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Story Notes:

Hey, I know it's just another missing scene moment, but I hope you'll give this one a chance, too, before I start posting longer stories... :)

I recommend watching the episode "Cirque du Soleil" again, if you can't remember it otherwise this may be a bit confusing at some points. Spoiler warnings apply only for said episode and as always thanks to cosette141 for proof-reading.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Shawn turned the key to his house. Slowly and quietly. He opened the door just a crack and peered inside, listening for any suspicious sounds coming from the main room. But the only sound he heard was the running of water and what could only be his girlfriend humming merrily to her latest favorite song. Shawn opened the door wider and right enough, there she was, setting a vase onto the table.

"Jules." He whispered to get her attention.

She looked up, a smile spreading on her face when she saw him. "Shawn."

"Are they gone?" he kept whispering.

"Who?" Juliet asked in amusement, but playing along, whispering back.

"Lassie and Marlowe." Shawn said, looking around warily again. He still hasn't dared to step into his home.

Juliet rolled her eyes. "Yes. They moved into Lassiter's new apartment hours ago, and they're celebrating their engagement." Juliet grimaced briefly, imagining what they were most likely doing right now to celebrate.

Finally, Shawn pushed the door open, slamming it shut behind him and rushing over to Juliet. "Oh, thank goodness." He said, crushing her in a tight hug.

Juliet chuckled, surprised by his immediate emotional display and his sudden closeness to her. "Oh, come on. They were not too bad for roommates."

"Seriously, Jules?! I have to disagree. All that cuddling and making out in our bathtub was just gross!" Shawn hid his nose in her vanilla-smelling hair and kissed her temple.

"Yeah, right. Just gross." Juliet repeated, grinning at the irony and hugging her boyfriend back.

"This is no laughing matter, Jules." Shawn stressed. "We are allowed to do this here. They're not. They have invaded our home space, taking over everything except our bedroom." Shawn stopped suddenly, holding Juliet at arm's length away and staring at her with horror. "They haven't done anything in our bedroom, right?"

"No, of course not." Juliet assured him. "There are boundaries not even those two would cross. Listen to me when I call you and this won't happen again." She reminded him reproachfully.

"Okay, I admit, I wasn't really paying attention when you called." Juliet pouted so Shawn continued swiftly, "I'm sorry, sweetie. It won't happen again. But there was some really serious stuff going on at the same time."

Juliet remembered the fight Shawn and Gus had at the station. "Oh, right. How did it go with Gus? Is he still mad?"

"Nah, I think we're good again." Shawn said, leaning against the kitchen counter with Juliet still in his arms. "When the circus people and I saved Zola from the bad guys, I may have... uhm... hid temporarily inside a transportable toilet. But Gus found me and claimed that he knew why I was allegedly sabotaging his relationship with Rachael."

He paused and Juliet looked up, nudging him with her shoulder. "So? Why did you do it?"

Shawn sighed, not wanting to share his selfish motivation, but he figured that if he could tell someone who won't judge him then it would be his girlfriend. "When my mom left dad... I, uhm... well, technically, I stole a car in a stupid attempt to get her attention." Shawn looked up from the floor, quickly stealing a glance at Juliet's eyes to see what her reaction to his juvenile felony would be. Apparently, she let it slide so he continued. "Obviously, that didn't stop her from leaving. Gus knew about all of this. He said I'm trying to do the same with him, because I'm afraid..." Another pause. Shawn swallowed. "I'm afraid that he would leave me, too, to be with Rachael. He's the one constant in my life that I haven't screwed up yet."

"You won't screw it up." Juliet interrupted him, kissing his stubbly chin. "Gus won't leave you, ever."

"That's what he told me." Shawn said.

"And I won't leave you either, by the way." Juliet remembered him.

Shawn smiled down at her, tightening his embrace. "Wow, how lucky am I?" He kissed the top of her head and Juliet looked up, kissing him on the lips in return.

"Yeah, you are." She sighed, snuggling closer to him and then parting to go around the counter into the kitchen to look for another vase.

Shawn watched her fondly, eyes fixed on the light sway of her hips and the way her golden hair shimmered with every movement she made. "As it turns out it wasn't too late for Gus and Rachael, either." he said while watching her.

"Oh, yeah?" Juliet asked, filling up the vase she found with water.

"Yeah. Apparently, Maximus missed Gus, and me, too, of course, and Gus and Rachael had a talk. When they came back they were annoyingly on the same side again. They scolded me and poor Max for making a bet."

"What bet?" Juliet turned off the tap and placed her second bouquet of flowers into the vase.

"I promised him a fiver if he would drink up a jar of pickle water." Juliet shook her head and laughed.

"What?" Shawn asked.

"And you wonder why they scolded you?" she said.

"Me and Max." Shawn pointed out. "It's not a big deal. I don't even know why they were so fussy. Max agreed to drink it."

Juliet kept laughing while setting the vase on the counter. "My boyfriend, the man who makes kids drink sausage water."

"Pickles, Jules. There's a difference." Shawn said, watching Juliet as she fiddled with the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Suddenly, he frowned in confusion, looking back to the center of the table where another, even bigger and more beautiful bouquet was set. The little tags sticking out of both of them indicated that both bouquets had a sender that surely wasn't him. Shawn quickly pondered if he had forgotten any special date, but it wasn't Valentine's Day and Juliet's birthday was still a few months away. He tried to ignore the pang of jealousy suddenly penetrating his chest when he asked her about it. "Hey, uhm... back to you saying that you won't leave me..."

"Yes...?" she asked, when Shawn paused again, leaving the bouquet alone and concentrating on her suddenly nervous boyfriend.

"When are you planning to tell me about that secret lover of yours?" Shawn continued.

"What?" Juliet exclaimed a little offended. "What makes you think that I..." She stopped when she noticed the poisonous looks Shawn threw at her flowers. "Oh that." She laughed. "These flowers are not from a secret lover, Shawn. Don't be so jealous." she said, grabbing his hands reassuringly over the counter.

"I'm not jealous." Shawn claimed huffy.

"Yeah, you are." Juliet teased him, an evil smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"Well, who sent them?" Shawn sulked.

Juliet grinned proudly, pointing at the smaller bouquet next to them on the counter while still holding on to Shawn's hands. "This one is from Carlton for enduring him and Marlowe at our house while Marlowe's parole officer got back at him when he didn't called her back. And before you ask, no, you don't want to hear any more details." Juliet stressed. Then she pointed towards the table. "And this nice bouquet is from Woody for hooking him up with said parole officer which caused her to lose interest in Carlton. Again, no details necessary."

Shawn slowly grinned back at her. "Jules, you crafty, little minx. So, it was all you who made Lassie and Marlowe leave?"

Juliet batted her eyelashes at him. "You could say it like that."

Shawn moved closer to her face. "Well, in that case..." he said, leaning farther in. Only millimeters separated their lips, when Shawn suddenly retreated, denying her the kiss she expected and slipped his hands from her grasp.

Juliet blinked in confusion. "What?" she called when Shawn turned, heading for the door without another word. She hurried around the kitchen counter, reaching for his shoulder to stop him. "Shawn, wait. Where are you going?"

"Well, obviously, I'll go to buy you an even bigger bouquet of flowers, preferably roses, for making you and me the only couple living under this roof again. And because I absolutely can't stand the fact that there is a flowery gift from our coroner sitting on our dining table. I don't want to think about death while eating." Shawn added seriously, moving to leave. But Juliet held him back, turning him around with a mischievous smile on her face.

"But Shawn..." she purred sweetly. "I don't want any flowers from you." She slipped her hands around his waist, moving so close that her chest touched his. "The gift only you can give me is so much more rewarding than a bunch of limp flowers." She nudged his hips with hers, making him jump.

Shawn grinned lopsidedly at her suggestion. "Oh, yeah? What could that be?"

Juliet tugged at his belt loop. "Follow me and I'll show you."

Shawn chuckled, letting Juliet pull him along for a bit. Then he resisted. "Wait. Why hide back there in our room when we have the whole house to ourselves?" He waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Oh, Shawn. I'm so not going to regret this." she said and they collided in a searing kiss.

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