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First of all, I have not written an original story since Eighth Grade English and I am now in my second year of college.  That said, I hope my English skills haven't gone completely awry and love to hear otherwise.  Thanks for everyone that has reviewed the first three chapters of Jeopardy...Psych Edition.  Final chapter coming soon.  Love to you all.


Secondly, my beta is my wonderful twin sister, Brandi AKA LostInMusic .  I love you sis and thank you so much for your support.  It truly means a lot.

I am currently a second year preveterinary medicine major at Vincennes University.  I absolutely love Psych (also House, Scrubs, Bones, Pushing Daisies and Dollhouse).  I like most music but not a big country or rap fan.  I love singing, playing the piano, theatre tech, musicals and colorguard (marching band with flags and rifles.)  I also love my two beautiful cats, Angelle and Lilly and my two sweet dogs, Cassandra (Shepeagle) and Molly (Corsenji Heeler).  I am a very active video maker and have made seven to date (three Psych, one Bones, one tagged, one dance compilation, and one Buffy).  The Psych ones are available at and the others are available at  Most of my Psych vids, those made and those still only in my head focus on the relationships between Shawn and Juliet, Shawn and Henry and Shawn and Gus.  I never miss an episode of Psych and went on a pineapple ban on hiatus.  I love to meet other Psych lovers.


I love hugs and am a perfect angel.  Ask anyone.


Cuddly member of the SSS and admin of Psyched for Psych!!!

Any Psych fans feel free to join at


Also a proud member of the James Roday AKA Superhottie message board at


My video Shawn-Sexyback recently won Most Original in vfrye74's NEW CONTEST!!!! 


Website up at


P.S.  When writing I tend to visualize the scenes as the actors would portray them.  Feel free to do so as well if you wish.  

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