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Story Notes:
I do not own Psych. At all. I would say that if I did, this story's events would happen, but I honestly have to say that I would hate that. It's fun to explore, but it would ruin the show. So yeah.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey guys...hehe...

I haven't really been on here in like seven months...yep...sorry about that! I guess I just sorta lost inspiration, you know? I was here briefly for SSFE, but that was it. That's all I've written since the last bit of Almost (which I do have part of chapter two, it's just half-written!).

Anyways, this is a little story that I wrote during fanfiction class at camp last summer (you heard me right, the camp had a fanfiction class!) and never bothered to type up. It's a Last Night Gus AU, so it has a bunch of spoilers, but the dialogue doesn't exactly match since I was at camp. I did look up the quotes I felt really deserved to be correct, but not everything. Don't judge me.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

His head pounded. He opened his eyes, but immediately closed them once the light flood his face. Where was he?

What he did know was that he was laying on his side. That was normal for him; it allowed him to have limited movements in reaching for one of his hidden guns if someone ever broke in.

What wasn't normal was the fact that he seemed to be pressed against something, and he heard voices. Two people seemed to be talking quietly. Based on the fact that there were people and he didn't remember waht had happened the night before, he guessed that he wasn't at his house. That was not a good thing.

He groaned before opening his eyes once more. For some reason, he was in the Psych office. Shawn and Gus seemed to be arguing about something. Shawn had a shower cap on his head.

"Spencer!" Carlton yelled, then covered his ears. Not a great a idea with a headache. "Why the hell am I in here? And why are you wearing a shower cap?"

Then he looked behind himself and scrambled off of the couch as quickly as possible.

"Strode!" He yelled. The coroner jerked awake.

"Yeah?" Woody stood up straight. He had some white powder on his face. "I'm here. What do you need?"

Carlton's face reddened as he looked at Shawn and Gus. "I was definitely on that couch first."

"I think we have more pressing matters to worry about," Gus pointed at something behind Carlton. He followed his gaze.

"My gun!" He ran over and grabbed it out of the water. Then he shook it and realized something. "It's three light. I can tell by its weight, it's missing three bullets. It's been fired."

"Okay, am I right in saying that none of us remember what happened last night?" Gus asked. They all looked at each other and nodded.

Shawn spoke up. "So, obviously, we need to figure out what happened. Let's go."

He was listening at first, but, at some point, Shawn's voice faded and flashes came to his head.

Gripping his gun. Firing three times. A dead man.

A ringing phone borught him back to reality. It seemed that Woody was getting a call as well, so it must have been the station.

"Lassiter," Carlton answered.

"We've got a dead John Doe," the Chief responded. "This takes priority. Get down here immediately."

"We've got a dead body," He announced after hanging up. Woody nodded in confirmation.

"We'll go, once you cover up that black eye," Shawn picked his phone up as Carlton put his sunglasses on. "Looks like I took some sort of video last night..."

They all looked over Shawn's shoulder. They were at the bar with some man in a horrendous shirt. Not Henry for once.

Carlton paled. The man in the video was the same dead man he saw in his memories.

"We must have befriended him at the bar last night," Gus said. "But we need to go to the station. We'll find out who he is later."

They all walked outside, squinting in the sunlight.

"My Ford Fusion is gone!" Carlton exclaimed. Of course he didn't remember driving it there, but he would never have ridden with Shawn and Gus...at least not willingly. Anyway, he had to have gotten there somehow. The front of Gus's car was completely crushed anyway.

"Alright, if nobody else is going to freak out, then I will," Gus stared at his destroyed Echo. "Oh. My. God. Do you see my car? Do you see my car?


They all eventually got to the station. Carlton got a ride from Juliet, but everyone else had to wait for a taxi.

Carlton was currently standing next to the dead body. And he didn't know what to do. It was the same man from the video, so there was evidence of them being together the night before. And, based on the short memories he had, he was the one who killed their John Doe.

Shawn and Gus were beside him and Juliet was across from him. Woody was behind the head preparing to give the autopsy.

"Alright, Woody, what do you have for us?" asked the Chief when she walked in. "Detectives, note that we will be bringing in Mr. Spencer and Mr. Guster for psychic consultance."

"Our victim was a caucasian male, early to mid-thirties," Woody began. "Cause of death was three shots to the chest. Based on lavidity, time of death was between 12:30 and 1:45 AM."

When Woody said that the man had been shot three times, Shawn and Gus looked straight at Carlton. He calmly ignored them.

"From his defensive wounds, it seems like he was in a fight," Woody pointed to bruises on the body , some of which were on the fists. "Now, if he punched somebody, there could be DNA under the fingernails..."

Carlton simply glared.

"Or not," Woody corrected quickly. "You know, DNA is hardly conclusive..."

"What can you tell us, Woody?" the Chief sounded pretty fed up. Carlton agreed; the briefing was taking a little long than it should ahve.

"I can try running some tests, but finding out who he fought with would help," The coroner nodded at the Chief, then retreated into his back office.

"Take those sunglasses off, Carlton," said Juliet.

"You put some sunglasses on!" Carlton snapped, then immediately regretted it. Juliet was already looking at him weirdly, which was why he didn't argue when Shawn decided to come to his "rescue".

"Juliet, if I may. Lassie spoke to us all about a week ago about wearing sunglasses to all autopsies moving forward to show respect for the dead," Shawn said this loudly, and it sounded like one of his jokes, but at least it would turn Juliet and the Chief's attention away from why he was wearing sunglasses. "I simply forgot. And Gus refused because he has no value for human life."

"O'Hara, you and Lassiter need to go testify for your last case, but, when you get back, you are on this immediately," the Chief orders.

"Actually, O'Hara can testify and I can work on this," Carlton had to figure out what had happened, and he couldn't do that while in court. "Testifying is a one-person thing, really, and I can stay to work with Spencer and Guster."

"Wait, you're actually volunteering to work with Shawn and Gus?" Juliet seemed bewildered. He didn't blame her. "What is going on with you, Carlton?"

"Alright, I'll allow it," the Chief replied. "O'Hara, you need to leave soon. Lassiter, I expect good work on this. The man's shoes aren't even his right size. We need to figure out what happened."

With that, the Chief left, Juliet not far behind her. This left the four men alone with the dead body.

"Okay, let's get down to business," Shawn said as soon as the women were out of earshot. "What the hell happened last night?"

"You're the one wearing the man's shoes," Gus pointed out.

"I was hoping you wouldn't notice that," said Shawn. "But what happened?"

"I don't know, Spencer," Carlton sighed. "I can't remember a single thing. I need the facts. Do you know how hard this is?"

At that, Shawn began to shout. "What about me, fellas? I'm not having any psychic visions, flashbacks, or re-creation flashbacks, or re-creation flashbacks with new psychic visions. I mean, imagine you weren't just a bland, gangly, average human, huh? That you could wink at someone and--and light up their world, that you could make a child think that you have given them an ice cream cone without giving them the cone and then watch them skip off into a beautiful meadow, licking nothing but air! Imagine that! Imagine that you have a special gift, a sixth sense, and then someone or something comes along and rips it away from you! Imagine that, Jack! Do you see me giving up?"

Carlton could only stand there speechless as Shawn paced back and forth, trying to calm himself.

"Alright," Carlton nodded. "What do you suggest we do?"

"We need to figure out why we can't remember anything first," said Shawn. "Any ideas?"

"We need to pee in a cup," said Woody.

"Yes, we must have been drugged," Carlton realized. "That's the only explanation."

"Yeah, that's a good reason for it," Woody was already going to get supplies. "Should have thought of that myself.

They all ignored him.


"Alright, Gus, you have very high levels of cholesterol," Woody was looking at the test results. "We all of traces of salvia divinorum in our systems."

"So we were drugged," Carlton confirmed. Just then, more memories came to him.

A man, pointing to the victim and saying he was evil.

Feeling driven to catch a criminal on a night off.

He shook his head. He couldn't have murdered the man. He just couldn't have. Weapons had been stored near the back of the bar during the party. He would have to go get it if he really needed it. Though that would have explained why it had ended up near him in the Psych office.

"Yes, that is correct," Woody nodded. "We just need to figure out where."

Footsteps were coming down the stairs.

"Quick, act natural!" Shawn whisper-yelled.

They all struck pretty obvious poses, but, thankfully, the officers passing by didn't notice. Or they just didn't care. It was Spencer, after all. Either way, Carlton was grateful.

"Okay, we should start with the last thing we all remember," Shawn suggested. "The bar."


As they walked into the bar, Carlton saw that it was spotless. So the beginning of something was cleaned up easily but the effects lasted. That was just great; a lack of physical evidence.

He approached the man behind the counter.

"Excuse me, are you the owner of the bar?" Carlton asked.

"Yes, that's me," The man replied. "My business partner's in the back."

"Long blond hair?" When the man nodded, Shawn continued. "I got it. He was trying to give those drinks to some girls, but they were given to us instead. Then we must have left together and gone to the Psych office."

"But that doesn't explain the missing bullets, or the dead guy," Gus brought up. "Something else had to have happened."

"Yeah, and that guy didn't leave with you," The man pointed at Carlton. "He left alone."

They all looked at him, and, for the first time in a while, Carlton had no idea what to do. For he was the only person who could tell them where he went next. But he couldn't say anything about the flashbacks. Those would just implicate him in the murder more.

"Woody!" Shawn called out. "You don't have a cocaine problem!"

Woody raised his arms in victory.

"We went to Bobo's Donuts," Shawn continued. "Let's go check it out."

"You guys go ahead," Carlton kept searching the room. "I'm going to see if I can figure out where I went."

They all agreed to meet at the Psych office in one hour, but Carlton knew he wasn't going as soon as he sawwhat was outside, where the murder took place.

A window, hidden by some leaves.

And what was inside was exactly what they needed.

A security camera.


Carlton had decided to walk back seeing as it was only a few blocks away. The fact that is was so close was why it was chosen in the first place.

As he was walking, he stumbled and twisted his ankle. He kept the groan in and sat on a bench that he had just passed seconds ago. Then a huge flash of memories came to him and he close his eyes.

Drinking in the bar. Being told that a man was a criminal. Leaving to get his gun Following the victim outside. Shooting him. Being picked up by Shawn, Gus, and Woody. Crashing at the Pysch office.

He opened his eyes, breathing heavily. He had really killed that man...he had been drugged, yes, but he had murdered somebody with no real reason. It wasn't like they killed everybody that one person claimed was a criminal.

But he couldn't run from this. He had to turn himself in.

So, when he got to the station, he went straight into the Chief's office.

"I confess to the murder of the John Doe," He said solemnly.

"Is this some sort of joke, Lassiter?" the Chief sounded disbelieving. "Because you know these cases are serious. Get back to work."

"No, I confess," Carlton replied. "Here's the evidence."

He handed her the security tape. She played it on the TV on the cart in her office.

It clearly showed Carlton shooting their John Doe three times.

"O'Hara!" the Chief called.

Juliet appeared in the door immediately since she was just heading back to her desk after coming back from court. "Yes, Chief?"

"Lassiter just confessed to the murder," the Chief said. Before Juliet could protest, the Chief played the tape.

"Carlton Lassiter, you are under arrest for the murder of the John Doe," Juliet began to handcuff him, but he could feel her hands and hear her voice shaking. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you..."

She led him out through the station. They were on the way to the holding cells.

Everyone was silent, staring at their long-time Head Detective. Shawn, Gus, and Woody had just walked through the door.

Yet Carlton didn't regret his decision to turn himself in. A life on the run would not have been fun. He couldn't just take off, he was a cop. It wasn't in him. He couldn't act innocent either. That would depend on how long it took for them to figure it out. Sticking around and acting like he didn't know anything was out of the question. He couldn't just lie to his partner like that.

So the decision to turn himself in was what he felt best about. And he never though of the consequences again because he knew he deserved them.

The real problem was that he had murdered someone. Because nobody should be able to kill another unless they are forced to as self-defense or in order to protect the general public.

But that wasn't the case here.

Everyone might think of him as a different person for killed someone, but the situation in which the murder was committed is what changed him.

He had a light gun and a heavy heart.

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