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Author's Chapter Notes:
Who else has seen the new Star Wars movie?

Psych and Star Wars not mine.
"Shawn, I'm not wearing this." Juliet stared incredulously at the wig her husband had just handed to her, which sported Princess Leia's two side buns.

"C'mon Jules, Gus and I are dressing up! Without a costume you'll just look like a sore thumb in that movie theater!" He was indeed wearing a Chewbacca suit, with the head tucked under his arm.

"Even so, I don't think Leia was ever pregnant in the movies Shawn," the nine month pregnant detective argued.

"So it happens after that Jules! We all know Han Solo probably did a little bed time dance with her at some point."

"That means it's my baby, Shawn," Gus intervened. Sure enough, he too had a costume, and with the wig and black vest, looked remarkably like an African American Harrison Ford.

"Fine, it can be mine and a wookiee. Is that what you want for my child Gus? To be a wookiee?"

"What's wrong with wookiees?"

"Well, for one thing, he'd be completely terrorized at school."

While the two boys bickered, Juliet took the opportunity to get off her sore, swollen feet and collapse on the couch. She groaned, rubbing her bursting belly. Her husband immediately lost all interest in the argument, springing to Juliet's side.

"You okay, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah, just tired," she answered, cuddling into Shawn's rather furry body. He was not quite convinced, however, and continued to furrow his brow with worry, as Juliet was still moaning softly.

"Are you sure you want to come?" he asked. "We can go next week."

"Wait," Gus protested, "we've had these tickets for months Shawn, we can't just bail out now!"

"Gus, don't be a jack-o-lantern left out 'till Christmas, it will be less crowded next week anyway."

"Crowds are part of the experience, Shawn."

"Are we talking a good experience or a bad experience, because usually-"

"Guys!" Juliet interrupted. Don't worry about it. You two go while I stay here."

"No way, Sweetheart," Shawn insisted. "If you stay, I stay."

Juliet simply smiled at his sweetness, cuddling closer to her groom.

The moment did not last long, however, seeing as a few seconds later Juliet let out a short, sharp, and rather pained gasp, curling around her torso in agony.

"Jules, Sweetie!" Shawn screamed, panic washing through him as the couch turned wet where she was sitting. He gulped hard, trying to suppress the fear. "I- I think the wookiee baby is coming."

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