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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer:I don't own psych or any characters in this story apart from 2.Clearly I wish I did but I don't 😔
"Spencer your a complete idiot" Lassiter whisper shouted at shawn.
"Why what ever do you mean lassie face?" Shawn replied.
"Guys keep it down they'll find us"juliet said back
"Don't look at me " exclaimed shawn
"Why not shawn it's your fault"Gus said.
"Well that's just not true! why would you accuse me if something like this?" shawn said pretending to be hurt. The truth is it was shawns fault...completely.There was no doubt about it. Yet again our favourite pseudo psychic had gone and done something stupid. You see the gang had been working a case...a murder(well 3 murders but that's besides the point). Eventually shawn found out it wasnt one person who commited the dastly crime...it was a gang. He therefore called everyone to the warehouse that they were hiding out at.unfortunately shawn didn't anticipate for the gang to be armed and expecting them...so here they all were crouched down behind crates in a warehouse that contained God knows what.
"Spencer that's a complete lie of course it's your fault!it's always your fault"Lassiter said glaring at shawn.
"Look guys I've radioed for back up they'll be be here soon and as long as we -" BANG. Juliet was cut of by a several gunshots being fired off in various places across the room.
"Looks like they have a new tactic shoot everywhere until they hit us." Gus said glaring at his best friend.
"All right,all right I'll get us out of this, just give me a gun"shawn replied staring at Lassiter and juliet.
"Spencer...with a gun.Ha!yeah right! He'd probably shoot his own foot off!" Lassiter laughed silently
"Or one of us " juliet joined in. "Yeah,no way in hell Spencer" Lassiter stated. "Fine ok" shawn said with a smile. He waited a few seconds before stealing lassies gun from its holster and poking his head up above the crate. "Spencer what the hell is your problem" "Yeah shawn give the gun back" Gus said looking desperately at his friend. "Nope! Any way there are fourteen members here in the warehouse.This gun will only reach about twelve of them so there will be two left.Got it?"shawn said. "No Spencer.I haven't got it. Now give me back the gun." "How about no" stated shawn as he rapidly fired 11 shots across the warehouse. "Shawn your never gonna hit anything if you fire that quickly" juliet said as the shots rang out across the room. "then why are there twelve men down jules?" Questioned shawn.Everyone peered over the crates and just like shawn said they could see 12 men on the floor with a bullet hole through their right shoulders. "How the hell does that work. Shawn you only fired eleven shots"Gus said. "Well two guys were standing practically back to back so it kind of went through them both"shawn explained trying not laugh at lassies suprised stare.
"You can shoot a gun. Spencer can shoot a gun. Spencer you can shoot a gun"
"Yes lassie I can " shawn said slowly as if talking to a dog or a child.
"Yeah but shawn there are still two people out there" cried juliet
"I got it covered but when I come back forget what you saw or just don't look"shawn said.
"Wait a minute are you going to do what I think your doing " Gus asked quizzically.
"Yep, I'll see you in about 5 minutes oh and jules...whatever you do don't shoot even if it looks like I'm about to die don't shoot Gus will know"shawn said. He gave gus a quick fist bump and ran across the room to where the last two gang me members were hiding he stood there for about a minute until one of the members came out from behind the wall and grabbed shawn from behind almost choking him with his arm.

Juliet got her gun out to shoot until Gus grabbed her arm down.
"Don't do it juliet" he warned.
"And why shouldn't she Guster?" Asked Lassiter
"Just watch" Gus smirked

Shawn knew that this was a terrible plan but then again it was the only plan. He threw his head back and hit the gang members nose we'll call this member Gary. Gary released shawn and his hands flew to his nose. Shawn then proceeded to sweep kick him and Gary fell to the cracking his head open and passing out. Then shawn turned to gang member two - the one with the gun-we'll call him bill. Bill tried to shoot but shawn was to fast and shawn punched him across the face. Unfortunately for our favourite fake psychic this only made bill angrier. bill shot two bullets into the air one only grazed shawns shoulder but the other one got lodged in his thigh. While shawn was distracted with his bullet wound bill took the opportunity to hit shawn across the side making shawn gasp for air. Shawn knew he had to end this so with is good leg he kneed bill in the stomach, knocking the air out of him.He then grabbed his wrist and yanked it to side flipping round with his back to shawn. Next shawn used a simple chop to the pressure points rendering bill unconscious.
"Hey guys you can come out from the crates now" shawn said with a grin.
"Sweet justice Spencer where the hell did you learn to do that?"
"Movies,TV shows, lessons since I was 4 the same way everyone does"shawn replied smirking. Just then back up and the chief burst through the door
"Yeah we no longer need backup " Gus stated.
"What the hell happened here" chief vick said
"Spencer"Lassiter said dully
" speaking of which I think we need an ambulance " juliet exclaimed.
"wait so your telling me Mr Spencer shot 12 gang members and took down another two using just hand to hand combat "cheif vick said ignoring juliet completely.
"Hey you guys can be dumbstruck later but right now I think I've punctured a lung. Oh and there's a bullet stuck in my leg" shawn wheezed .
"Im terribly sorry MrSpencer I'll radio for an ambulance. Detectives I think you should start putting the handcuffs on these men." Said chief vick.

On the way over to the gang members Lassiter turned to juliet and said "I still want to know where Spencer learnt to shoot like that"
"Yeah me too and those karate moves" Said juliet
"Yeah who would of thought that the idiot that was Shawn Spencer could do that I almost thought he was smart for a minute" laughed Lassiter. Gus couldn't help overhearing and walked over and said "you know shawn isn't as dumb as you think he is"
"I doubt it he acts like an idiot he's an idiot" snorted Lassiter.
"Really well would an idiot have aced the detectives exam when he 15? Would an idiot have been a crack shot since they were 9? Would an idiot have an IQ over 200? No I don't think so. The spirits don't do everything you know" he said smirking and walked away. Juliet and Lassiter looked at each other dumbstruck. Did Gus just tell them shawn wasnt psychic?
Chapter End Notes:
Hey guys I hopedon't you liked it i didn't really know how to end it but there you go

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