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When you live in the middle of nowhere and you're too young to drive there's not really much to do. So reading became that something in 4th grade and its stuck ever since. However, I've been writing even longer, and I would write myself little stories and games to play when I was younger and got bored really easily (actually I still do get bored really But I seriously got into writing in 5th grade after we had to write a little narrative and I seriously enjoyed doing it. My story was one of the longest in the class. Ever since then, my narratives and stories for English class are still usually the longest and most in depth. As one of my friends has told me, I'd be stupid not to become a writer.

Now, fanfiction is an easy way to fill up my need to write. If I get seriously interested or, a much more accurate word, obsessed with a certain show, book, manga or movie, I'll want to write something about it.

This is where Psych comes in. I am in LOVE with the show and seriously needed some fanfiction and was lucky enough to find this site! The stories on here rock and the writers are amazing.

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