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Not the restart he’d imagined.  And Shawn was grateful for that, God yes.  The rough draft, so to speak, had been just as catastrophic as he’d hoped to avoid with all of his meticulously planned avoidance.  Leaving Gus with a pre-recorded farewell was more than he’d given his friend the last time he’d breezed from his buddy’s life.  Also, his bicep still ached where Juliet had slugged him after finding out about that one.  This being after they’d recovered their engagement ring in a cat and mouse through downtown San Fran.  Shawn may have known Santa Barbara like his favorite episode of CHiPs but his brand new home still held plenty of mysterious nooks and crannys.  

A sparkle reflected in the light of the television as Juliet tugged the remote from his loose grip.  He smiled - a weird kinda joyous ache in seeing the ring on her finger.  How comfortable she was - being betrothed.  To him.  How close he’d come to destroying that, too.

But she was in his life, now, for as long as forever could be for them.  And Gus… his buddy nudged in from the other side - grabbing for the bowl of popcorn tucked against his hip.  He hadn’t had to lose anyone.  A city was just a place.  But what was the point of a new beginning if it meant losing everything… everyone… he loved?

Shawn snuggled down into the couch - scooping some popcorn as he settled.

Tomorrow, he’d ring up his dad - see if he wanted to drive into town that weekend and go to a game.  Now, though… now he was happy just being happy.  He really didn’t need anything else.  

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