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Summary: If parties would be roommates, and those roommates would be Psych ...

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Published: September 02, 2017 Updated: September 02, 2017

1. Parties as roommates by nurzubesuch [Reviews - 1] (782 words)

Party apartment-sharing community

As a sketch to satiricly portray the behavior of our politicians, Space Frogs made a video, portraying the biggest (or most known) parties as people who live together.

Don´t know if the sketch applies as well to the political situation of whatever country you, dear reader, come from. But maybe it´s still funny to you.

For the German system these were Christian Conservatives, Labor Party, Liberals, Ecological Party, and the Right Wing Party. The Party "The Pirates" has a tiny cameo too. In this translation I put the Psych characters into those roles, in order of the formally named parties: Lassiter, Gus, Shawn, Juliet and Henry. And Woody as "The Pirate".

Have fun.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of this.