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Story Notes:

Chapter names are the prompt for that week. I will add warnings, characters, and genres, etc. as appropriate. Any warnings will be specified in the chapter notes.

Oh and so not mine.  I wish.  But no.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Gus picks up the ringing phone, barely glancing at the clock.

With a groan he thumbs the button, dropping it to his ear.

“What, Shawn?”

“Dude! Jules has a green dress!”

Gus frowns, blinks.


“It's this lovely, velvet thing that I am terribly jealous of!”

“You're jealous of a dress?”

“If you'd seen this dress you'd understand.”

If you call your best friend at two am to confess being jealous of a dress, though, you deserve everything you get.

“You're green with envy of a green dress?”

“You did not just go there.”

Gus smiles.

Chapter End Notes:
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