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A fan of Psych since day one but a late-comer to fandom.

I'm working on "Regrette" but I've been thinking of taking Shawn to the old west. I've created a poll so please help me out.

8/19/2017 - My God, I haven't posted n over a year! I am in a funk with the story. I don't want to rehash the final season of "White Collar" through Shawn's eyes. Please help me, someone!

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Challenges by DTS

The boys go to Europe. Any city of your choice for any reason of your choice.

I has a couple ideas myself that can be used as starting points.

1. There is some major convention and SBPD is asked to be represented as long as they bring Shawn and Gus.

2. A foreign student from UCSB has written their family about Shawn (newspaper articles etc) and he is asked to go to Europe to solve a mystery. 

Any and all characters you want and any preferred genre. I'm not that picky.

Categories: None Characters: None

Shawn becomes nationally known (perhaps internationally) after Yin/Yang and is asked to work on a case in another part of the country (or another country altogether)

The media coverage could have been national news/morning shows or just in criminological circles.

Where it takes him and the type of case is up to you.

Bonus points if it ties in with his travels 

Categories: Post-season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: A crossover with "Once Upon A Time". How Shawn and Gus get to Storybrooke is up to you. You can have him be involved with Mary Margaret's case or something else. Will he piece things together? What will Henry think of him? Or Regina?
Categories: Crossover Characters: Gus, Other, Shawn
Summary: Iris is abducted forcing Karen to do "something" (up to author). Because of the no-cops request from the kidnappers, she calls on Shawn.
Categories: Post-season, Pre-season, Season Characters: Karen, Shawn

Basing this on one of my favorite episodes of "The Pretender".

As a child, Shawn solves a major case (serial killer/kidnapper whatever) Now that he's older, there's a copycat. However, the copycat is doing things never mentioned by the press. He feels that the original criminal has some hand in what's happening. There should be a face-to-face meeting and the criminal figures out that Shawn is the one that caught him.!watch/42219

Categories: Season Characters: Shawn
Summary: I was driving today and listening to a mythology lecture and came up with this idea basing it on PJ. What if Shawn is the son of Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory? (Of course, my original idea was for a god thus fulfilling Shawn's wish that he wasn't related to Henry.) Since she is considered a minor deity, Shawn was allowed to grow up outside Camp Half-Blood. To work out his new backstory and how he finds out is up to you
Categories: Crossover, Alternate Universe Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Maddie Spencer, Other, Shawn