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Story Notes:
This is my first attempt at fanfiction so bare with me. Reviews would be loved and appreciated.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first attempt at a fanfiction so try and bare with me. Reviews would be loved and appreciated.
For the first chapter in true Psych nature I'm starting with a flashback it originates about six years after Shawn left home after High School.

The two men sat on the perch and watched over their target.

The gang who simply put, called themselves "The Unseen" was a deadly, radical group who main objectivity was to transfer drugs to buyers. Simple enough, but their organization was huge. Many people got in their way, many people attempted to steal from them, any cops who seemed to be getting close where killed. Nobody who crossed these people lived to tell about it, if they were even on the organizations radar they were tortured beyond recognition and dumped. There wasn't a member of The Unseen who isn't a complete psychopath. The FBI had one team assigned to the case. A group of star agents who had been taking it down piece by piece for several months now. They managed to discover the identity of the leader, he just goes by the name of "Rak" even with all the resources of the FBI they still haven't found out the real name of this man, he was just "Rak" to the team and that's all they needed. Killing him would be the last piece to bring the whole damn organization down.

"I'm still not sure about this Q, maybe we rushed it. It's just a feeling in my gut, there's no way this guy is the only one left. Maybe we should just grab him and haul his ass into our station and see what he has to say." Said the first man in a harsh whisper.

"Dude, You know I love you, but for once in your life stop being so damn paranoid. This is the guy and you know it's the guy." Quinn stated in a voice a little louder and a little more nonchalantly then his friend.
"Just give me five minutes alone with the bastard and-"

"No" Quinn snapped,

he wasn't trying to yell at his partner or to cut off his claims, especially when his partner had this nasty habit of  always ending up being right in the end. It was just that he didn't want him to be right this time. He was tired, they all were. Not a single member of their team could handle this case anymore. If he had to go to one more crime scene where the body was found tortured and dumped on the side of the road like trash or witness another cop get shot or even killed because of these evil low lifes, well then... He just didn't know. He wasn't sure if he could handle it anymore.

"Look I'm not denying that he's part of the organization. Theirs no possible dought about that, he's a killer, we all know that but we shouldn't be so quick to just take him out and then state it case closed and never look back. There might be something he can tell us." Argued the first man getting a little louder with every syllable.

"Dude, This case has done serious damage to your psyche. Mine too, no one on the team is leaving this case unscaved but you cant always let these things eat you alive, it'll kill you one of these days." Quinn pleaded with his partner.

After a while of tense icy silence his partner visibly deflated which meant he had given in. This was surprising to Quinn because his partner was the most stubborn person he'd ever met in his life, and for him that was really saying something.

"Alright, heads or tails?" Quinn asked mischievously like they were just two friends making a bet over a football game or something.

"Heads" the first man stated gruffly.

The coin flipped three times in the air before smoothly landing on tails.

"Damn," the first man whispered half heartedly.

"Well, you may be smarter then me but I'm luckier". Quinn joked.

"Do you need help setting up?" Quinn asked already knowing the answer.

"No, I got it."

Quinn's partner pulled out, set up, and aimed his rifle at "Rak" all in a matter of two minutes. He was the best all around detective and highest ranking sniper the FBI had ever seen, even in his few short years working for the agency, all this made even more impressive with the fact he was still in his early twenty's. Quinn idolized him despite the fact that Quinn had over ten years on the kid. He had a way of getting into people's heads. Always analyzing, always manipulation, never letting his guard down. The way He managed to take in every detail even the ones that seemed insignificant to most amazed Quinn, the two men respected each other, and had become fast friends. The other two member on their team were deathly serious and he like to think that the two of them brightened their moods or at least tried too anyway, constantly playing pranks and joking around even when times seemed the bleakest.
Quinn's partner looked through the scope and took one deep breath,(like he always did) his eyes went cold and dead and intense all at once (like they always did) and he took the shot, it landed right between the targets eyes and he immediately fell with a heavy thump.

"We should probably go." Stated the first man, now with a hard stare and heavy eyes while he looked out at the screaming civilians as they frantically ran for shelter out of fear there would be more shots.

"Yeah your right, we need to get back to head quarters tell them the good news. Good shot by the way Spence." Said Quinn

Shawn Spencer looked into the eyes of his partner and friend and saw a genuine look of relief that almost outweighed the sad haunted one that Quinn always wore, almost, but not completely.

"Thanks Quinn." Shawn answered quickly.

Chapter End Notes:
*Mysterious music starts playing*
Next chapter will be in the present and we'll be back to the Shawn we all know and love. I love those fan fictions where Shawn has this like secret double life so I thought it would be fun to write one. Hope you guys like it! I'm exited about it.

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