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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own anything recognizable. I do own all OCs and the story line. I'm also posting this on Wattpad under a different username.
Karen pulled herself out of bed. Mentally cursing whoever it was that decided to pound on her door at this time of night, but many nights of being called into the station assured that her sleepiness was quickly pushed aside as she tried to hurry to door before the noise could wake Iris and Karen's surprisingly sound sleeper of a husband.

A call of "chief" from outside answered her unasked question of the "who".

Karen opened the door with a barely suppressed sigh. "What is so important it couldn't wait five hours, Mr. Spencer?"

The psychic looked strangely flustered as he stood on her doorstep. "I'm sorry Chief, but it can't wait." Shawn pushed himself past her and into her home. The interim chief of police closed the door, knowing it would do no good to reprimand him for coming in without an invitation, she turned to the young man. "Remember I told you those murders were all committed by the same person?"

She did remember. Shawn had been trying to convince them since the second murder that despite the fact that there was nothing to connect them and they were all open-and-shut cases where the over-stressed husband or, in one case, wife snapped and killed their partner. Granted, it was a bit unusual to have three such cases in one week, but it was not unheard of and did nothing to suggest a serial killer.

"I remember, Mr. Spencer, but-" Karen began only to be cut off.

"No, Chief," Shawn held up his hands in a "stop" gesture, "I understand you don't believe they were committed by the same person, but they were, and he's going to strike again tonight."

This was news to Karen, and if Shawn was correct which he normally was about such things, it was worrying. "Do you know who his next target is?"

He nodded. "I saw it in a vision Chief. I saw who it was."

Despite not truly believing the man before her was in fact psychic, she knew better then to dismiss his so called "visions". "Did you call Detective Lassiter?" It was the Head Detective's case and he should have been the first one informed.

"No, I came straight here."

At this the chief moved toward the phone to call Lassiter herself. "Why did you come here, Mr. Soencer? You could have called, as you should have called Detective Lassiter."

"Simple. You're his next victim Chief." Shawn's voice had taken on a strange tone and Karen paused the dialing of Lassiter's number.

"Are you-" Karen started, there was going to be more but at that moment she was struck from behind. As she fell, Karen saw the psychic detective lower the gun with which he had just pistol wiped her. The last thing she saw before her vision went dark was the cold look in his eyes and the almost evil smirk that graced his lips.

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