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MacGyver/Psych crossover.

Murdoc is looking for a new recruit for HIT. Shawn has all the necessary skills. Neither of them could foresee where their crossed paths would lead them.

"What have I become? Now that I've betrayed everyone I've ever loved, and pushed them all away? And I have been a slave to the Judas in my mind. Is there something left of me to save in the wreckage of my life? I'm becoming Judas in my mind..." -------Fozzy

Written for the PF Community "What If?" Challenge

Rated: eT
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Genres: Drama, Missing Scene
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Published: May 09, 2017 Updated: May 24, 2017
Story Notes:

So, this is my Psych/MacGyver crossover!

It's amazing to think that this entire story began when I saw Murdoc eating something weird out of a random stranger's fridge in "Strictly Business." But I guess insanity is a small price to pay for having such great imaginary friends.

Thanks to Dragonnan for our awesome Psych/MacGyver conversation on the forums. Without you, none of this would be possible.
Thanks also to Murdoc, my extremely fickle muse. I appreciate you lending your voice and sharing with me your preference in healthy treats.
Shawn, don't even go there.

The chapters are NOT in chronological order, so please pay very close attention to the dates for each one. ...also, I didn't write them all in order, either, so let me know if there's anything that doesn't make sense.

Story title comes from Fozzy's new single, "Judas." Four of the chapter titles are taken from that song as well. Seven chapter titles come from the Fozzy song "Sin and Bones," and six come from "Spider In My Mouth." The titles of two chapters come from two Michael Des Barres songs.

Speaking of which, just take a good long look at MDB's Instagram feed if you want to know what Murdoc looks like in 2017. You won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Psych or MacGyver, nor do I own any of the characters, settings, trademarks, or related material. Psych, MacGyver, and all related materials are the property of their respective owners. The plot and original characters of this story are my intellectual property. I am not associated with Psych, its creators, or any involved parties, nor am I associated with any other media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Oh, and before I forget, here's the bibliography for this story. Because yes, I am just that obsessive and lame:


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Shawn quotes MacGyver in this "Cleo Rocks"-inspired chapter.

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I know that originally, the story title was Sin And Bones, but I decided to change it after hearing Fozzy's newest song, "Judas," performed live at their concert last night.

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This is my absolute *favorite* chapter so far. I had a blast writing it & I hope that you get equal enjoyment from reading it.

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Now you're all caught up with me, so you'll have to wait until I finish the next chapter. :-D Three more until the end!

13. The Sin And Bones Lead You Astray by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] (785 words)
Almost to the end, everyone. Can you believe it? Only two more chapters left. Then it all ends. This was a difficult chapter for me to write; Murdoc is getting more and more fickle as time goes on. (Such a prima donna!) but I think I've finally figured out what he wants me to do.

Also, I found these amazing and sweet Tweets from MDB and I just had to share for my fellow Murdoc fans. I truly do believe that if Penny had told Murdoc that she loved him back in "Cleo Rocks," she would've changed everything for him.
image_zpshpsu2x3q image_zpsij4yhah3

14. Embraced By The Darkness by PineappleHead [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1408 words)
We're so close to the end! Although, thanks to all the kind feedback and amazing discussion, Murdoc and I have come up with a bonus chapter, which means that this story will be one chapter longer than I expected. ...and MacGyver will be part of it.

Chapter title for this one comes from "Judas." The more I listen to that song, the more I think of Murdoc. (But it works from Shawn's perspective, too.) Here's the link to the music video if you'd like to give it a listen: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lqURPBtGJzg

15. I'm Losing The Light by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1200 words)
So, somehow this story ended up morphing from a short one-shot episodic AU into a fully-fledged 14-chapter story...which then morphed into some kind of 19-chapter epic. And I seriously have no idea how that happened. I've even had to use an outline for this story---which I never, ever do---just to keep track of the time-skipping structure and to make sure that I don't forget to include any of the multitudinous moving parts of this crazy train.

Basically, all of that ranting is my roundabout way of saying that you are an amazing and incredibly patient audience, and I thank you for investing so much time and emotion into this thing that I've started. It's an honor to write for you. Every day, I see my read count go up, and sometimes I even see new reviews full of remarks that are just too kind. Thank you. Thank you all. I am blessed beyond words.

That being said, I wasn't going to post this chapter until after I'd completely finished the story---because honestly, up until fifteen minutes ago, I still wasn't sure how I was going to end it. And to be honest, that ending could still change. ...but I don't think it will. So here you go: the chapter that will be Part 1 of the grand finale. This is chapter 15; you have about 4 more to go before the ride is finally over.

I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the characterization in these last few chapters, so please let me know if there's anything that doesn't make sense!

16. Encircled By Demons, I Fight by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (1156 words)
This chapter is dedicated to Emachinescat. Thank you for existing, thank you for your support, and thank you for all our discussions over on the forum. You *get it,* and that means a lot to me. Thank you.

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I've been really hesitant to post this chapter. I've read and reread it, and this scene has been in my mind since the beginning, but I'm still terrified to post it.

Regardless, I'm posting it, and I'd like to dedicate this chapter to Dragonnan. Thank you for giving me my inspiration (and plot bunnies!) for this chapter, and thanks for the great discussion that you had with me on the forum. You helped make this story what it is, and you help make Psychfic what it is, and for that, I am grateful. :-)

18. Judas by PineappleHead [Reviews - 1] (964 words)
This chapter doesn't honestly have an incredible amount to add to the story, but I had to write it for my own personal sanity. It wasn't part of the original plan, but I got so much enjoyment from writing it that I have no regrets!

This chapter is dedicated to Koohii Kappu. Thank you so much for your continued support and for all our fabulous talks about faith and anime! When I found out that you'd never seen MacGyver, it made your love for Murdoc and your investment in this story even more astonishing to me. I'm honored to be the one to introduce you. Thanks for everything. :-)

Had to include this post from MDB:

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