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Summary: A case from five years ago that Shawn had wrapped up all nice and neat suddenly gets messy again when Byrd Tatums is released on parole. Shawn finds himself being hunted down by the bounty hunter like a common criminal, and Byrd isn't going to stop until he has his revenge. Takes place in season 7; massive spoilers for "Bounty Hunters" in season 2. Whump.
Rated: T
Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Other, Shawn
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Major Spoilers
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Published: July 14, 2017 Updated: July 14, 2017
Story Notes:
I've read a good handful of stories where a bad guy goes after Shawn for revenge because of something his dad - or, sometimes, his mom - has done in the past. But when I was watching the season 5 episode "True Grits," it occurred to me that I haven't really seen any where someone from one of Shawn's own past cases comes back for revenge. I mean, Thane even says in the episode that there's a whole line of guys in prison who are planning to come after Shawn when they get out. And so I found myself wondering which unsavory characters might hate Shawn the most... I came up with two really good ones (and I've got a great Shawn and Lassie teamwork story planned with one of those characters). This story, of course, is about the bounty hunter, Byrd Tatums, that Shawn got arrested in season 2. So, obviously, there will be spoilers for that episode. This story takes place 5 years later, during season 7, so Jules is in San Fran. She will make an appearance later on, though.

I will go ahead and warn that there will be graphic violence in this story as well as spoilers. It's rated T for now, but if needed, I'll change it to M.

I'm working on this at the same time as I'm doing "Five Nights at Spencer's," so I'll try to stagger the updates. I'm super excited about this one, so please let me know what you think! :)

Oh, and there's a bit of language, but nothing too bad.

Oh, and another reason I wanted Byrd to be the bad guy - I adore Kevin Sorbo, who played him. :) He's one of my favorite actors (and people in general), so I thought this would be a really fun one to write!

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1. Prologue: Big (Bad) Byrd Spreads His Wings by Emachinescat [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (690 words)
This prologue is just a little snippet of what is to come. I wanted to start out with a look into Byrd's mind, as well as a basic rundown of what happened in "Bounty Hunters." I'll be posting more very soon!

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