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I discovered Psych around September 2010, and I instantly loved the show, and proceeded to watch every single episode. I started writing fanfiction for psych on with the profile name BrokenSky49 so, if you recognize anything, that would be why. :) I totally freaked out when I found this web site, and just decided to make a profile. I love Shawn whump with a burning passion, and I can almost guarentee you it will be in all my stories. Shules and Lassiter are awesome.
Now that I just finished telling you about my obsession with Psych in a very boring way, I hope you all enjoy my stories. :)
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Challenges by undercover psychic
Summary: I would like to see a story in which: Shawn takes on a huge case, and is stupid enough to get himself injured/captured/lost in the woods. Lassiter must race against the clock to help poor whumped Shawn, and solve the big, news breaking case that only Shawn knows the answer too. Must have: Shawn whump, we discover something about Lassiter we never knew before (could be something stupid, like he loves bubble gum or something) and that's about it! Take the idea and run with it!
Categories: None Characters: Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: So, in season 6 coming up, they are planning on doing a musical. I would like to see your interpretation of how that episode would be. It could be a crack fic or an angsty fic, or one shot or multi chaptered. It's up to you! Now be inspired!
Categories: None Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Summary: Shawn and the gang have to stay overnight in New York City, and all sorts of trouble ensues, because many things can happen in a New York Minute. The rest is up to you!
Categories: None Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OFC, OMC, Other, Shawn