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I am a 30 year old Psych-ology major, pun intended and a huge psycho who discovered this awesome tv series by accident while reading a fan fiction crossover on another fan fiction site. (Also got me into watching Chuck but I digress...) Anyway I instantly loved the series, wondered how I missed it all these years and proceeded to marathon watch every episode on netflix in my spare time. Took me two months. 

I found this site by accident and have not stopped reading in months. I hope to add more of my own stories as time goes on but I usually only write when the mood hits me. However, lately the mood for writing has clobbered me over the head and dragged me to a notebook holding me at gunpoint. Damn you plot bunnies...

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Challenges by Redwolffclaw

I want to see some stories where Shawn is... something else. (Vampire, werewolf, ghost, alien etc.) Not just a real psychic but have something happen to him that turns him into something else or he could be born different. As long as he is not human.

It doesn't have to be serious, or even realistic.

This is a good chance for some good Shawn whump too!

There are a few fics like this out there but I wanna see more!

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