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Author's Chapter Notes:
I have a grudge against anyone who thinks pineapple on pizza is a good idea. I think I may have just expressed how I feel through Shawn in this one. Whoops :P
Shawn spencer, faux psychic extraordinaire, skipped around the boardwalk with his long-time best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster. The hot santa barbara sun was hotter than it usually was, making it a great day for a walk on the pier. That combined with salty sea smell didn’t stop Shawn from being the happiest person in the area of Santa Barbara, California. As he pranced along the sealine holding a churro in one hand and a bag of pineapple in another he bickered with his slightly-less-happy-about-the-heat friend.
“Have you seen that one movie about the evil shark? It’s super B-movie material I forget what it’s called but we should watch it,” Shawn Rambled.
“Jaws? That’s a masterpiece what are you on about,” questioned Gus.
“No! What are you, that one moldy piece of fruit that nobody wants to eat and ruins all the other, perfectly good fruit beside it? I’m talking about that one with the weird nun who kills a girl and a possessed shark thing that eats people,”
“I have no clue what you are talking about,”
“Well you should,”
“You don’t even know what you and talking about,”
“Ah well actually- yeah I don’t,”
“That’s what I thought,” The two quarreled for the entire walk back to the psych office about B-movies and the bee movie and other such topics. Shawn walked into the psych office with Gus just behind. Shawn flopped down in his chair and opened his computer to the SBPD home page just to see if there was anything new. A storm warning was posted on the front page. Stating to stay inside during the hours of 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM as that was when the ‘storm of the century’ was predicted to hit.
“Gus did you hear about the storm,” Shawn Asked.
“Yeah, everyone is freaking out about it. I hear it’ll be the worst one of the year. Last time we had one like this was almost 20 years ago,” Gus responded.
“I don’t see why everyone’s acting like someone just put pineapple on a pizza and that’s the only thing anyone can eat for a year. It’s only a storm! And also how in the world do you know any of that,” Shawn said.
“One; I thought you liked pineapple on pizza. Two; Thunder and wind storms like this are actually really deadly. Three; I actually take the time to do research on certain subjects,” Gus clarified.
“I do enjoy pineapple but putting it on pizza is a sin, Gus, you should know this of all people,”
“It’s not THAT bad,”
“Yes it is and you know it, you sinner,”
“I enjoy pineapple on pizza sometimes, that’s not wrong,”
“Yes it is, I can’t believe it, my own best friend has fallen for the tricks of satan himself, pineapple on pizza! How could you,” Shawn asked and spun in his chair and yelled at the ceiling dramatically.
“You’re a clod,”Gus said.
“Wait what’s that,” Shawn paused, picked up his phone and nodded as if he was taking a call. “Yeah, uh, hey Gus, the 1980’s called, they want their insult back!,” Shawn retaliated.
“Clod? What are you a gangster in your 50s having a midlife crisis?,”
“Shawn, this is harassment,”
“I plead the first,”
“That’s- I mean it’s appropriate but I think you meant the fifth,”
“Yes the fifth,”
“Shut up,”
Just as Shawn was about to throw even more shade at Gus, the phone began to ring, and for real this time. Shawn picked up the phone almost immediately and flashed the ‘this isn’t over’ look at Gus. Gus responded with raised eyebrows and a ‘yeah right’ look.
“Psych,” Shawn began.
“Shawn why aren’t you answering your phone? I’ve been calling you all day,” a gruff, and very heated, voice came over the phone.
“Ohhhhh, Dad! Yeah, uh, funny story actually! I kinda dropped it. In a enclosure at seaworld,”
“Shawn,” his dad boomed.
“I know, I know, Next time I’ll take you but,” Shawn was cut off but his dad angrily finishing his statement.
“I want you down here tonight, I’m emptying out the garage and I need your help,”
Shawn stopped and put his hand over the bottom of the phone.
“Gus, he want’s me over what do I do give me an excuse,”
“After what you said? No way,”
“I’m sorry, pineapple on pizza is not a sin,”
“Still, no,”
“Fine I take it back you are the lowest form of human besides left hand turners,”
“Whatever, Shawn,”
Shawn looked back at his computer and his eyes widened
“Sorry dad i can’t make it, the storm is going to be wild and I don’t think riding my bike in the wind and thunder and all that nasty stuff is a good idea,” Shawn quickly spoke.
“Shawn I’m asking you to come down and 6:00 not 8:00 you’ll be there before it even starts,”
“Yes but, what if, it uhhhhh,” Shawn covered the bottom of the phone and hissed at Gus.
“I’m really really sorry but please give me an excuse,” he didn’t get a response.
“You’re mean,” Shawn said and returned to the call.
“What if it comes early,”
“It won’t. You’re coming over Shawn, no excuses, Gus can’t bail you out,”
“He refuses to talk to me now so of course he won’t,”
“Stop harassing Gus,”
“I’m not,”
The phone beeped as Shawn's dad had hung up.
“Gus, how could you do this to me,”
“I’m not talking to you,”
“Mid-life crisis gangster,”
“Go away,”
“I live here,”
“No you don’t,”
“I work here,”
“I’ll cut you,”
“I’m sorry,”
Shawn got up and grabbed his jacket
“I have to go get ready, I’m not leaving because you told me to,”
“I’m leaving,”
“Ok go,”
“Shawn you’re still here,”
Shawn slammed the door for extra effect and hopped on his motorcycle dubbed ‘death trap’ by Gus and his dad, Henry. Speeding down the highway back to his house, Shawn smiled to himself. Gus may have refused to give him an out, but he was still one of the best people. Besides the pineapple on pizza thing, that’s just wrong.

Shawn left his house around 5:30, the trip would at most be 15 minutes. Shawn hated that his father always had to ask him over. Can’t I just be left alone by him for a day? Shawn turned down the street adjacent to the ocean. Beside him was a small grassy and rocky cliff dividing the road and the water. Shawn looked over to see clouds, a little too close, and closing in. I thought the storm wouldn’t be here until 8:00 Shawn’s heart jumped as the wind began to pick up and large raindrops clouded his vision by covering his helmet. A booming thunder sounded, almost above him. Pull over now Shawn reflexively began to slow down, at least this was an excuse to be late or maybe not even go to his dad’s house. It wasn’t until a few seconds that shawn realised there was an electricity it the air. His hairs were standing on end and he felt a spike in his heart beat. It was almost as if time slowed down. The originally distant storm was now directly above Shawn. He let out a hiss as a ringing in his ears began to grow.
Louder and Louder and Louder and then there was nothing but a bright light and the cackle of feedback.
Chapter End Notes:
oh friendship

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