF, fhe other stories I'm writing...), and because of that weird quality, I took up Dragonnan's request for Shawn to be, well, gas lighted...gaslit? I've heard it both ways.

I originally planned to enter this into the Halloween challenge, but A) this story is going to be longer than I planned and there's just no way it'll be done in time, and B) I cannot for the life of me find a way to include the "haunting we will go" theme into this story. It just won't fit.

But I've decided to go ahead and start posting this story now, because...well... I just felt like it. So enjoy. :-D

Disclaimer: I do not own Psych, nor do I own any of its characters, settings, trademarks, or related material. Psych and all related materials are the property of their respective owners. The plot and original characters of this story are my intellectual property. I am not associated with Psych, its creators, or any involved parties, nor am I associated with any other media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

***UPDATE: ...Well... I guess this is simultaneously how you know you've made it as a writer and how you know that you're being publicly shamed for not finishing what you start. I apologize for not finishing this sooner, but I thank all of you for your support. I still can't believe anybody bothered to read this in the first place! For those of you have been eagerly waiting for the next installment... This story will *not* be a WIP forever. It *will* be finished. You have my word.
...And thank you for the banner. I'll try not to let you down.


1. Chapter 1 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1725 words)
Since I have a lot on my plate, it might be a while before this story is finished, but I hope you enjoy the first little bit!

The title of the story, by the way, is borrowed from a U2 song. The song has absolutely nothing to do with Gaslighting or pretty much anything else in this story, but the title sure has a nice ring to it. (There's actually a much longer story behind why I chose the title, but it's boring and I know you don't want to hear it. :-D )

I'm trying to keep this story as canon as possible---which I know is weird, given my general preference for AU Psych stories---and I have it listed as both Pre-season and Season because...well...you'll see why.

2. Chapter 2 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1396 words)

Quick note about Cam's name: You didn't ask for this trivia tidbit, but I need something to put in the chapter notes, so you're getting in anyway. I named her after Camael, which is the name of an angel of destruction, apparently. I started looking up archangels while writing Angels Unawares, and I made up my own version of Camael after playing around with Lassie as Michael. Shawn's girlfriend isn't Camael, but I liked the name Cam for her, and I wanted to play around with that sense of danger. So there you go. Useless information. The more you know! :-D

3. Chapter 3 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (639 words)
So sorry for the long wait... Real life and the stresses of being an education major caught up with me! But fear not, I'll try to start updating this more regularly from now on!

4. Chapter 4 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] (1149 words)
One thousand apologies for the long wait, and one thousand thanks to my good friend GirlFromBlackMountain for all her help and support! If everything goes according to plan, I'll have this story train up and running again!

5. Chapter 5 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 0] (1116 words)

6. Chapter 6 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (784 words)
Finally kicking my butt into gear on this one...or trying to, anyway. As always, no promises except that this crazy thing will be finished at some point on the horizon!

7. Chapter 7 by PineappleHead [Reviews - 0] (597 words)
You asked, and I answered. I'm going to finish this thing, my honored fans, because you wish it. And who am I to blow against the wind?

This is probably the kind of thing that I shouldn't post, because it's basically an experimental freewrite that I used to try to get some inspiration flowing again. But as it turns out, I ended up really liking this little aberration, so here. Take this introspective 2nd-person Shawn bit as something to hold you over, because honestly I'm not sure when I'll get the next chapter ready. But this WIP will not be a WIP forever. I give you my word. Thank you for your loyalty and patience; it's more than I deserve.