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Summary: After everything has gone wrong and he's down on his knees, Lassiter begins to realize that there's no good way to die.
Rated: E
Categories: Short Characters: Lassiter
Genres: Angst, General
Warnings: Character Death
Challenges: Lassie Face!
Challenges: Lassie Face!
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1127 Read: 485
Published: August 25, 2016 Updated: August 25, 2016
Story Notes:
Okay, so the summary may have been a little misleading---uh, I mean, "overdramatized." *cough*
There's no explicit death or anything in this story; just the aftermath. And a lot of the details are left up to you. I just happened to be listening to a song and realized that it reminded me of BlkLunaDragon's Lassiter, and once I got this scenario in my head, I couldn't get it out. Enjoy.

1. Deliver Me by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1127 words)
The song is "No Good Way," by Fozzy. It clocks in around 3 minutes and 40 seconds, in contrast to Fozzy's 14-minute stuff. It's very much worth the listen, because when you hear it, the story will make much more sense. (Maybe.)

Also, even though my father's family is Catholic, I am actually Methodist, so if I got any of the details wrong, forgive me.