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Hello. I'm Nyxie (short for Nyxelestia).

A little something I do on my FFN profile is "Tip of the Week". I'll post a tip and change it every week (or try to, anyway) and if you want the past tips, just PM me and I'll send them to you! So, here it is.

Tip of the Week

Ah...mushy men.

Come on, admit it: we all love the sensitive man.

But one thing you have to be careful about is making sure a man with a gruff personality doesn't get TOO sensitive, even in a special moment. I've seen a few stories go almost completely down the drain because a man with a tough, macho, and gruff personality was suddenly gushing out his 'feelings' and crying happily/sadly and going all mushy-gushy.

Wrong move. No matter HOW MUCH everyone loves a sensitive man (assuming whoever's reading this is a woman, though male writers should still keep reading), gruff to sensitive men is a hard transition that needs to be handled delicately.

If a gruff man is...oh, I don't know...let's just say he had a bad fight with a friend (someone who IS sensitive, male or female) and they're finally settling it down, the gruff man (or woman, but for now we'll use man for functionality's sake) won't just suddenly start apologizing like crazy. They'll be more hesitant and embarrassed about it, and it won't be some long speech - they'll say a one line apology and get it over with.

Now, if the other character doesn't know them that well, they might pressure them a bit more. But if the other character does know them well, try and get into their head about understanding how much it means that the gruff character is saying even a single line in apology - because I have a 'gruff' personality, and it's hard to apologize and admit when you're wrong.

If it's a serious situation, a gruff character will be quip and monosyllabic. If it's a serious discussion (though not necessarily a serious situation), they'll probably be sarcastic (though that can also replace quip and monosyllabic). If there's love (for a child, for a love partner, for a friend) in the situation, they're probably going to use humor. If they're worried, concerned, for feeling protective, or they're hurt or love someone who was hurt, they're also probably going to react with anger.

The thing is, they're just about never going to break down crying and gush out all their thoughts and emotions and feelings, so make sure to be delicate and careful with that situation.

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