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“So” the chief started, eyes still focused on the spot their suspect just stood “I think we have a lot to discuss. And I think it would be better if we moved to a location less…” she paused as she quickly surveyed the room. “Chaotic,” she finished. She then turned so that her attention was on Shawn. “Mr. Spencer, do you think you’re currently up for it? While im still finding it hard to accept what I just learned and witnessed, one thing I know for sure is that I need to know that you are in full control over your emotions.” Shawn nodded quickly, sending her a reassuring smile. “Im feeling right as rain, chief. Scouts honor” he replied, moving his hand up to his forehead to give her a quick solute.

Juliet could tell, however, that her boyfriend wasn’t being completely honest. Since they were standing so close to one another, she noticed the way Shawn’s eyes would dart down to her neck every couple of seconds, his hand twitching slightly as if he was restraining himself. Juliet gasped slightly as she remembered Wills words from moments ago. He told Shawn that he needed to feed so that he could complete his transition into a vampire, and with the change in status of her relationship with Shawn, that meant that he was probably restraining himself for her sake. Before Shawn could follow her partner and the chief, who had just taken their first steps towards the staircase, Juliet tugged on his arm and beckoned him to stay. Lassiter, who had noticed this exchange, also stopped his movement, sending her an annoyed look. “O’Hara, what are you do…”

“Shawn” Juliet interrupted. “Will said that in order to complete the transition, you need to feed.” Juliet watched as a look of hunger passed across his face before he schooled his features to an impassive look. “Jules im fine for now, we can deal with that later.” he begged, attempting to pull her forward but she stood her ground. “What if we don’t have time to wait til later. Will never gave you a timeline on how long you had to complete the transition and I for one don’t want to find out the hard way.” Lassiter stood silent as he waited for the two to follow, but at the hidden suggestion in his partners last sentence, he balled his first and slammed it into the door beside him. “If you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, there’s no way in hell im going to let Spencer get anywhere near you!” Lassiter spat angerly. Juliet returned his comment with her own glare. “You heard what he said! If Shawn wants to avoid feeding off a random person and potentially killing them then the solution is for him to feed from me. And the quicker we get this over with, the faster we can deal with this mess.”
Juliet looked behind her partner at the chief, who was watching the whole ordeal with a frown on her face. “I think detective O’Hara is right, this seems like the most logical solution to keep everyone safe.” Lassiter opened his mouth to argue but the chief sent him a stern look, silently ordering him to stand down. “Fine” he eventually gritted out. “But im not leaving, and if at any point things go too far, I won’t hesitate to put an end to it.” he finished angrily, glaring intently at the psychic.

Shawn, who had said nothing during the entire debate, stood frozen, eyes directed at the wall, body still directed towards Juliet. Taking note of his tense stance, Juliet extended a hand forward and cupped his face, finally drawing his attention back from where his mind had wandered. “Shawn, its ok, I promise that im completely on board with this and I trust that you won’t hurt me. Plus, this apparently is something we’ll both have to get used to so we might as well get it over with.” Throughout her speech, Shawn had unknowingly drifted closer to Juliet, body bending slightly until his lips were hovering over the crook of her neck. At the feeling of his warmth breath on her skin, she felt her own breath hitch and her heart rate picked up slightly. Strangely enough, an unexpected feeling of anticipation began to spread throughout her body, her head tilting to the side slightly so to give Shawn more access.

“Im nervous, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t want to hurt you Jules” Shawn whispered quiet enough for only her to hear. He could practically hear the blood pumping through Juliet’s veins, the burn in his throat returning at full force. His lips were a hairs length away from her skin, only a small movement needed to close the gap. He felt Juliet reach an arm up to snake around his back, pulling him closer to her. “Im ready, just do it. Follow your instincts”. Her reassurance was all it took for Shawn to open his mouth and clamp down on her neck, teeth breaking the skin. Blood pooled in his mouth immediately, the liquid acting like ice water to soothe the ache in his throat. While Shawn was expecting her blood to taste repulsive, like iron, he was surprised when the thick liquid tasted better than any food he had ever eaten, almost sweet. What surprised him even more though was the noise Juliet made when he started to drink. As soon as he bit down, Shawn had waited for the moment that Juliet would tense up and cry out, arms working to push him away from her.

The last thing he expected from her was to let out a loud, pleasure filled moan. The arm snaked around his waist tightened, bringing him closer to her warm body, her head tilting even more to the side to give him better access. He couldn’t help the feeling of arousal that shot through him as he continued to drink, the moans emanating from his girlfriend lighting a flame in his lower gut. After a couple seconds, Shawn finally pulled his teeth from her skin, taking a moment to press a light kiss to the wound on her neck. To his surprise, the skin around the puncture marks began to close, her skin healing right before his eyes. After five seconds, her skin was good as new, minus a faint scar marking where he had just bit. “Woah, that’s cool. It’s gone” Shawn said to himself, reaching a finger up to trace up and down the freshly made scar. Shawn then pulled back slightly so that he could look down at Juliet’s face. Her face was still scrunched up in pleasure, her mouth opened slightly as she worked on controlling her breathing.

“Are you ok Jules?” Shawn asked, concerned he had hurt her. “God Shawn” she replied breathily. “That felt amazing” She finally opened her eyes and met his, the two staring intently at each other for a moment before Juliet stood up on her toes and pressed her lips to his. Shawn responded eagerly, running his tongue along her bottom lip as she opened her mouth so that they could taste one another. As things became more heated, the sound of a throat clearing behind them caused Shawn to pull away abruptly, Juliet whining slightly at the loss of contact. She turned her head in the direction of the noise and met the chief’s stern, if not slightly uncomfortable, stare. A blush ran up Juliet’s cheeks, realizing she completely forgot about the other two occupants in the room. “Are you feeling better Mr. Spencer?” she finally asked, eyes now directed at Shawn. Shawn focused on his throat, the burn he once felt now dissipated and the thirst satisfied. “Im all good Chief.” She nodded her head once before turning around to continue her way to the bullpen. Lassiter still stood in the middle of the hallway, his hands balled into fists at his side and his body tense, the noticeable blush on his face causing Shawn to smirk. “Sorry Lassie, was that too much for your virgin eyes?”

“Spencer…” he growled out, his left eyebrow twitching slightly. “If it makes you feel any better, it’s not like that was the first time Jules and I ever did something like that. Well, maybe without the blood part. Defiantly the biting though” Shawn grinned, amusement in his voice. Lassiter took a step towards Shawn, his hand inching towards his gun, causing Juliet to put herself between the two. She shot Shawn a glare, warning him to stop talking, before grabbing Lassiter’s arm and tugging him away from her boyfriend. “Ignore him Carlton, now’s not the time for this. Come on, the Chief’s waiting for us.” Lassiter grumbled under his breath but reluctantly followed his partner. To the annoyance of Shawn, Lassiter made sure to position himself between Shawn and Juliet on their way to the Chief’s office. A quick flash of anger shot up through him before he shook it away. Lassiter wasn’t a threat to Juliet and himself, but these new feelings he had easily made him annoyed by the effort the detective made to put some distance between him and his mate. There was that word again. Mate. While a day ago Shawn would have laughed at the thought of using the word in reference to Juliet, or anyone for that matter, but now so many things have changed and for some reason the word felt right.
Karen was already in her seat when they entered her office, the blinds pulled shut. Shawn closed the door behind him and joined the two detective standing in front of the Chief’s desk, brushing his hand across Juliet’s lower back as he took his spot to her left, Lassiter to her right. “So” she started, her hands folded on her desk as she studied the three people in front of her. “The past couple hours have been a little shocking to say the least. While I had my doubts in the beginning, after that… interaction between the two of you”, Karen paused, giving the couple a pointed look, “I don’t think I can refute the evidence anymore. The problem im presented with now is what should be done about this whole situation. I think we can all agree that this should be handled delicately, keeping this information between us for now. In terms of you, Mr. Spencer, I think it might be best for you to take some time away from the station for a while, at least until you get better acquainted with your condition.”

“But Chief!” Shawn spoke up. “The only thing that’s different is my change in diet. It’s not like this thing is going to have any effect on how Gus and I do our job.” Speaking of Gus, we’re going to have to have a long conversation sometime very soon, Shawn thought to himself. “Besides, there’s no way you’re going to keep me away from Jules, I have to make sure she’s safe.” At that, Lassiter barked out at laugh. “Really Spencer, you’re usually the one that puts us in dangerous situations, she’d be safer if you weren’t here.” Shawn used his new ability to sprint across the room, the three detectives whipping their heads in his direction, eyes wide in shock. Shawn then reached out and grabbed the corner of the Chief’s filling cabinet, lifting it a foot off the ground like it was nothing. After a couple seconds he put it back down and returned to his original spot, amused as he watched Lassiter struggle to follow his movements. “Things are different now Lassie, I think im very capable of holding my own”.

“You just want to use my partner as your personal blood bag!” Lassiter screamed suddenly. At this, Juliet finally had enough. “Carlton, enough! Shawn didn’t choose for this to happen so stop acting like this is all his fault. Whether you like it or not, this is my life now, and Shawn is always going to be a part of my life, so please stop making this harder than it needs to be.” Juliet then turned her head towards Karen. “Chief, with all that’s going on I understand your hesitancy, but I’ll personally make sure that Shawn controls himself if you let him stay. And if you still think that he should distance himself from the station, then im going to have to step away too. As unconventional as it is, I’m the one thing keeping Shawn from becoming like Will so it’s probably best if we stay close by each other for a while”. Shawn opened his mouth to protest but Juliet quieted him by reaching over and squeezing his arm gently, her eyes shining with support. Shawn was upset that not only will he be kicked out of the station, but Juliet was offering to leave too. At the same time, he was surprised by the amount of devotion to him Juliet was showing. He couldn’t believe that she was putting his needs over the needs of her own when it came to doing the job she loved.

The room was silent for a minute while the Chief mulled over her options. “Ok” she finally began, leaning back in her chair slightly. “Shawn, I’ll agree to let you continue working cases as long as you promise me two things. First, that you’ll follow directions and listen to my detectives. Your new situation doesn’t change anything, I don’t want you rushing into things because you think you can now handle it by yourself. Second, you need to keep your urges under control. I will not tolerate harm coming to any of my detectives or officers, so you need to make sure you have some sort of plan say something arises while you’re in my station. One slip up and I’ll make sure to rethink my decision. Do you agree to these terms Mr. Spencer?” Shawn nodded his head enthusiastically. “Yes sir!” She nodded her head curtly in acknowledgement. “Good. Now detectives, im giving you both the rest of the day off. This has been a weird day and I want you both clear headed for your shift tomorrow. Now go home, you’re dismissed.”

“But Chief…” Lassiter began to argue but cut himself off at the stern look Karen sent his way. “Detective Lassiter, your arm has barely stopped bleeding. You need to go to the hospital and get that stitched up. Now you are dismissed, leave my office.” Lassiter sent an angry glare at Shawn, that of who sent him an apologetic look. Lassiter grumbled as he turned towards the office doors to leave without a second glance to anyone else. Juliet reached over and gently grabbed Shawn’s arm, shooting the Chief a thankful look before tugging him out the door. “Come on Shawn. Let me grab my stuff and I’ll drive us home.”
Chapter End Notes:
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