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I'm a very music based person, I always have music playing when I'm working, writing, sketching, cleaning, studying... Okay, you get the idea. I always have music. And a lot of story ideas are inspired by a song, either it's lyrics, or melody, or theme. The titles for my stories correspond to the inspiring song, so please go to youtube and listen to the song and maybe google the lyrics. It may enhance the story, or, well... not. But I'm betting it will help. I usually listen the inspiration song on repeat or as part of a playlist while writing. If there are other songs that become inspiration songs during the writing, or for a specific chapter, I'll try to include the titles to those. I also sketch and draw, actually more than I write. If I draw something that goes with a story, I will try to post the link for that as well.


Since the first part of my bio is just a blatant copy/paste from FFN, I need to add this in... I'm a firm believer in checking to see if your story fits any challenges that have already been issued, regardless of whether or not you knew that ahead of time. Many challenges go unanswered despite there actually being stories that fit for a response, it drives me nuts because I'm always using challenges to find similar stories to the ones I like. So that's why a lot of my stories will have a bunch of challenges tagged onto them, mmkay? :D



This is Edward (no, not after the guy from Twilight >_<). He's my constant source of amusement and inspiration <3 (and just for a size reference, that platform on his cat tree is 2ft by 2ft... so you can see just how tall the fluffball is... like a pudgy, feline Buzz XD)


I now have a twitter account with real time (ish) updates on how writing is going on my stories! Go check it out! <3

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Challenges by Vindicata
Summary: Shawn gets himself into some situation (threats, hostage, held at gunpoint) working on a case that he hasn't really told anyone else about. The kicker? Shawn saves himself, solving the case, and everyone else finds out after the fact.

Show off the training that Henry put Shawn through. Extra points for showing off Shawn's secret badass and/or serious sides. 
Categories: Alternate Universe, Pre-season, Season Characters: Shawn

This is for Jo-Lyn :)


My story "Running Up That Hill" ends on an ambiguous note. Shawn has just sacrificed himself to the crime lord Breskovic, Gus has driven away, and Shawn is knocked unconscious.  

Now I’m challenging you guys to write your own version of what happens afterwards. Anything goes!


Bonus points for using lyrics from the song (or close to them) as a title!



Categories: Alternate Universe, Season, Post-season Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, OMC, Shawn